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"Uncompromising Catholic Militancy"

[In response to someone who begged him (Saint Pius X) to "go soft" on the Modernists, He retorted]: "Kindness is for fools! They want them to be treated with oil, soap, and caresses but they ought to be beaten with fists! In a duel you don't count or measure the blows, you strike as you can! War is not made with charity, it is a struggle a duel. If Our Lord were not terrible he would not have given an example in this too. See how he treated the Philistines, the sowers of error, the wolves in sheep's clothing, the traitors in the temple. He scourged them with whips!"

From the Sacred Liturgy: Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

August is the month dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
August is the Month the Church Dedicates
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Note: the Editor of TCW was severely delayed in out state travel near Texas: TCW's next post will be in September

Ecclesiastical Approbation

In Today's Catholic World carries the approbation in writing of the (True) Petrine Hierarchy in exile i.e., connected with Pope Gregory XVII. It faithfully adheres to the rules for Catholic Journals mandated by Leo XIII in the Apostolic Constitution Officiorum ac Munerum, January 25, 1897 - so heavily re-stressed by Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907.

St. Ignatius of Antioch - "Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop or by one whom he ordains [i.e., a presbyter]. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church." (Letter to the Smyrneans 8:2 - 110 A.D.)

(August 10th, the 13th Sunday after Pentecost)

French Prophetess and Stigmatist Marie-Julie Jahenny
Marie-Julie Jahenny, "The Breton Stigmatist"
(1850-1941 A.D.)

"...It is Me who will give you this pontiff. Pray for him: he will have under his sight a fierce revolt! Until his death, his hand will hold on unto the Cross and won’t let it go. Pray, I beg you, pray!, because the Faith and Religion will be crushed under the feet of those criminals."
(Words of Our Blessed Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny, "The Breton Stigmatist" September 3, 1878 A.D.)

"In all ages of men have been divinely instructed in matters expedient for the salvation of the elect...and in all ages there have been persons possessed of the spirit of prophesy, not for the purpose of announcing new doctrines, but to direct human actions."
-St. Thomas Aquinas: Summa: 2:2:174: Res. et ad 3


Aug 10, 2008 A.D.
In Today's Catholic World (TCW)

(Minneapolis) -Aug 10- TCW is presenting a group of amazing prophecies regarding the hidden papacy which bear the Church's Approbation (recently translated from French-to-English by a generous soul) from the highly regarded French prophetess Marie-Julie Jahenny.


Marie-Julie Jahenny was born at Coyault, France on February 12, 1850 and was baptized shortly after her birth on Ash Wednesday. Her mother was very devoted to the Most Blessed Virgin and poured that tender love into the pure heart of her daughter who, while still young showed a great love of prayer, of the Cross, and mortifications (which she eagerly took upon herself -with her parents consent). In her 16th year Marie-Julie was placed in the service of a family but her weak constitution allowed her to remain there only six months -Providence desired her to live as a victim-soul in reparation for the crimes of men against their Creator, which the young French maiden gladly embraced with her whole being.

Concerning the mission of Marie-Julie, Our Blessed Lord confided to her:
“...the happy Marguerite-Marie was selected to publish the glory of my Sacred Heart and you (Marie-Julie), you are selected to publish the glory of my Cross.”

Marie-Julie had the five wounds of Our Lord. As a result she was called "The Breton Stigmatist". She had the marvelous gift of recognizing consecrated hosts from non-consecrated bread, objects that were blessed and those that were not; relics and to say where they came from- and although illiterate, - to understand several different languages. During a five year period from December 28, 1875 she survived only on Holy Communion; as a Dr. Imbert-Gourbeyre recorded, "...she [Marie-Julie] was completely insensitive to pain or intense light during her ecstasies. Some of these ecstasies were accompanied by levitation; at that moment she was ecstatically light."

"The Association of the Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny"

le marquis de la franquerie
The Marquis de La Franquerie d. 1992
(Noted expert regarding infiltration of the Church by Judeo-Masonry)
In 1939 Monsieur de La Franquerie became a Chamberlain of His Holiness, Pope Pius XII.
In 1958 he founded "The Association of the Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny," in honor of the holy French prophetess.

In 1939, the Marquis de la Franquerie became a Chamberlain in the court of His Holiness, Pope Pius XII. who had visited Marie-Julie while travelling in France as Cardinal Pacelli. The Marquis had met Marie-Julie upon the advice of Msgr. Jouin. Our Blessed Lord would specifically direct (in a *revelation to Marie-Julie in 1939) that the Marquis was to be the one responsible with safeguarding her prophetic revelations in their integrity - and physically from the enemies of the Church.

Under obedience, the Marquis would record: *"On August 24 1939, during an ecstatic experience of Marie-Julie Jahenny, our Lord and the Holy Virgin Mary told us of the second conflagration coming soon and our Lord speaking of me," the Marquis de la Franquerie added: 'My little servant must take to his home all documents concerning Marie-Julie in order to avoid a seizure by the Germans…'".

french devotees of the breton stigmatist
Devout Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny

The Marquis de La Franquerie carefully kept these documents entrusted by Heaven. In 1958 he founded: “L'Association des Amis de Marie-Julie Jahenny” [The Association of the Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny] of which he presided over until his death in 1992. He founded this association to ensure the safety and accurate study of those revelations for future generations. The Association had a modest beginning, but Heaven soon showed its favor, for having made the objects requested by our Lord and the Holy Virgin –medals, crosses, scapulars- it saw an extraordinary growth that no human power could have ever imagined; it grew so much that the knowledge of Marie-Julie spread throughout the world.

TCW hopes to post many of this important mystic-of-our-times revelations which expose the enemies of the Church, lament the smothering of the Secret of La Salette, foretell the future of France- the Great Monarch, the Three Days of Darkness and the eventual triumph of the True Papacy.

The following astounding prophecies of Marie-Julie address the reality of the hidden sufferings of the (imprisoned for more than 30 years) Hostage Pope, His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII:

The Pope’s Miraculous Survival

(Papal Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny)

Pope Gregory XVII -Hostage Pope
"They can kill me at anytime!" -Pope Gregory XVII
(L/R) Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran, His Holiness Pope Gregory XVII, and one of the Hostage Pope's
wicked captors, Msgr. Grone June 14th, 1988 at the Istituto Ravasco convent in Rome, Italy

"At the foot of the mountain, in a rock, I see like a solitary cell where an old man with white hair is imprisoned and his face shining. He wears a cross on his chest. Jesus receives him and embraces him. He dries his tears and says to him: For a long time you carry the cross but soon I will give you back all your rights and your freedom!" -Marie-Julie Jahenny (September 18th, 1877)

Marie-Julie stigmatised carried on her chest an inscription written by the Holy Virgin: “Deliverance of the Holy Father, triumph of the Holy Church”

"The noble Pontiff must also endure all sorts of sufferings. Won’t your voices implore for the one who is in irons and surrounded by foes? His irons will be much heavier than the noble victim who was just reaped (Pius IX). They will desire his death because they want the ruin of the Catholic Church” (September 29th, 1879)

"The Church will have the apostolic see vacant for *several months… There will be two successive anti-popes who shall reign on the Holy See…” (September 29th, 1882)

*Note from the Editor of TCW: This prophecy from Marie-Julie was given in 1882 during the reign of Pope Leo XIII -although there had been at times anti-popes in the preceding centuries -there had/has not been talk of any "tangible" anti-popes until the later half of the 20th Century: let alone successive antipopes (which factually has occurred).

This prophecy states: "The Church will have the apostolic see vacant [i.e. there will be an interregnum] for several months…."

From the death of Leo XIII to the death of Pope Gregory XVII the longest interregnum was that of 19 days [not even one month] following the death of Pius XI on February 10, 1939 until the election of Pius XII on March 2, 1939. (See: Papal list/dates below)

The (lazy) sedevacatists will confidently? state that there has been no pope i.e., it has been the All Good God's, The Great Shepherd of the sheep's, Holy Will - who infallibly promised that Peter would have perpetual successors - to have an interregnum for more than 49 YEARS AND COUNTING!

A "smidge" longer than the typical interregnum of 14 days - by about 18,000+ DAYS! ? do the math...

The sedevacantist CMRI website states that during the Great Western Schism -that although there was terrible confusion- there never was a vacancy of the Papacy (not even one day) at that time.

So as stated last month on TCW's website: The simple and necessary question [litmus...] must be asked by sincere Catholics looking to fulfill God's Will [to *get to Heaven] - during this prophesied terrible "eclipse of the Church":

What are so called "sedevacantist mass apostolates" concretely doing to bring Peter to the Throne?

*"Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." ("Unam Sanctam", the Infallible Papal Bulla of Pope Boniface VIII, promulgated Nov 18, 1302 A.D.)

Official List of Popes from Leo XIII and Length of Interregnums

Leo XIII (1878-1903): Elected Successor of Peter February 20, 1878 - d. July 20, 1903

(Interregnum 14 days)

St. Pius X (1903-1914): Elected Successor of Peter August 4, 1903 - d. August 20, 1914

(Interregnum 13 days)

Benedict XV (1914-1922): Elected Successor of Peter September 3, 1914 - d. Janaury 22, 1922

(Interregnum 14 Days)

Pius XI (1922-1939): Elected Successor of Peter February 6, 1922 - d. February 10, 1939

(Interregnum 19 Days)

Pius XII (1939-1958): Elected Successor of Peter March 2, 1939 - d. October 9, 1958

(Interregnum 16 Days)

Gregory XVII (1958-1989): Elected Successor of Peter October 26, 1958 d. May 2, 1989

Cardinal Camerlengo of Gregory XVII announced Papal Conclave June 3, 1990: which lawfully *convened c. 1990

*See: Vatican Council, Fourth Session, First Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ, - Ch. 2,5 1

"Pray for the Holy Pontiff! Despite the anger of the wicked, he will triumph. They won’t prevail over his life…” (January 9 1874)

"They will strongly attempt to his life and if he is not a martyr at the hands of the barbarians, it is because God will perform a great miracle for him. (…) Never, never a storm like this had hit another pontiff. He is already a martyr before being martyred; he suffers before the time has come. He offers his person and the blood running in his veins for his tormentors and for those who terribly attempt to his life. So many exiles to suffer!" (September 29th, 1878)

"Sorrows, torments, contempt, he will welcome everything. *They will bring him at the rock of the first Pontiff. He will be told: renounce your faith! Let us free! But his faith will be steadfast and solid. It is Me who will give you this pontiff. Pray for him: he will have under his sight a fierce revolt! Until his death, his hand will hold on unto to the Cross and won’t let it go. Pray, I beg you, pray!, because the Faith and Religion will be crushed under the feet of those criminals." (September 3rd, 1878)

*The French ("On ira jusqu'à le conduire à la pierre du premier Pontife") was difficult to render in this line, perhaps this means: They (his captors) will bring him (as a figure of speech - or literally) at the rock (to the tomb) of the first Pontiff (St. Peter's Basillica) - as the next line is about the enemy trying to make Him renounce His faith. If it is the case, it would make sense. -ED

"The Church will be without her head who is governing her at this moment. Traces of the present Holy Pontiff must disappear. The print of his feet at the Holy Altar will be reduced to ashes by the flames of hell. The Head of the Church will be insulted beyond insult." (July 7th, 1880)

"...some men may take from others the vision of the rock. ... they cannot destroy it"

"In The Gospel of Matthew (16,18) the “roccia” (rock), is not only a person, but also an “istituzione” (institution). ...The Church provides security because it is the “roccia” (rock), not thick, and not sand. It deals with a significance that goes beyond the material sense of the metaphor: in fact the rocks of the earth crumble in time, due to the effects of the elements. This “roccia” (rock) will never crumble, nor flake, given that its solidity is guaranteed in the text of Matthew until the end of time. The “rock” remains and no one will scratch it, implicated as she is in a divine undertaking. But on occasion some men may take from others the vision of the rock. Other things may be made to seem like the rock, other things that may appear to all as such. The distinction is a profound one, even if the errors of these men are capable of veiling the reality (truth), they cannot destroy it. The question, easy for all, that presents itself is one of the visibility of the rock. If then situations should occur, that took from certain men the visibility of the “roccia” (rock) in the Church, the consequences would be grave."
Extract from: La Roccia (The Rock) By: "Cardinal Siri" A.K.A Pope Gregory XVII from “Il Dovere Dell’Ortodossia”, Page 6 in Il Dovere Dell" Ortodossia and originally published in RENOVATIO II (1967), fasc. 2, pp. 183-184

"The Church, in a silent sigh, resounds at the doors of my broken soul the echo of her dying voice. The Supreme Pontiff throws a dying word to his people, toward the children whom he is the father. It is a spear for his soul. (…) I see all this in my mystical Sun. Oh! Do I suffer!" (November 4th, 1880)

Location of Exiled Pope in Red (Gregory XVII): Genova Italia Map 1988
Pope Gregory XVII's - Prison
(See Photo & Map) by clicking here

"The Church won’t have her voice that still today speaks loudly. The link of the Faith (the Pope) will drink in his bitter exile of a long and painful martyr. His heart seized by anguish won’t live in his person; he will offer everything for his children, for his flock and for his infallible Church." (January 1881)

"At the foot of the mountain, in a rock, I see like a solitary cell where an old man with white hair is imprisoned and his face shining. He wears a cross on his chest. Jesus receives him and embraces him. He dries his tears and says to him: For a long time you carry the cross but soon I will give you back all your rights and your *freedom!" (September 18th, 1877)

"... and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Pope Gregory XVII was under duress his entire pontificacy. His Holiness did get back his *freedom: in that he took the necessary actions shortly before his death in 1989 [creating Cardinals and Bishops] to carry on the *Apostolicity of the Church, in accordance with the Divine Promise found in God's inerrant Word (Matt. xvi: 18-19): "Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

*Canons of the Sacraments of Orders (DZ 966, Can. 6): “If anyone says that in the Catholic Church a hierarchy has not been instituted by divine ordinance, which consists of the bishops, priests, and ministers: let him be anathema [cf. n. DZ 960].”

"The virtue of faith, the foundation of a Christian life, gives us an absolute certitude of the truths which we believe; a certitude more positive than that which is based on the testimony of our eyes and reason. It rests on God, whose word cannot fail: and on the Church, which is likewise infallible when teaching us that word."
-Rev. F. X. Schouppe, S. J. "Short Sermons For The Low Masses Of Sunday. Comprising In Four Series A Methodical Exposition of Christian Doctrine", p. 290, London: Burns & Oates, 1883 Imprimatur

"It is necessary for salvation that all the faithful of Christ be subject to the Roman Pontiff."
(V Lateran Council)

"...a requirement of a true Catholic."

St. Peter Rescued
The Liberation of St. Peter

"This is the time of the power of darkness, but we must challenge that darkness! In order to be a true Catholic three things are required: devotion to the Holy Eucharist, devotion to Our Lady, and devotion to the Papacy- but many forget the third one- devotion to the Papacy. Yet, it is a requirement of a true Catholic. You must have all three. Jesus will restore His Church, but we must fight- fight with courage!" -*Rev. Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran, April 2007

*His heroic actions in 1988 in "rescuing" (Peter in Chains) is one of the most important events in History -ED

Click here to read the book

*Marie-Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist

fleur de lis


Monsieur de La Franquerie

*Please disseminate this important collection of prophecies of the humble French maiden, Marie-Julie, to hopefully loosen those 100's of millions of souls who have been snatched and are all but devoured whole, by the diabolical deception of the enemies of the cross. -ED

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Unam Sanctum (On Papal Primacy) Papal Bulla of Pope Boniface VIII, promulgated Nov 18, 1302

Fatima Prayers for the Conversion of Russia and Triumph of the Church

*DUTY of Papal Restoration

*"Cut off the decayed flesh, expel the mangy sheep from the fold, lest the whole house,
the whole paste, the whole body, the whole flock, burn, perish, rot, and die."
-St. Jerome

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"...she [The Most B.V.M.] told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin. And a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat. Hence from now on we must choose sides.
Either we are for God or we are for the devil. There is no other possibility."
-Sister Lucia to Fr. Fuentes, December 1957 A.D.

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