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Michael Matt Editor of The Remnant Affirms His Ecumenical Involvement

(Note: The following information was first posted on In Today's Catholic World's website on 11/14/05 as a Bullet Point Brief [BPB #5] -TCW)

Michael Matt Editor of The Remnant Affirms His Ecumenical Involvement: It was confirmed in a phone conversation with Michael Matt editor of The Remnant and with myself, editor of this Catholic news service, TCW, that he [Michael Matt] plays on a well organized Ecumenical softball league, that is officially and blasphemously called, "The *Church League". The "Church" League consists of Lutherans, Novus Ordo "Catholics", Protestant Pentecostalists, such as the like that call themselves "The Vineyard", Novus Ordo False Traditionalists (this is Michael Matt's team where he plays outfield) and also Jews with full braids from perfidious Synagogues!

Again, the official name of this league that Michael Matt Editor of The Remnant has been a fee paying member of for at least two years is officially called The "Church" League. I confronted Matt with the fact that it is an error and a total scandal to use the holy word, Church, to describe this league and he, (Matt) disagreed, as he still is a member of this ecumenical mob that refuses to play hardball.

Pink Hat
Unidentified Ecumenical Church League Member in Pink Hat and Tight Black Pants
(Twin Cities, MN, Fall 2005)

*Note from Editor: If words like "Church" are of such little consequence then why does this full-time Journalist Matt, who claims to be Catholic, write? Words absolutely do matter, and this is precisely where the battle ground has always been fought. There is not a more sacred word than the word Church, as The Church is Christ's One and Only Undefiled Spouse that He willingly and lovingly gave His last drop of blood, and last beat of His broken heart to save (its members) from eternal suffering and separation from Himself. No one can support these attackers of the Catholic Church (i.e. False "Catholic" Journalists like Michael Matt and their vile pulp) without sin!

"They [the faithful] must pray above all for the Church of Darkness to leave Rome."
(Prophetic Vision of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich, 1774-1824 A.D.)

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