New Event of Man's History

Official Announcement of Upcoming Papal Conclave
June 3, 1990 A.D.

1990 Broadcast

(Above) The editor of Sangre De Cristo Newsnotes, June 1990, comments on
Pope Gregory XVII's Cardinal Camerlengo's worldwide announcement

Fr. Khoat Tran
St. Jude Shrine
Feast of Pentecost
June 3rd, 1990

"He will bring to your mind whatever I have said to you." (Jn. 14,27).

Beloved Brethren, 2,000 years ago in a small corner of Jerusalem one event changed the world. This event has been called Pentecost. The Holy Ghost came upon the apostles who began to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth under-stood as the Catholic Church. Today, in one corner of the United States an event has taken place to declare how the Holy Ghost protects the Catholic Church in the time of crisis. The new event also starts on the Feast of Pentecost. I would like to talk about the advertisement printed in the newspaper today. It reads "Cardinals elevated by Pope Giuseppe Siri in Exile are requested to con-tact Cardinal Camerlengo regarding the next Conclave." Recall that upon the death of a pope, the interim administration of the Holy See is carried on by the cardinal camerlengo, especially to set up a conclave to elect a new pope. This advertisement refers to Pope Giuseppe Siri's Cardinal Camerlengo, not the Vatican Cardinal Camerlengo.

Back in 1987, the traditional Catholics in the United States began to hear more about Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, archbishop of Genoa, who, according to many sources of rumors, was elected Pope in two conclaves '63 and '78 but could not take charge of the papacy because of Christ's enemies. This rumor stirred me up and pushed me to see him. Truly, I did see him.

2,000 years ago, St. Peter said: "Ye men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you, by miracles, and wonders, and signs, which God did by him, in the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, you by the hand of wicked men have crucified and slain. Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the sorrows of hell, as it was impossible that he should be hold by it... This Jesus hath God raised again, whereof all we are witnesses."(Act. 2,22-32).

The person I testify today is Vicar of Christ, Pope Gregory XVII (Giuseppe Siri, born at Genoa 20 May 1906, ordained 1928, bishop 1944, archbishop 1946, cardinal 1953, pope 1958, died May 2, 1989.) He reigned his papacy in Exile, in Silence and in Agony. His message was transferred through his book called "Gethsemane." His activity was to appoint the Cardinals who hold on the apostolicity and the protection of the papacy. The official announcement is the proof. It says that Pope Gregory XVII (Giuseppe Siri) was real. He was Pope of the Catholic Church. He was elected legally. He also accepted the papacy on the day 26 October 1958, but the enemies of Christ had stopped him from running the papacy. As a matter of fact, on the evening 26 October 1958, the white smoke from the Conclave had brought good news for mankind, but afterward it became black as the symbol of the time of darkness during which we live.

2,000 years ago, after hearing the sermon of St. Peter on the day of Pentecost, the people said to Peter: "What shall we do?" Then Peter said to them: "Save yourselves from this perverse generation." (Act. 2,37-40). St Peter also taught them how to save themselves from the perverse generation by receiving the words and being baptized. The words you heard today, beloved brethren, are the words saving you from many heresies and protecting you from all schismatics.

Pope Boniface VIII (1294-1303) said in the Bull "Antiquorum habet" Feb. 22,. 1300 that: "We declare, say, define, and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff." (Denz.469a).

Pope Clement VI (1342-1352) demanded the Catholics of the Armenians, Sept. 20, 1351 as following: "In the second place, we ask whether you and the Armenians obedient to you believe that no man of the wayfarers outside the faith of this Church and outside the obedience of the Pope of Rome, can finally be saved." (Denz. 570b).

Therefore, to subject yourself to the Pope is "necessary for salvation," to refuse to communicate with members of the Church subject to him is schismatic, to deny the dogmas defined by him is heretical. Now, you know to whom you have to be subject, to respect, and to obey. Now, you understand why the unrest in the Church: "It will take forty years to undo the harm John did to the church in a few years." He summarized the Council Vatican II of Anti-Pope Paul VI as having issued fallible documents: "They never bind us." He repudiated the acts of Anti-Pope John Paul II as "an idolatry of apostolic works." (Gary MacEoin, The Inner Elite, pg. 234)

Now you realize what St. Peter said: "Save yourselves from this perverse generation." If we accept the duration of one generation lasting forty years, then this perverse generation beginning in 1958 will end about year of 2,000. We hope that by about year of 2,000, all anti-popes will be demasked, and mankind will start a new cycle of the salvation. This is the period of peace foretold by Our Lady at Fatima.

The message of Fatima which emphasizes the penance and the prayers for the conversion of sinners is close to the term used by St Peter "being baptized." Yes, we are baptized by water and Holy Ghost. Now we must be baptized by tears by the same way as Jesus was in Gethsemane with the same spirit as Pope Gregory XVII underwent during 31 years of his pontificate. Tears are symbols of repentance. Repentance is the central point of ruin and restoration. Yes, we live in the time of ruin of the Catholic Church, and we want to restore it. Remember Pope Gregory XVII said: "The only way to serve the truth is to bring to birth or rebirth in the men true hope, brought by the Person and the word of Christ" (Gethsemane, pg 377) Now the words of Pope Gregory XVII mean to us that the only way to serve the truth is the rebirth of the True Pope who truly is Vicar of Christ and carries out the Words of Christ.

The dream of the Pope in Exile, Gregory XVII, will come true by the next Conclave. Cardinal Camerlengo really has sent to us a great and exciting news today: the calling for a new conclave. This exciting news will stir the Catholic Church, wake up the people, and destroy the conspiracy of Satan. The darkness of the Church will end with the victory of the rebirth of a New Pope.

2,000 years ago, in the day of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost had brought the Church from darkness to light in front of mankind. Today the Holy Ghost also guides the Cardinals elevated by Pope Gregory XVII from fear to courage in order to present to mankind the True Hope in the darkness of confusion.

2,000 years ago, the excitement came from the violent wind blowing, then everything changed: apostles changed, multitudes changed, the world changed. Today, the excitement comes from the official announcement that is spreading. Then everything will be changed: a new conclave, a new pope, a new hierarchy, a new people.

2,000 years ago, "the Holy Ghost prompted the apostles to speak," they proclaimed the name of Jesus and his redemption by the gift of tongues so that their hearers asked each other: "What meaneth this?" Today many, many readers will ask themselves: "What's happening in Rome now?" From this question, mankind will be enlightened after a long period of darkness.

2,000 years ago, the same message had been transferred by different languages so that "every man heard them speak in his own tongue" and understood "the wonderful works of God." To-day the same announcement was translated in many languages so that everybody will see "the hidden mystery of sin" which is revealed according to the mercy of God.

2,000 years ago, the Apostles surrounded the Mother of God to receive the Holy Ghost. Today we ask Our Mother of God: "Help the Cardinals to have the enlightenment and the courage to carry out their mission." Therefore, our prayer in this time will be "0 God, who settest straight what has gone astray, and gatherest together what is scattered: we beseech thee in Thy mercy to pour down on the Cardinals the Holy Ghost so that they might choose the Holy Father who stands up to protect the Catholic Faith, and put aside all schism and heresy and expand Thy Kingdom on the Earth.

2,000 years ago, Pentecost was the beginning of the New Testament. Today is a new beginning of man's history and you are witnesses to this event. May the Holy Ghost guide us in the new pilgrimage.


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