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"Uncompromising Catholic Militancy"

[In response to someone who begged him (Saint Pius X) to "go soft" on the Modernists, He retorted]: "Kindness is for fools! They want them to be treated with oil, soap, and caresses but they ought to be beaten with fists! In a duel you don't count or measure the blows, you strike as you can! War is not made with charity, it is a struggle a duel. If Our Lord were not terrible he would not have given an example in this too. See how he treated the Philistines, the sowers of error, the wolves in sheep's clothing, the traitors in the temple. He scourged them with whips!"

From the Sacred Liturgy: Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

December is the month dedicated to the Immaculate Conception
December is the Month the Church Dedicates
to the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M.


Ecclesiastical Approbation

In Today's Catholic World carries the approbation in writing of the (True) Petrine Hierarchy in exile i.e., connected with Pope Gregory XVII. It faithfully adheres to the rules for Catholic Journals mandated by Leo XIII in the Apostolic Constitution Officiorum ac Munerum, January 25, 1897 - so heavily re-stressed by Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907.

St. Ignatius of Antioch - "Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop or by one whom he ordains [i.e., a presbyter]. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church." (Letter to the Smyrneans 8:2 - 110 A.D.)

(December 24th, Christmas Eve - December 25th, Christmas Day)

Christmas Greetings 2007 A.D.
The Fruit of Mary's Perfect Obedience

"To contemplate immensity shut up in a little body, omnipotence clothed in weakness, the eternal God born in time, the joy of angels
bathed in tears... This is a mystery altogether unutterable; to be adored in silence, and in raptures of admiration, not to be declared by words."

-Fr. Alban Butler: reflections on Christmas Day, pp. 319-320, "The Lives of the Primitive Fathers, Martyrs, And Other Principal Saints", 1799

Featured Musical Composition:

Christmas Concerto (Concerto Grosso in G Minor Op. 6 No. 8) by Archangelo Corelli (16 min.)

St. Bonaventure on Proper Adoration of the Infant Jesus

"Thou too, O Christian loiterer! throw thyself on thy knees, and in atonement for thy past neglects, most cordially worship the Lord thy God, devoutly greet his holy Mother, and reverently salute the holy and venerable St. Joseph. Then in spirit tenderly kiss the feet of the infant Jesus, humbly extended on a bed of hay; and earnestly and devoutly request him of our blessed Lady, humbly intreating her to vouchsafe to premit you to take him: receive him into your arms, embrace him with tender affection, attentively contemplate the sweetness of his sacred features, and with the most profound respect salute him often, salute him tenderly, placing all your confidence in his goodness, and all your delight in his conversation. This you may boldly presume to do, though a sinner, because he came into the world to sinners, to work the salvation of sinners; and after having a long time conversed among sinners with all humility and meekness, he made himself the food of sinners. His divine bounty therefore will readily grant you this favor, as often as your devotion shall lead you to require it. Neither will he deem it an effect of your presumption but a proof of your love; let not his goodness, however, lessen the fear and reverence with which you ought to approach him; but reflect that he is the Holy of Holies, and awed by that consideration, treat him with the respect becoming him. When you have contemplated him sufficiently, restore him again to his Mother, and learn from her how to use him. See with what care, caution, and prudential tenderness she executes her charge, suckles him, nurses him, and performs every other little office as occasion requires. Be mindful often to meditate upon these subjects, take a pleasure and delight in them, and with all the devotion you are master of, endeavor to show your desire of aiding our blessed Lady and her divine infant Jesus; often gaze on his amiable aspect, on that divine countenance; which the angels themselves covet to behold, but forget not my former advice to you; let fear and reverence temper your zeal and devotion, lest you meet with a just repulse; for your own native poverty and meanness ought to render you unworthy, in your own eyes, the conversation of such, divine and heavenly company."

(Extracted from: St. Bonaventure's Life Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, pp. 50-51, Translated from the Original Latin. P.J. Kenedy & Sons - Publishers to the Holy Apostolic See - 44 Barclay Street, New York, Imprimatur 1881 A.D.)

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TCW Update: Dec. 19th, 2007 A.D.

Letter to the Editor: on Historic Photograph (taken in 1988) of Fugitive Pope, Gregory XVII

Dear Editor,

The photo on your website of "Mgsr. Grone" trying to interfere with the picture of Pope Gregory XVII and Fr. Khoat (Click to view this historic photograph) is additional evidence to convince anyone who does not believe in the Siri fact. In the Church, as well as any human organization, the superior rank gives orders to the subordinate rank, not the other way around. This picture shows a Monsignor attempting to give orders to a Pope-Cardinal. This photo alone is enough photographic evidence to provide to any disbeliever in the Siri thesis (fact). The Pope-Cardinal dejure (legally) ranks above a Monsignor, so why is it that defacto (in-fact) a Monsignor is ordering a Pope-Cardinal around, unless the freemasons were in control of Pope Gregory-Cardinal Siri? You could pose this question to any doubters of the Siri thesis (fact). Just a suggestion.


A concerned Traditional Catholic

TCW's Editor's Reply:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Hello. A splendid insight into this priceless picture which seemingly "in a snapshot" captures decades, if not centuries of the overall (relentless) satanic attack against God's Sacred Monarchial Structuring of the Church and Traditional Society [Catholic Order] -which has perennially been despised by "les Juifs" and their Freemasonry.

Most appalling too is the *intellectual dishonesty shown by quite a few "hard-core" "sedevacantists" regarding the Pope Gregory XVII Reality.

"The number of the elect is so small, so small... far from the company of The Friends of the Cross be those proud sufferers, those worldly wise... who are self-opinionated and puffed up with their own lights and their own talents; far here be those babblers, who make a great noise and bring forth no fruit but vanity: far from here be those proud devotees who bear about them everywhere the egotism of proud Lucifer..." St. Louis De Montfort, Friends of the Cross

In Today's Catholic World will be (not so quietly) blowing the lid Off this important *subject in the upcoming year. Thank you for your letter of concern.

Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The Editor

P.S. If you have not, please see TCW's related December 12th post.

See post below: The Papacy vs. Judeo-Masonry: A Fight to the Death! -ED

Hostage Pope Paschal II 1099-1118 A.D. Hostage Pope Gregory II 1958-1989 A.D.
(L/R) 11th Century Hostage Pope, Paschal II; 20th Century Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII (in middle)

TCW Update: Dec. 12th 2007 A.D.
More content added to important
*piece - with direct parallels to Gregory XVII's papal reign from 1958 to 1989 A.D. -
*citing clear historic precedent of a Pope (Paschal II 1099-1118) put under duress (by the Church's enemies) and *coerced into signing false/heretical decrees- and did not forfeit Jurisdiction [lose His Office as Pope] (
See Official List of Popes) - as the actions (and certain inactions) in question, were performed (or omitted) while under duress. View the evidence pertaining to this Church History.

*St. Thomas Aquinas teaches in order to constitute a genuine [true] act of the will: the act must be performed spontaneously [freely] -without constraint or force- (and that) man can be coerced or forced to do something against his will in two ways: by *violence and by fear (VI. 4, 5,6). *That which is done under exterior violence is wholly involuntary (VI. 5).

Note: both Popes rectified their actions at a later time during their respective reigns. -ED

The Papacy vs. Judeo-Masonry

A Fight to the Death!

"It is necessary for salvation that all the faithful of Christ be subject to the Roman Pontiff." (V Lateran Council)

"The enmity of the sectarians against the Apostolic See of the Roman Pontiff has increased its intensity . . . until now the evil doers have reached the aim which had, for a long time that of their evil designs, namely, their proclamation that the moment has come to suppress the Roman Pontiff's sacred power and to completely destroy this Papacy which was divinely instituted." -His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII

Freemason Roncalli
Angelo Roncalli (the future Antipope John XIII) pictured in Turkey c. 1935 A.D.
Roncalli, during his nunciature in Turkey, incurred ipso facto (automatic)
excommunication when he joined the sect of Freemasonry.

(Excerpt from L’Eglise Eclipsé par Les Amis du Christ Roi de France 1997)

“Certainly,” he said. “The Church is in our hands.”

In 1977, Franco Bellegrandi, ex-Chamberlain of the Cape and the Sword of His Holiness and contributor to L’Osservatore Romano, wrote a book titled, NikitaRoncalli, which was published in 1994, accompanied by quite a commotion in the national press at its release because, among the persons present was Cardinal Silvio Oddi.

Cadinal Siri in 1958
Cardinal Siri in 1958 before the Conclave:
He was Pius XII's hand-picked successor

In this book, he told what he had seen and heard at the Vatican. It was in September 1958, just before the Conclave, the author was privy to some confidential information:

"I was in a car with a person whom I knew to be a highly placed Mason who was in contact with the Vatican. He said to me: “The next Pope will not be Siri, as the gossip has it in certain Roman circles, because he is too authoritarian a cardinal. A conciliating Pope will be elected. He has already been *chosen, and is the Patriarch of Venice, Roncalli,” To this I replied: “Are there Masons in the Conclave?” Certainly,” he said. The Church is in our hands.” After a brief silence, my interlocutor said, “No one can say where the leader can be found. The leader is hidden.”

The following day, Count Stella (of a well known Italian family---ED) wrote in an official document, which today is in a notary’s safety deposit box, the first and last name of this person as well as his stupefying declaration, complete with the month, year, day, and time of day.” (Nichitaroncalli [NikitaRoncalli], Ediziones Eiles, Rome, p. 62)

Agent of Antichrist
"Cardinal" Eugene Tisserant (d. 1972)

This *plan was also revealed in a letter by Cardinal Tisserant, March 12, 1970, in which he made a pointed allusion to the “planned” election of John XXIII:

The election of the current Sovereign Pontiff was done quickly. It is the election of Jean XXIII, that was discussed at numerous *meetings. I do not know of any information on the process was able to be given by anyone after the conclave. Secrecy was imposed even more strictly than ever. It is completely ridiculous to say that any cardinal would have been elected. You understand that I can say no more. My best regards….(Photocopy of the letter published Franco Bellegrandi’s book, op. cit. p. 30)

In another letter, Cardinal Tisserant told a priest teaching canon law that the election of John XXIII was illegitimate because it was willed and planned for by forces alien to the Holy Spirit. (“Vita” 18 September, 1977, p.4: “Le profezie sui papi nell’elenco di San Malachia”)-[“Prophecies on the popes by Saint Malachy”] These letters confirm that the election of John XXIII really was “programmed.” (Excerpts from the book, L’Eglise Eclipsé par Les Amis du Christ Roi de France 1997)

*TCW has learned (through sources in Italy) that these numerous top-secret meetings (mentioned by Tisserant) were held by certain Cardinals (most certainly all Masons) immediately after the death of Pope Pius XII, to "prepare" for the upcoming [1958] Conclave. Cardinal Siri reportedly upon learning of these secretive meetings, was outraged! ... of course he did not attend. From the vantage point today: it is clear that these dark gatherings are where the 5th column (ipso facto) mutineers formulated/rehearsed the final details of their satanic coup d'état.

"If [people] do not stop offending God, He is going to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, of hunger, and of persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father." -Our Lady of Fatima 1917 A.D.

Historic Record

White Smoke Sistine Chapel October 26 1958 A.D.
October 26, 1958 A.D.

It was The Rev. Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran who heard (verified) from the very lips of the Hostage Pope himself, Gregory XVII, on June 14th, 1988 A.D., (and in a prudent and obedient manner got the message out) that the *white smoke billowing forth from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on October 26, 1958 A.D., for a full five minutes [witnessed by more than 200,000 joyous Catholic Faithful in St. Peter's Square in Rome] *indicated that He had been elected Pope (from within the conclave), and had accepted the Office and chose the name Gregorius XVII.

"Never, never will a storm have been so strong against any other Pontiff. He is already a martyr before undergoing martyrdom. He is suffering before the hour has come. But he offers his own person and the blood of his veins for all his torturers and for those who are making terrible attempts upon his life. How many exiles to be suffered!" (Revelation of Maria Julia Jahenny, d. 1941 A.D.)With Ecclesiastical Approval

Pope Martin I [The First] "recognized" an Antipope during His (own) reign, yet did not lose His Office as Pope

You won't find this incident (which occurred August 1978) recorded in the New Order's Version of History:

An individual who personally met with "Cardinal Siri's" (A.K.A. Pope Gregory XVII) intimate confidant Archbishop Pintonello- and has done extensive research on the Hostage Pope, has related the following revealing occurrence:

In 1978 "Cardinal Siri" was interviewed by a newspaper reporter who asked "Siri" if he liked the inauguration sermon of John Paul I (given on August 3, 1978) and "Cardinal Siri" told the reporter that John Paul I didn't write it, it was prepared FOR him and he "just read it". When pushed by the reporter about how he liked the new pope or the new situation in Rome, "Siri", rather frustrated, blurted out "it's like the papacy of *Eugene I!"

*Making reference to a 7th Century Antipope! Who, when the real Pope (Martin I) was under duress, exiled in a dungeon and thinking he (Martin I) was going to die (the REAL Pope) Martin I "recognized" as legitimate an Antipope (Eugene I). Note: "Eugene I" was created in an emergency by the clergy of Rome, as Martin I seemingly could not be reached. Yet he (Eugene I) was an unlawful "pope" (an Antipope) as the eminent papal historian, Artaud de Montor explains Martin I could not have given up the See of Peter validly so long as he remained under duress. " (See Official List of Popes)

[Regarding the "conclave" after the death of (Anti) Pope John Paul 1]:

"I was convinced the choice would fall on Siri, whose future name of Gregory XVII was already being bandied about by so-called experts. There is a rule of silence regulating the course of conclaves. ...I later met Cardinal Siri several times at the Ravasco Institute where he stayed in Rome, but he never said anything about the cardinals’ choice."
-Giulio Andreotti, Editor of (the novus ordo sect run) 30 Days Magazine *May 4, 2006

Pope Siri (Q & A from "Cardinal Siri" 30 Days Magazine January 17, 1985 A.D.)

Q. What have been the difficult times in your life -?

A. Siri: "I do not believe some things should be discussed publicly. I have lived a very long life, and I have known men... and traitors. But I have never revealed the names of the traitors. I do not perform the work of the executioner. I know, however, how much it costs to speak the truth. They have not succeeded in making me ill, but they have succeeded in making me sad and depressed. But Jeremiah had enough lamentations; there's no need for me to add to them."

(Note: Pope Gregory XVII asked the interviewer Stefano M. Paci to switch off his tape recorder from time to time because of the delicate and sensitive nature of the subject matter. The interview took place in 1985, but was published by the Novus Ordo Sect 30 Days Magazine only after His death on May 2, 1989 A.D. -TCW)

"Infiltrators? Yes... ”

(From the Novus Ordo Run) 30 Days Magazine

It was February 1988. Two 30 Days reporters were on their way to the North Italian port city of Genoa to interview the Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri. It was the year of the Popes - the 30th anniversary of the death of Pius XII and the election of John XXIII and the tenth anniversary of the election of John Paul II. There was no better witness to the Pontificates of these three successors of Peter than Siri, who had been a papabile himself in the three conclaves. “Siri was asked a question he did not expect, about the truth of periodic allegations that Masonry had infiltrated the Church. The elderly Cardinal did not answer and, suggesting that he did not want to make any public declaration on the issue, he pointed to the tape recorder that was switched on. Then he made a gesture with his other hand that was very eloquent. What he meant was: ‘Of course, there was infiltration.’ The tape recorder was turned off and Siri added: ‘This is a very serious matter, and I have first-hand sources. I have written my record of this and other events in the life of the Church, which will be published in 50 years’ time. But for now, I would prefer not to say anything more.’

Pope Gregory XVII
Pope Gregory XVII c. late 1980s

But the Cardinal did confide in his great, personal friend, Raimondo Spiazzi, a Dominican theologian in the Pius XII mould who was the dean of the Angelicum’s Social Sciences faculty. Spiazzi reports part of the conversation in the biography he recently dedicated to his late friend: ‘Siri said we had to pray for future Conclaves, for grace so that those who would participate would be truly free of any type of conditioning or influence, not only in ethnical or political terms but also social. We had to pray that “there would be no manipulation by any *sect.” He was referring to Masonry on the basis of direct information he had received from affiliates and of his knowledge of the ruses Masonry deployed to ensnare Vatican exponents and their offices. He did not hesitate to name names and he spoke of the danger even for the Conclave. Perhaps this was why he proposed abolishing the secrecy aspect so that events could take place in the light of day. (30 Days Magazine, "Infiltrators? Yes... ”, November 1991, p. 55)

(Important Note: this article was published after Pope Gregory XVII's death on May 2, 1989 A.D. -TCW

*View a confirmed list of Pope Gregory XVII's satanic persecutors (V-2 Sect Freemasons c. mid 1970s) here. -TCW)

"In the Passion of Christ nobody stand up to say one word to protect Our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Passion of the Church, who stand up to protect the true pope Gregory XVII in Exile? Nobody." -Fr. Khoat Tran (written statement 05/20/06)

Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady of Sorrows

Who knows what horrific psychological and/or physical tortures
were endured by Our Pope during His silent and sorrow filled reign...

30 Years of Pain!

Then Fr. Khoat said, “Come with me right now. I have two tickets to go to America where there are people who will help you.”

"Siri" replied, “That would be impossible. I cannot go. They can kill me at anytime.”

(Excerpt from the first conversation between Fr. Khoat and the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII, in a tense brief private meeting at the Istituto Ravasco Convent in Rome on June 14th, 1988 A.D. Pope Gregory XVII instructed Fr. Khoat to come back later that night at a specified time, where they could possibly speak undetected.)

Pope Gregory XVII then Acted: Formulating a Detailed 'Continuance of Papacy Plan' from 1988 to 1989 A.D.

Fr. Khoat, the important priest that "rescued" His Holiness Pope Gregory XVII in June of 1988., - on May 20th 2006 A.D., in Corpus Christi, TX, on the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Pope Gregory XVII, publically confirmed (on video tape) before a group of True Catholics that Pope Gregory XVII did appoint Cardinals before his Holiness mysterious death on May 2nd, 1989 A.D. Fr. Khoat clarified that there are today (May 2006 A.D.) true Cardinals that were appointed by Pope Gregory XVII still living (the underground Church).

The Will of Christ Jesus for His Church:

Vatican Council 1869-1870
The Vatican Council 1869-1870 A.D.
Ex Cathedra (Infallible Teaching) On The Permanence of the Primacy of Blessed Peter in the Roman Pontiff

Therefore, if anyone says that it is not by the institution of Christ the Lord Himself (that is to say, by divine law) that blessed Peter should have perpetual successors in the primacy over the whole Church; or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in this primacy: let him be anathema.

The Vatican Council, Fourth Session, First Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ, - Ch. 2,5
On The Permanence of the Primacy of Blessed Peter in the Roman Pontiff -July 18th, 1870 A.D.

12.16.07: For "the few who can see". "Ah, but you, Italy, land of blessings! Who has steeped you in desolation? Blame not your enemies, but rather your friends. Can you not hear your children asking for the bread of faith and find only those who smash it to pieces? What shall I do? I shall strike the shepherds, I shall disperse the flock, until those sitting on the throne of Moses search for good pastures and the flock listens attentively and is fed.
(-St. John Bosco's Prophecy: "The Venerable Old Man")

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"We place all Our hope in the God of Our salvation, who is Our helper and strength in all Our tribulations. He does not permit
those who trust in Him to be confounded, He who thwarts the attacks of the impious and breaks the necks of sinners."
-Pope Pius IX

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