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Prophesies Regarding the Coming Great Catholic Monarch

(L/R) Statue of Saint Louis, Catholic King of France (Parish Church, Ville D' Avray, France 18th Century);
Painting of the Revelations of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus to French Nun St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

"The restoration of Monarchy will not be a local affair; it will be a world-wide phenomenon...The republics and democracies will be over,
communism and socialism a thing of the past..."
(More About The Great Monarch, by Yves Dupont, World Trends #41, Aug. 1974)

"In all ages men have been divinely instructed in matters expedient for the salvation of the elect...and in all ages there have been persons possessed of the spirit of prophesy, not for the purpose of announcing new doctrines, but to direct human actions." (-St. Thomas Aquinas: Summa: 2:2:174: Res. et ad 3)

In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
October 17, 2006 A.D.

(Minneapolis) -Oct 17- On this, the feast of the holy French nun St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, who was renowned for her love and promotion of devotion to Du Sacré Coeur (The Sacred Heart) - In Today's Catholic World (TCW) is reprinting Yves Dupont's World Trends Newsletter titled: More About the Great Monarch and the Glorious Age of Peace to Come Under the Reign of the Great Monarch (minus a few introductory lines by Mr. Dupont). The Editor of TCW believes the reign of the prophesied Great Catholic Monarch will occur in his own lifetime (sooner rather than later). Please note that Mr. Dupont (an expert on Catholic Prophecy) wrote this piece for his newsletter World Trends Issue #41 in August, 1974 A.D.

It is also important to note, that he clearly states in the major events/signs to watch just prior to the coming of the Great Monarch (according to the thousands of prophecies he had studied) that there would be (2nd Section Point 3): An anti-pope in Rome. The developing apostasy becomes universal. (Note: All pictures and captions were added by TCW.)

More About the Great Monarch and the Glorious Age of Peace
to Come Under the Reign of the Great Monarch

Fleur de Lis

By Yves Dupont

[...] Some of the prophecies given here have already been cited in my book "CATHOLIC PROPHECY" in which I gave a general picture of the coming upheaval. The present article bears more specifically on the glorious Age of Peace to come, under the reign of the Great Monarch. For this reason, I do not propose to quote at length the prophecies of my previous book but only the passages relating to the Age of Peace and the Great Monarch.

Many of these prophecies are French, and they make it quite clear that Monarchy will be restored in France. But the restoration of Monarchy will not be a local affair; it will be a world-wide phenomenon. This will mark a near historical epoch and, because of this, many people are finding it hard to believe. The age of republics and Democracies will be over, Communism and Socialism a thing of the past. This age of peace will also be an age of belief and an age of plenty. It will mark the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of Christ the King, the revaluation of authority and discipline, and the conversion of the entire world to the Catholic Faith - (except for a few pockets of unbelief).

The Battle Continues!
French Catholic Royalist Flag
(Flown by True Catholics who fought the Masonic French Revolutionaries c. 1790's)

These conclusions have been drawn from my study of private prophecies which I began about 30 years ago. These prophecies were made from the very beginning of the Christian Era up to our own time. They originate from virtually every country in the world) non-Christian lands included. The concordance existing between hundreds of different prophecies is truly remarkable. It would be unreasonable to claim that the bulk of these private seers were merely repeating earlier prophecies which they had themselves read. Such a claim is untenable for a number of reasons: firstly, because communication between various countries was very limited prior to the 19th Century. Secondly, because all writings were in manuscript form before Gutenberg evolved the printing press in the 15th Century. Thirdly, because some of these prophecies were discovered many centuries after they had been written.

In a few cases, however, it is known that some prophecies were not made by those who handed them down; and in other cases it is not inconceivable that an old manuscript may have repeated the substance of an earlier one. Thus, the wording of St. Remy's prophecy, so strikingly similar to that of St. Augustine, may be just relating what St. Remy had heard or read from the writings of St. Augustine which, even in his life-time, were reproduced in manuscript form in the monasteries of Western Europe. St. Augustine died in 430, and St. Remy was born in 437. In his youth, St. Remy would have been conversant with the writings of St. Augustine. Such cases are few in number. But the final argument lies in the fact that many of the early prophecies have already come to pass in part. Here are some events that were predicted long ago:

1 - Ireland occupied by the English for seven Centuries.

The Battle of the Boyne - The Protestant Masonic Orangemen are still spouting/"parading" their anti-Catholicism to this very day!

2 - England leaving the Catholic Church in the 16th Century.

3 - The discovery of the Continent of America.

Spanish Catholic Monarchist Christopher Columbus Discovers the Americas

4 - The French Revolution and the decapitation of the French King.

Catholic King Louis XVI, King of France Louis XVI Distributes Alms to the Poor The French Revolution's Satanic Freemasonic Creed The Reign of Terror Execution of Catholic Monarch Louis XVI, January 21, 1793
Catholic King Louis XVI, King of France Louis XVI Distributes Alms to the Poor The French Revolution's Satanic Freemasonic Creed The Reign of Terror Execution of Catholic Monarch Louis XVI, January 21, 1793
Inauguration of The Apostasy: The Masonic French Revolution of 1789

5 - Modern inventions: the steam engine, the motor-car, the aeroplane, submarines, nuclear power, television.

Invention of Automobile
Henry Ford's Model T

6 - The rise of the lower classes and the advent of Democracy.


 from Europe
Immigrants at Ellis Island, NY looking at the Masonic Statue of Liberty (Symbol of US Democracy)

7 - Communism.

The Red Dragon
Jewish Communist Leader Vladimir Lenin

8 - The development of literacy, the proliferation of pornography.

9 - Low moral standards, permissiveness, deviations.

Immodesty Before the Masses
Who can count the souls damned by Hollywood's vicious vice-ridden "Entertainment" industry?

10 - Crisis in the Church, new liturgy, apostasy of many bishops.

Our Lady of La Salette
"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse..."
(Words spoken by Notre Dame de La Salette [Our Lady of La Salette] to Melanie Calvat in 1846 A.D., a fully approved Church Apparition)

This, I might say, is not a comprehensive listing, merely a few examples. But if the first part of these prophecies has come to pass, should we disregard the second? I do not disregard the second part. Here are the events which we can now expect:

1 - Civil wars, revolutions, break-down of authority everywhere.

The Beatnik 

Revolutionaries began to publicly rear their ugly heads in the late 1950s
The Beatnik Revolutionaries began to publicly rear their ugly heads in the late 1950s

2 - Military coups even in Western Countries.

3 - An anti-pope in Rome. The developing apostasy becomes universal.

Antipope Angelo Roncalli (a Freemason) usurped the Papacy from Pope Gregory XVII (formerely Cardinal Siri) at the 1958 Conclave (see *)

*"Father, the Blessed Virgin is very sad because no one heeds her message; neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on with their life of virtue and apostolate, but they do not unite their lives to the message of Fatima. Sinners keep following the road of evil because they do not see the terrible chastisement about to befall them. Believe me, Father, God is going to punish the world and very soon. The chastisement of heaven is imminent. In less than two years, 1960 will be here and the chastisement of heaven will come and it will be very great. Tell souls to fear not only the material punishment that will befall us if we do not pray and do penance but most of all the souls who will go to hell." Exact words of Sister Lucy (visionary at Fatima) in an interview with Father Augustin Fuentes on December 26, 1957 A.D., giving clear forewarning that the imminent chastisement of heaven for man's sins would unmistakably *occur before 1960 A.D. *(which it precisely did 10 months later, on October 26, 1958 A.D., with the usurpation of the Papal Chair from Christ's lawful Vicar, Pope Gregory XVII)

4 - Persecution of the Church by Communist governments, abetted at first by many of the hierarchy and clergy.

"I do not protest at all when we (The French) celebrate the Revolution."
(Words of Roncallian V-2 Sect French "Cardinal" Paul Poupard, president of the "Pontifical Council for Culture"- interview in "Catholic" Word News 9/24/96)

5 - Complete destruction of the Church's structures at the hands of the Communists and even those who collaborated with them.

The late close friend of Antipope John Paul II, John "Cardinal" O'Conner pictured smiling with two full-aproned Freemasons

6 - Natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, drought, famines, epidemics.

The Death Total from the December 26, 2004 Tsunami Earthquake/Tital Wave Disaster was more than 200,000

7 - Cosmic phenomenon, three days of darkness, collapse of Communism.

3 Days of Darkness
The Coming Terrible Three Days of Darkness Chastisement has been predicted by numerous Holy Catholics/Saints for Centuries

8 - More military coups and rise of the Great Monarch.

Promised French Monarch
The Great Catholic Monarch is Promised

9 - Re-birth of the Catholic Church. New (Valid) Ecumenic Council, restoration of former (i.e. timeless) disciplines in the Church. A *Holy Pope occupies the Chair of Peter.

*This prophesied pope comes from (of course) the Petrine-line of His Holiness, Pope *Gregory XVII. -TCW

Pope Gregory XVII
*His Holiness, Pope Gregorius XVII (A.K.A."Cardinal Giuseppe Siri") The Pope in Red
Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa, Italy was canonically elected pope after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 A.D., then the newly-elected Pope Gregorius XVII [formerly Cardinal Siri] was threatened, i.e. put under grave duress at the conclave, and immediately overthrown by the Churches enemies from within. He ["Siri"] was then intimidated into keeping silent about His status (as were His cardinals) for 31 years. Gregory XVII died in 1989 A.D. Before His death in exile, this Hidden Pope was able to put a process in motion to continue the True and Lawful Papacy, which will indeed, in our lifetime, triumph over the imposter Roncallian V-2 Sect (headed today by Antipope Benedict XVI) which has sacrilegiously usurped God's Catholic Sanctuaries (Churches) world-wide.

10 - Period of peace, faith, plenty.

Immaculate Heart
This will be the period of peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima
Pray the Rosary and make sacrifices to hasten the Triumph of the
Immaculate Heart and its era of True Peace


All must pray for order in ones own soul.
To Restore Catholic Order

One of the surest facts emerging from this study is the rise of the great Christian King who will set up a new social order upon the ruins of Democracy and Communism. It is simply impossible to elude this conclusion. A few secondary facts emerge also: Communism will not converge and merge with Democracy through dialogue and mutual compromise. Nor will it be defeated by Democracy in a Third World War. Communism will achieve its aim without a global nuclear war. The Western Democracies will break down from inside and will surrender without a fight or, if fighting does take place here and there, it will not be able to contain the Russian divisions for more than a few days. (As noted, Yves Dupont wrote this piece in 1974 A.D. Our Lady of Fatima warned that if people did not stop sinning, that: "Russia would spread her errors" (Communism) - which certainly has occured as can be seen everywhere to this very day, in the lack of respect for authority (Order) and the amoral, materialistic "free love" revolutionary culture of Western "civilization" today. -The Editor of TCW)

Lenin-Soviet new face

"You say you want a revolution..."

(The Ever-Changing Face of Communism)

We can pause here for a moment and reflect how such a thing will become possible. It will become possible because of the Munich spirit of the Western Democracies. The USSR is strong militarily, but weak otherwise; its economy is unsound, its capacity for industrial production is limited, its technological know-how is wanting, and it is almost permanently hampered by food shortages. No war can be waged under such conditions. The US government is seeing to it that these limitations are removed. After squandering billions of dollars on various "aid" programmes, the US economy began to totter. Those dollars, now in the hands of international financiers, were "loaned" in 1972 to the USSR through Swiss Banks. The USSR immediately put them back unto the market, thus precipitating the devaluation of the US dollar in February 1973. Then came the "grain deal": the USA sold its vast reserves at a loss to the USSR in order to relieve their food shortage, and this sent cereal prices soaring in the USA. Finally, there was the Nixon-Brezhnev meeting, and the technological assistance which the USA has agreed to give to the USSR. Such insanity has to be true to be believed. If it was related in a political novel, the critics would rightly remark that the author had made a serious "plot error". But we are not dealing here with works of fiction, we are dealing with facts, and the insanity of these facts surpasses anything imaginable. Such is the Munich spirit of the US government and, being what it is, the USSR won't even have to wage a global war; an ultimatum at the opportune moment will suffice or, if there is no ultimatum, unofficial diplomatic pressures will eventually bring the USA into the orbit of the USSR.

Communism will overcome the West, but it will eventually itself be overcome by God. Firstly, through world-wide natural disasters, and secondly through the agency of the Great Monarch whom God will choose for that very purpose:

"His sword will be moved by Divine power......" (Rudolph Gekner, 17th Century)

"And a voice fell from the heavens: 'Here are those whom I have chosen'" (i.e. the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope) (Premol, 5th Century)

Many more such references could be cited, but these suffice to show that the Great Monarch will, indeed, be sent by God. The context of these short excerpts can be found in "CATHOLIC PROPHECY".

Literally hundreds of prophecies announce the rise of the Great Monarch. Here are a few:

"A Frankish King will one day rule over the entire Roman Empire." (St. Augustine, 5th Century)

"The sixth period (of time) will begin with the powerful Monarch." (Ven. B. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

"The good people will triumph when the return of the King is announced." (Cur‚ of Ars, 19th Century)

"He will come from the Fleur-de-Lis..." (Old Saxon prophecy)

"... a King of the House of Lilies..." (St. Cataldus, 5th Century)

"He shall recover the Crown of the Lilies....." (St. Caesar, 5th Century)

"The White Flower again takes possession of the Throne of France." (St. Hildegarde, German Abbess, 12th Century)

"He shall inherit the Crown of the Fleur-de-Lis" (Bishop Ageda, 12th Century)

La Basilique du Sacré Coeur (The Sacred Heart Basilica - Paris France)
La Basilique du Sacré Coeur
(The Sacred Heart Basilica, Paris)

Many other details are given about this God-chosen King which might, however, be tedious to enumerate. Thus, his origin is clearly given by several prophecies as coming from "between the Rhine and the North Sea" - (Monk Hilarion, 15th Century). He will come from the ancient French royal family but he will be truly European, not just French. Through intermarriage most, if not all, royal heirs in Europe today can claim a Capetian ancestry. And, indeed, many prophecies mention that he will have also German blood and Spanish blood, and these prophecies are not necessarily German or Spanish: the Spanish blood, for instance, is mentioned by St. Bridget of Sweden, and the German blood by a French prophet.

Some details, seemingly unimportant, are nevertheless worth mentioning because of their varied origins. Among these is the fact that he will walk with a limp:

"... Prince's foot impeded ... " (Nostradamus, 16th Century)

"He will be lame afoot ... " (Old German prophecy)

"God touched the sinew of his hip. He was in great pain and from that day on, he walked with a limp ... " (Anne-Catherine Emmerich, 19th Century)

"This Prince shall mount his horse on the right-hand side, because he limps from one foot .... " (Peasant Jasper, Germany)

He will be full of goodness and virtue; many prophecies insist on this:

"A very pious King shall reign over Spain ..... " (St. Isidore, 7th Century)

"In his childhood he will be like a saint; in his youth a great sinner; then he will be converted entirely to God and will do great penance; his sins shall be forgiven him, and he shall become a great saint." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)


St. Louis Embarks on the Crusade
St. Louis Embarks on the Crusade against the Enemies of de fide
"He shall destroy the Jewish and Mohammedan sects." (St. Bridget)

"He will travel to Rome" (Hilarion, 15th Century)

"Shall make his sail spring forth" (Nostradamus, 16th Century)

"Greece he will invade and be made King thereof." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

"He will restore the Church of Santa Sophia (in Constantinople)." (St. Bridget, 14th Century)

"He shall fight in Syria and win the Holy Cross." (Old Scottish)

"He shall recover the Land of Promise." (Aystinger)

"He will regain Holy Land after terrible wars in Europe." (Telesphorus de Cozensa, 11th Century)

"He will conquer England." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

("Invade Greece" and "conquer England" must not be understood with the modern and unpleasant connotation that these terms now have. This Emperor will be anything but "imperialist". It means, in effect, that he will go to England to help the English people out of their Communist enslavement, and he will land in Greece to expel the Mohammedans. All this will be made clear later in this article. " ... will pursue Libyan race from Hungary as far as Gibraltar." (Nostradamus)

" ... away shall drive the strange race Arabic." (Nostradamus)

Muslim Riots in former Catholic France
Picture of Infidel Muslim Riots in former Catholic France, Fall 2005 A.D.
The Great Monarch will avenge this outrage against the Eldest Daughter of the Church.

(At this stage, may I caution against dismissing the idea of a Mohammedan invasion in Europe as extravagant. I discussed this point in my first book: the Mohammedan invasion is mentioned in an exceedingly large number of prophecies, and the prophecies are true. The invasion will be made possible because,

(a) Soviet Russia, the Beast of the Earth, will give Mohammed, the Beast of the Sea, all the military support she can, hoping thereby to avoid a direct involvement of herself in Western Europe;

(b) because Western Europe will be in a state of utter chaos at the close of murderous civil wars.

It was just as "extravagant" to speak of the "Revolt of the Algerians in 1938 when Algeria was regarded as being an extension of metropolitan France, but the revolt did come to pass in the sixties, and Algeria is now independent.)

"The Great Monarch ... will conquer the (Middle) East." (Pareus, 17th Century)

"Cyprus, the Turks and Barbarians he will subdue." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

"The Eagle will also invade the Mohammedan countries." (St. Bridget, 14th Century)

"He shall destroy the Jewish and Mohammedan sects." (St. Bridget)

"He shall destroy the Mohammedan sect and the rest of the infidels." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

"The Empire of the Mohammedans will be broken up (by him)." (Ven. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

"He shall subdue to his dominion the Mohammedan Empire" (Gekner, 17th Century)

"He shall reign over the House of Agar, and shall possess Jerusalem." (Isidore of Seville, 7th Century)

(Agar was an Egyptian bondwoman in the service of Sarah, wife of Abraham who was barren. She bore Abraham a son called Ishmael.) "He shall wrestle the Kingdom of the Christians from Ishmael, and conquer it from the Saracens. None of the Saracens shall be able to prevail." (Liber Mirabilis, 16th Century)

(Ishmael was sent back to Egypt with Agar his mother when Sarah finally bore Abraham a son called Isaac. Ishmael is the ancestor of the Arabic people; Isaac, the ancestor of the Ishraelites (or Israelites). Both Ishmaelites and Ishraelites (or Ismaelites and Israelites) are issued from Abraham. But the Ismaelites must be regarded as inferior (despite current illusions about human equality) for at least two reasons, (a) they are descended from a bondwoman who was later sent away as unwanted; (b) God made an alliance with Abraham and Isaac, his son. This does not mean, however, that the Israelis are justified in dispossessing and driving out the Palestinian Arabs from the land of their birth. As a matter of fact, the Israelites repudiated their alliance with God the day they crucified Our Lord, and what they are doing now, against both Christians and Arabs, shows that the old Talmudic dream is being gradually implemented. In the present Israel-Arab conflict, therefore, we have much sympathy for the Arabs. (The ultimate solution for true peace, as Mr. Dupont would agree, is for the Church Militant to 100% regain the Holy Land i.e., Christ's holy birthplace and homeland. -TCW)


The Great Catholic Monarch will be instrumental in bringing back the rightful glory and grandeur due the Papacy
(From left to right the coronation ceremonies of Christ's Vicars on Earth, Popes: Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, Pius XII)

"He will crush the foes of Christianity." (St. Methodius, 4th Century)

"He will assist the Pope in the reformation of the world." (Caesar, 6th Century)

"He will put out all heresies." (Merlin the Bard, 7th Century)

"The French King will restore the true Pope." (Merlin)

"He shall capture Milan, Lombardy, and the three Crowns." (A'Beckett, 12th Century)

" ... by whom the decayed estate of the Church shall be reformed." (Magdeburg Chronicle)

"A Prince ... who shall reform the Church." (Aystinger the German)

The work of the Great Monarch must not be viewed as an encroachment of the Temporal over the Spiritual, as a meddling of the State in Church affairs; besides being a Saint and chosen by God, he will be obedient unto the Pope in everything. All the reforms which he will carry out in the Church will be made with the assent of nay, at the very request of the Pope - witness the following passage:

"Having need of a powerful temporal assistance, the Holy Pontiff will ask for the co-operation of the generous Monarch of France." (Abbot J. Merlin, 13th Century)

"By his means the nation's religion and laws shall have an admirable change." (Bishop Ageda, 12th Century)

"He shall restore the apostolic discipline." (St. John of Capistrano 15th Century)

"He shall reform the Church of God." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

"He will crush the enemies of the Pope." (D. Pareus, 17th Century)

" ... giving the Church her pristine prominence." (Nostradamus)

"The King of Blois raises again the Papal Tiara." (Caesar)

"This Prince shall help him (the Holy Pontiff) in every way." (Vatiguerro, 13th Century)

"(And I saw that) he placed his hand in the Pontiff's hand." (Premol)


French Monarch Charlemagne
The Empire of the Glorious Charlemagne - the future Great Catholic Monarch is prophesied to surpass all Kings before him.
As king of the Franks, Charlemagne conquered the Lombard kingdom in Italy, subdued the Saxons, annexed Bavaria to his kingdom, fought campaigns in Spain and Hungary, and, with the exception of the Kingdom of Asturias in Spain, southern Italy, and the British Isles, united in one superstate practically all the Catholic lands of western Europe. In 800 A.D., he assumed the title of emperor. (He is reckoned as Charles I of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as Charles I of France.) Besides expanding the temporal power for the Church -and all of Christendom, he helped bring about a cultural researgence in letters and the arts throughout the empire. The medieval kingdoms of France and Germany derived all their constitutional traditions from Charlemagne's monarchy. Throughout medieval Europe, the person of Charles I was considered the prototype of a Christian king and emperor.

"Russia, Sweden, and the whole North shall fight against France, Spain, Italy, and the whole South led by a powerful Prince." (Jasper the Peasant, 18th Century)

"He shall be a great captain." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

"The Great Monarch will be at war till the age of forty." (Cataldus)

" ... who shall attain to so high a power ... " (Nostradamus)

"He shall be in command of seven kinds of soldiers against three in the region of the Birch-trees." (Mentz, 19th Century)

" ... feared by his foes." (Nostradamus)

"He shall count his victories by his enterprises; he shall drive the enemy out of France." (Mentz, 19th Century)

"He will assemble great armies and expel tyrants from his Empire." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

"The powerful Monarch, who is sent from God, will uproot every Republic." (Ven. B. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

"He will go through all Europe with a powerful army, uproot every Republic, and exterminate all rebels." (Gekner, 17th Century)

"He will overcome the German Ruler." (Cozensa, 14th Century)

"The Sovereign and the Gallic people shall knock down the renegades who shall shake with fright." (Merlin the Bard)

"He shall govern France." (Votin, 15th Century)

"France shall first be yoked by this King. Britain shall humbly cast herself at his knees. Italy...will contribute to him her languishing right hand." (Sibylla Tiburtina)

"He shall be made King of Greece." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

"There will rise in Gaul a King of the Greeks, the Franks and the Romans." (Liber Mirabilis, 16th Century, quoting an old prophecy)

"He will set England aright and drive out heresy ... He will appoint three Lords to rule the Kingdom of England." (Mother Shipton, 16th Century)

"He shall be the last King over England." (Merlin the Bard (British)

St. Joan of Arc
French Monarchist St. Joan of Arc

"He will join the Lion and the White Flower." (i.e. unite England and France). (Orval, 13th Century)

"In the last days a very pious King shall reign over our Great Spain." (St. Isidore of Seville, 7th Century)

"The angelic Pope shall place an imperial crown on his head." (Busto, 15th Century)

"He shall reign over the entire ancient Roman Empire." (Remy, 5th Century)

" ... by whom the ancient glory of the Empire shall be restored." "He shall be Emperor of Europe." (Aystinger)

" ... whom God will choose to rule over Europe." (J. von Bourg, 19th Century)

"(He and the Holy Pontiff) shall obtain dominion over the whole world." (St. Francis de Paola, 15th Century)

"This Prince shall extend his dominion over the whole world." (St. Caesar, 6th Century)

Is this the One-World government which is currently advocated by Leftist elements? Most definitely not. The One-World government will not come about until the revelation of the Man of Sin who, with the Jewish nation fawning at his feet, will impose his tyranny upon the whole world. The "dominion" in question here will not take the form of a centralised autocratic government. Centralisation is the very opposite of the principle of subsidiarity which the Church and every genuine Catholic monarch has always supported. Subsidiarity, to be sure, does not exclude supreme authority, or arbitration, but it is undoubtedly the antithesis of autocratism. The word itself is comparatively new, but the principle has always been upheld by the Church. To say that a great Catholic Monarch chosen by God would impose such a form of government would be as absurd as saying that a Communist Dictator would suddenly encourage the practice of the Catholic religion in his States! True, there have been autocratic Monarchs in the long history of Christendom, but these monarchs were not really Catholic in any true sense of the word, and even many of the so-called autocratic Monarchs were much more liberal - in the true sense of the word - than the Liberals who have instituted Democracy with its all-encompassing Bureaucracy.

I recently read a book that gave extensive quotations from original documents which have been preserved in most French Town Halls in towns and villages. The remarkable thing about these documents was the tone as well as the contents. They were written during the reign of Louis XIV, the most autocratic of the French kings. Yet those in authority spoke to their subjects in a friendly and father-like manner, and with the utmost courtesy. None of the "First and Final Notice", or "Take Notice That ... ", or again, "You are hereby directed to... " and so forth, in the bureaucratic manner familiar to all of us. The subjects were addressed as "My Dear... ", and they were "requested to be so kind as to ...", because "I would be extremely grateful if you would kindly consider this matter", and the closing sentence from the Governor, the Magistrate, or the Landlord, was to draw "the blessing of God upon you and your family"! All the documents were in the same vein; they were written from person to person, not from a nameless and faceless Bureaucracy to an equally nameless and faceless mass of "citizens". Such was the tone. As regards the contents, the documents in question made it obvious that the powers of the "Law" were limited. There was no threat of penalty "for failure to comply", no "$200 fine or 3 months in jail" as we currently see in most official documents. Virtually everybody in our "democratic" days is periodically threatened with "3 months in jail" through the bureaucratic printed matter we all receive.

 Occultist Harry Trumam
The Freemasonic 33rd President of the United States of America Harry S. Trumam
Harry S. Truman was initiated into the anti-monarchial, satanic cult of Freemasonry on February 9, 1909.
Member of Belton Lodge No. 450, Grandview, Missouri - Grand Master, Missouri: 1940

The Masons, agnostics and atheists who are responsible for the rise of Democracy must, of course, perpetuate the myth that Monarchy means Autocratism. Autocratism presupposes centralisation of powers; the hierarchical structures of a Christian Monarchy is just the opposite, each having certain powers according to his rank in the hierarchy, and each region, province, city, town and village enjoying a measure of genuine Democracy - (the smaller the social unit, the greater that measure is), as taught by St. Thomas Aquinas and, again, by Pius XII. In a modern Democracy, on the contrary, the pyramid of power has been flattened, and hierarchical structures reduced to a minimum. The base of the pyramid has been greatly enlarged - (the allegedly "sovereign" people), and the top has been cut off. The middle layers of the pyramid are represented by a faceless and nameless Bureaucracy.

Let me mention here again that all authority comes from God alone who is the Ultimate Source, and flows downwards through hierarchical structures. This is Church teaching. It is also Church teaching that authority, that is, God's authority, cannot rise upwards from the people for the simple reason that God's authority is not vested in the people. We all know that this teaching is currently disregarded in the Conciliarist Church (which is the Church of Man and Democracy), but not everyone knows that it was disregarded even before Vatican II. Yet it is indeed Church teaching, and it was confirmed by Leo XIII in "Graves de Communi", and again by St. Pius X in "Notre Charge Apostolique" (Letter to the French Bishops). The common source, of course, is the "SUMMA THEOLOGICA" of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Now, since the Great Monarch will be chosen by God and will be a living Saint, it is simply inconceivable that he would want to "dominate" the whole world in the sense now given to "domination". Far from setting up a One-World government, he will undoubtedly set up a Federation of independent nations, each having its own King and its own hierarchical structures in which subsidiarity will be the guiding principle. Moreover, it is quite certain that this arrangement will be sought by the nations themselves so great will his fame be. The only exception, perhaps, will be that of the primitive and pagan peoples whom the Great Monarch will have to subdue. This may be called "colonialism" today, but it will not be then. Indeed, men will have recovered their sanity and the right of Christian nations to rule primitive peoples for their own benefit will be recognised. Christendom, indeed, has a message, a method and a way of life which cannot but benefit the more primitive peoples. This is becoming increasingly evident even today. However de-Christianized the western nations may be, they still have retained something from their Christian heritage. And whatever shortcomings their administration of the former colonies may have been, still, they did maintain order and a measure of justice.

Katanga, Biafra, Sudan, Pakistan, are but a few examples of the evils brought about by an independence given to peoples who are not ready for it. How many millions of these natives have been massacred, or have starved to death, who would still be alive today if the Western presence had not been withdrawn! And why was it withdrawn? Not out of Christian charity but simply on the instigation of the USSR working through UNO and brandishing the standard of political freedom for all. What does political freedom mean to a miscellany of hundreds of different tribes speaking different dialects and having no ethnic cohesion? Very little indeed! Yet, out of such disparity they made what they called a "nation" (the former Belgian Congo is a case in point). With the withdrawal of the "White man" opportunities for employment, efficient administration, law and order were also withdrawn, and chaos and starvation followed. The USSR knew this. But the man-in-the-street in our countries was generally unaware that de-colonisation was one of the avowed aims of Communism in order to create chaos, because chaos is necessary for the advancement of Communism, and the western press did nothing to inform him; on the contrary, the western press merely echoed the Communist ideological shibboleth about political freedom and other democratical myths to which the West is ever receptive.

Victory over the synagogue
Victory over the Synagogue

What a tragedy that such a large number of Catholics, including Bishops and Cardinals and, among them, some occupying the highest posts in the Catholic hierarchy, should have been so deceived by Communist propaganda that they have praised the alleged virtues of de-colonisation and, in some instances, in documents bearing the stamp of the Magisterium! (Note: "Mr. Dupont [now deceased] wrote this without realizing that the papacy had indeed been usurped by stealthy/occulted Judeo-Masonry (on October 26, 1958)... just as he had pointed out above was prophesied to occur! His comments on Roncalli and Montini in his book, Catholic Prophecy shows that he sensed something was amiss." -The Editor of TCW 10/17/06) A sign of the times! Did not La Salette and other prophecies say that error and insanity would be found even at the highest levels of the Church? It is quite clear that the Great Monarch to come will hold different views; views diametrically opposed to those of our present leaders in the world and in the Church.

"A King shall come and act contrariwise, the high pulled down and the low raised up high." (Nostradamus)

(He will pull down what has been held as good, and raise up what has been held in contempt, acting in opposition to present standards.)

"He will restore everything." (Holzhauser)

The powerful Monarch, after winning the Birch-Tree Battle, will restore Peace throughout the world. The Birch-Tree Battle has been described in countless prophecies. It is the turning point which may coincide with the 3 days of darkness, and will mark the collapse of Communism. It was discussed at some length in my previous book "The Coming Chastisement".

"Peace will return when the Lily ascends the Throne again. The land will be very productive." (St. Hildegarde)

"Many wise laws will restore peace." (Orval)

"An era of prosperity follows." (Lehnin)

"Peace and abundance shall return to the world." (St. Bridget)

"And the earth shall enjoy peace and prosperity." (St. Bridget)

"And peace shall reign over the whole earth." (Holzhauser)

"This shall re-establish a peace and prosperity without precedent." (St. John-Mary Vianney, Cur‚ of Ars, 19th Century)

"O sweetest peace! Thy fruits will multiply until the End of Time!" (St. Caesar)

Triumphant France Watches Over the Sleeping King
Triumphant France Watches Over the Sleeping King
(Nicolas Coustou, 1701 A.D.)
This gilded stucco decoration of an allegorical figure of ‘France’ was (still is) above the sleeping alcove of the King's bedchamber at Versailles.

Peace after the conversion of Russia; this is exactly what Our Lady told the children at Fatima in 1917. I am not covering the Fatima apparitions in this article because they are fairly well known already, and many excellent books are available, whilst there are few concerning the more ancient prophecies. At the close of the period of peace and prosperity, the ageing Monarch will go to Jerusalem again in an attempt to check the rising power of Anti-Christ.

"He will at length lay down his Crown in Jerusalem." (Cataldus)

"He will go to Jerusalem, and lay down his Sceptre and Crown on Mount Olivet. Thus shall come the end of the Christian Roman Empire." (Bl. R. Maurus, 9th Century)

"He will finally go to Jerusalem and lay down his Sceptre and Crown upon the Mount of Olives. Immediately afterwards, Antichrist will come." (Monk Adso, 10th Century)

"He shall give up the ghost at Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives." (St. Augustine, 5th Century)

"At the end of his most glorious reign, he shall go to Jerusalem, and shall lay down his Crown and Sceptre on the Mount of Olives." (St. Remy, 5/6th Century)

Crown and Sceptre are symbols of authority. By surrendering his Crown and Sceptre on the amount of Olives, the Great Monarch will acknowledge this gift from God, as if saying: "My Lord and my God, my mission is ended; here is the Authority which Thou hast graciously given me."

Regina Coeli Ora pro nobis!

The End

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Note: Rare book by Pope Pius XII's French Chamberlain that tears the mask off the V-2 Sect Freemasonic invaders - this important 66 page book takes time to download. -ED


Marie-Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist

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Monsieur de La Franquerie

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to fewer still so to love the truth which they have seen
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