A TCW Ongoing Investigative Report


Jim Condit Jr.'s Documented KKK Involvement & C.P.D. Police Reported Criminal Activity

"I'll throw bombs through your windows!" -Jim Condit Jr.

(Terrorist threat to M. Bedel, his sister-in-law)

Hamilton Co Sheriff Serves Jim Condit Jr. with four Harassment Restraining Orders - Cincinnati, Ohio

Hamilton Co. Sheriff Reports Serving Five Separate
Harassment Restraining Orders on Jim Condit Jr. since 2011

with snowman
Catholic child protected by Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) - from the Coward/*criminal Jim Condit Jr.

*Federal Crime, 18 U.S.C. § 875(c) applies to: "Whoever transmits in interstate
commerce any communication containing any threat to injure the person of another."

(1.) 2011 HRO (View 5 pages of multi-page Court Order): Jim Condit Jr. Served Restraining Order for grave threats made against a 1 year old child.

(2.) 2011 HRO: Jim Condit Jr. Served Restraining Order for threats made against a Catholic Journalist noted for exposing Condit Jr.'s criminal activities.

(3.) *2013 HRO: Jim Condit Jr. Served 2nd Restraining Order from his separated (since 2004) wife Kathleen. (Note: Kathleen had previously obtained a HRO against Jim Condit Jr. in 1999 - where under oath before a judge, she testified that she was afraid he was going to kill her and the family children.)

(4.) 2013 HRO: Jim Condit Jr. Served Restraining Order from Ohio business owner who Condit Jr. targeted/harassed at his victim's company HQ's.

(5.) 2013 HRO: Jim Condit Jr. Served Restraining Order from Journalist investigating Jim Condit Jr.'s unreported payouts he has received for years (according to the testimony of his wife and brother, and that he has boasted to others of) from the Cincinnati based telecom company Sienna Group.

*Note: Jim Condit Jr.'s sister-in-law [M. Bedel] reported to the I-Team, that while she was trying to help her sister Kathleen (who at one point dropped in weight to around 90 lbs., directly due to traumatic stress from her vicious husband), he [Jim Condit Jr.] became enraged, and in an effort to impede Bedel, directed a terroristic/menacing threat at her person, by screaming: "I'll throw bombs through your windows!"

Members of Condit Family Reach out to TCW - Grateful for I-Team Report

Additional Note: certain members of the Condit family who privately contacted TCW, have conveyed their gratitude for TCW's I-Team report. One with great relief in their voice, in a conference call, stated it was the first time in 25 years that anyone had been able to do something about him [Jim Condit Jr.]. All members of the family who have contacted TCW, without hesitation, lamented that Jim Condit Jr.'s response (M.O.) to those, who in charity bring to his attention the ugly facts of his life, is to not change, but immediately attempt to sinfully sully that person, by means of gross distortions and/or outright lies.

jim condit jr cincinnati kkk
aryan nation
Jim Condit Jr. (A.K.A. James Joseph Condit Jr.) of Cincinnati, Ohio
(Public Adulterer, promoter of the anti-Catholic [Masonic] KKK & Vigilante Violence)

Public Record Ohio: Jim Condit Jr.'s own wife Kathleen, in an attempt to protect herself from his rage, filed a restraining order against him with the Cincinnati Police Department, years ago (she filed a 2ND harassment restraining order against him in 2013 -ED). By her choice, she has been separated (which the canons of the Council of Trent permit in grave circumstances) from him for more than 8 years. (Note: which Jim Condit Jr., has attempted to cover-up via every conceivable artifice, and when unsuccessful -outright lies about to others (donor$...).

Background to this I-Team Report: TCW was contacted in February 2006, by a concerned individual (True Catholic) who wishing to remain anonymous, claimed to have evidenced proof that Jim Condit Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio, was partaking in some (not known to many) very heinous activities.

The TCW investigative team spent several months researching the accuracy of these specified claims regarding Jim Condit Jr., and after much study/research verified beyond a shadow of a doubt that he (Jim Condit Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio) indeed was (and is) intimately involved with several sinfully racist White Power/Aryan Nation organized groups -which proclaim anarchist/masonic slogans such as [verbatim]"Violence Solves Everything!" ... and at least one called "Stormfront" a total (literally) KKK (Klu Klux Klan) group- in which, one of the key "leaders" a Joe Fields is a convicted pedophile -which Jim Condit Jr., is fully *aware of and remains a close friend with!

View pictures: from Joe Field's (family) Website: (1.) A duped neo-nazi next to portrait of Adolf Hitler. (2.) Other of Condit Jr.'s long-time close friend (Joe Field's) "wholesome" supporters at an Aryan Nation event/rally called "Folk Fest", March 23, 2002.

Note: the consistent? Jim Condit Jr. (who has experienced documented business type (1.) bankruptcy/complete cessations - according to the state of Ohio public record) sells a worse than amateurish (edited?) "one-take" video (citing seemingly exclusively other's research) on Hitler's connection/collaboration with the avaricious Jews ? ("Pecuniae obedium omnia") (1.) What specific statute(s) of Ohio business bankruptcy/dissolvement law Condit Jr. utilized was not delved into (not part of scope) by the I-Team. We had first published Condit Jr. "filed more than once", however, it is possible there were no filings - for instance, with his failed (brief) newspaper "All T.T", (which ended with quite angry subscribers) it may have been "lights-out type" repeat occurrences that the state of Ohio officially recorded on their government website.

The Demonic Duo (Jim Condit Jr. & Joe Fields) Threaten Two News Investigative Journalists

The I-Team sent key extracts of the accessible (over the internet) official public L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) police record (pertaining to this *convicted child molester (Fields) - a white supremacist who preyed on young Mexican girls from his seedy car in L.A., by attempting to lure the children with money, so he could video tape them in sexual acts, for his own child pornography movie use) to Jim Condit Jr. via email. And he [Condit Jr.] angrily replied back to TCW's staff (via email) with an attempted "defense" of both the "white power cause" and a show of support for this perverted (deserving-of-the-death-penalty) "Aryan leader"- his (Condit Jr.'s) long-time friend. Jim Condit Jr., sent an additional email on (Friday, July 13 2007 11:54 PM) with a physical threat that he [Jim Condit Jr.] and Fields were going "visit" the Editor of TCW (i.e. for exposing their crimes).

Note: A correspondent of TCW named Dan Kelly, in Boston, had also received a similar threat from the Demonic Duo (Condit Jr. & Fields) a few weeks prior to this documented incident. Mr. Kelly had been asking Jim Condit Jr. about his connections with the KKK/Nazi Joe Fields and also about Condit Jr.'s background with the "phony opposition", freemasonic JBS (John Birch Society). Mr. Kelly reported that Condit Jr. started getting agitated and then quickly became quite angry. Condit Jr. then resorted to his base M.O. of intimidation/thuggery to stop any further questioning. He threatened (not too original ...) the True Catholic, Mr. Kelly, that he and the Klansman Fields, would very possibly "make an (unexpected) visit" to Massachusetts ... (if he didn't shut up!)

*In 1996, this sicko, Fields, pled “nolo contendre” [no contest] to four counts of violating California’s Penal Code Section 647.6. People pleading “nolo” get marked down as “guilty” and are sentenced accordingly. Although he (as recently as 2007) denied [LIED] about his conviction the entity that Jim Condit Jr., defends [Joe Fields] did hard time in prison. [Source: L.A.P.D Public Court File].

" can positively affirm that Judeo-Masonry is the unique enemy of the Church. It can be detected in all anti-Catholic attacks against clergy or laity led either by Freemasons or by even Catholics whose faith has decreased due to either fear, passion or self-interest."
(Msgr. Jouin, from his famous speech - Papacy and [vs.] Freemasonry Dec 8, 1930)

Cincinnati Police & U.S. District Court Confirm Jim Condit Jr.
made Repeated Threats of Sending an Unknown Assailaint to Attack

Jim Condit Jr., beginning on May 5, 2006, repeatedly threatened sending an unknown (to the Editor of TCW) assailant across state-lines (from Ohio to Minnesota) to assault the Editor of TCW and his wife as they went to Holy Mass. These documented emails (sent from Jim Condit Jr.) were submitted to an Officer Rackley of the C.P.D. (Cincinnati Police Department) Communications Department. Officer Rackley after carefully reviewing the material - instructed the Editor of TCW to contact his local police to organize a "sting operation". The C.P.D.'s Officer Rackley then filed an official police report against Jim Condit Jr. These numerous [threatening] emails of Jim Condit Jr. - were presented (and accepted as fully verified evidence in a State Court of Law) - in regards/ pertaining to Jim Condit Jr., and one of his evil agents named *Robert Dimare; a young drifter (originally from Florida) reported by several sources to have an obsession with (especially hand) guns and a history of heavy narcotics usage (that) he reportedly would "boast" of to others.

Jim Condit Jr's Dunce Puppet - Dimare
Condit Jr.'s 'Willing Puppet"

*Robert Dimare told others he left Florida largely due to his family being from Sicily and their current involvement with the Italian/US mafia. In front of three individuals (which included his wife who nodded in affirmation) Dimare said people in his family would literally, quote "break people's legs and then stuff them into barrels" (i.e. murder them) to get their way. And cited that these actual (Dimare family) Mafiosa incidents, were usually "money related". Robert Dimare, himself known for fierce outbursts of anger, [according to a 77 page court document] acknowledged under oath to keeping rounds of live ammunition around small children, and admitted, (the official court record states) under repeated direct questioning, to have encouraged at least one child to "play with" exposed high-powered (live) ammunition (which he [Dimare] thought "amusing").

Jim Condit Jr.'s Use of a "Druggy Dupe" Backfires!

Note: Dimare on his own volition in 2006 told a group of others (he had just met) how completely dumbfounded he was, that he ever graduated from high school - because he never thought it could be allowed that, quote "the last in the whole class (GPA wise) ... a person with a D- average (himself) could get handed a diploma!" Dimare fought in the Gulf War (and loved it). He claimed he really wanted to go back, and bragged (?) about the bloody fist-fights he had with his own fellow soldiers! Once most disgustingly, in the presence of a young lady, he began to talk about the gory details of the Gulf War he so loved and [Caution, explicit text follows -ED] with glowing eyes, animated gestures and sound effects, started to get into what a head (& brain) impacted by a live bullet looked like ... before he was loudly told to stop!

TCW was informed that Jim Condit Jr.'s Druggy Dupe, Dimare (a documented self-confessed liar - and 7 time Perjurer), has since fled Minnesota to Ohio with a $4,000 outstanding debt (of cash and merchandise) owed to the owner, Jonathon (last name not published), of a company he did servile work for, called M.Tres. Chest.

Note: there is solid evidence that Jim Condit Jr., has used/enlisted "racist skin-head punks" [with hopes] - to intimidate individuals who oppose (or expose) his [Jim Condit Jr.'s] wicked works of iniquity. Concerned individuals [all names will be held in the strictest of confidence] may contact TCW, who is working with the Cincinnati Police to help serve justice on this menace of good and order: Jim Condit Jr.


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