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News for The Church in Eclipse

"Uncompromising Catholic Militancy"

"You must fight energetically, since you know very well what great wounds the undefiled Spouse of Christ Jesus
has suffered, and how vigorous is the destructive attack of Her enemies."
-His Holiness, Venerable Pope Pius IX

The Most Blessed Sacrament
June is the Month the Church Dedicates to the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Sacrament


Please Note: the Editor of In Today's Catholic World is flying out East to cover an important story. TCW's next post will be on Thursday July 6th.

Ecclesiastical Approbation

In Today's Catholic World carries the approbation in writing of the (True) Petrine Hierarchy in exile i.e., connected with Pope Gregory XVII. It faithfully adheres to the rules for Catholic Journals mandated by Leo XIII in the Apostolic Constitution Officiorum ac Munerum, January 25, 1897 - so heavily re-stressed by Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907.

St. Ignatius of Antioch - "Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop or by one whom he ordains [i.e., a presbyter]. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church." (Letter to the Smyrneans 8:2 - 110 A.D.)

(June 19, Monday in the Octave of Corpus Christi Semidouble)

The Legion of Decency
The *Legion of Decency listed film ratings as provided by Catholic Bishops.
These young Catholic students are shown perusing the listings for area theatres.

*(Judeo-Masonry could not tolerate this "threat" and moved in for the kill)

"In their Messianic materialism, the directors of
Judaism dream of an implementation of world government wherein they are the masters
and we are the slaves. They recognize that the insurmountable wall that lies in the path of this program of conquest is the religious wall...in particular, the wall of the Catholic Church. By experience, they know that slander, prisons, even death, does not crush the faith... it only enlivens it. They know very well that in order to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ they have only one road left... INFILTRATION.
Thus, the case of Anacletus II is repeating itself; the infiltrators, denounced by Pius X, have invaded the hierarchy and have even captured
the Chair of Peter."
(Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, PHD., The New Montinian Church, 1971 A.D.)

June 19, 2006 A.D.

In Today's Catholic World is providing documentation (*see below) of the Masonic agent, Angelo Roncalli, and his willing collaborators’ blueprint – (plan of destruction) for de fide (the Faith). This reprint was first published in 1970 A.D., more than 35 years ago, by Mr. Paul McCabe, President of C.A.H., Catholics Against Heresy.

Prophecy Against Roncalli
Statue of St. Francis of Assisi
St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 A.D.): "The devils will have unusual power, the immaculate purity of our Order, and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few Christians who will obey the true Sovereign Pontiff and the Roman Church with loyal hearts and perfect charity. At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavour to draw many into error and death.... Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer."
(Works of the Seraphic Father St. Francis Of Assisi, Washbourne, 1882 A.D., page 248)

Blueprint for Renewal

Enemy of Order
The Usurper Angelo Roncalli's Demonic Plan of Destruction

Forward by The Veritas Staff "As early as 1959, and during the preparatory stages of the V-2 Council, "every Catholic bishop and institution were invited to submit ideas to help John 23 prepare for the Second Vatican Council", (Elizabeth Odell Sheehan, Good Pope John, paperback, pp.156-66; M. Martin, Three Popes and a Cardinal p.318.)

"John 23 was looking mainly for proposals of unorthodoxy and publically encouraged suggestions wholly contrary to traditional Catholic practices and to the two Founts of Divine Revelation from which the Catholic Apostolic Church draws Her Divine Doctrine. The "sacred duty" to preserve and protect this holy Doctrine was to be laid waste.

"Back in 1962, the following Blueprint for the Renewal of the Apostolic Catholic Church was making the rounds here in Louisville. It had earlier been distributed to the "theologians" holding "seminars", in preparation for the convening of the Vatican 2 Council in Rome, by the heretical man, Angelo Roncalli, who took the name John 23 in 1958 upon "election".

"The president of C.A.H. (Catholics Against Heresy), Paul McCabe, (R.I.P.) published the hostile Blueprint in 1970, which had been sent to him by a priest-friend in Italy. Many of us at Veritas, saw a similar "Blueprint" in 1962, through the Passionist priests and seminarians. Also, at that period, a Dominican nun told us of its existence. Looking about us today, at the terrible havoc wrought in our Beloved Church by the criminal V-2 and its perpetrators and implementors, can anyone say the enemies of Christ, His Cross, and His Church have not succeeded in achieving almost all of their goals as sketched out in their unholy "Blueprint"? Nevertheless, Christ has the LAST WORD."

The True Mass
Prior to the implementation of The Blueprint: Confirmation Mass in America (c. 1950s)


PHASE OUT THE FOLLOWING: Fasting, abstaining, holy water, and founts, incense, kneeling and kneelers, altar and rail, rosaries, Sign of the Cross, vigil lights, Holy Days, Good Friday, Benediction, women's hat law, Legion of Decency and pledge, processions, Forty Hours, missions, retreats, Passion Week, Holy Week, throat blessing, Ash Wednesday, Bells, candles, icons, novenas, index code, litanies, tabernacles (traditional), crucifix, Mass obligation, Trinity, gothic architecture, stained glass windows (traditional), clerical robes, sacraments, precepts, monasteries, grottoes, and shrines, scapulars, medals, and monstrance.

Italian Nuns
Diligent Italian Nuns (c. 1956)

CHANGE NAMES: Mass will be called Liturgy, Catholic will be Christian, parish to be community, priest to be minister, baptism to be initiation, gospel to be called readings, Offertory to be Preparation, Consecration to be Memorial blessing, Last Gospel to be dropped, Extreme Unction to be prayer of the living, and Pope to be called chairman.

Holy Name Society
Holy Name Society in Milwaukee, WI (c. 1930s)

OTHER CHANGES: Holy Name Societies and Altar Societies will be called fraternities and guilds. The 10 Commandments will be replaced by love slogans, and "peace". Confessing to a priest will become confessing to a fellow neighbor. Statues will be replaced by revolutionary banners. Adoration will be replaced by brotherhood. Genuflecting will be replaced by kissing one another. Aquinas Summa will be replaced by Teilhard's Phenomenon. Parish churches will be replaced by community centers. Strict moral codes will be replaced with democratic flexibility- up to each individual. Nuns won't teach Religion, will be secularized and marry or live away from convents. Catholic schools will become political and social action centers.

A Vatican II Sect Altar

The New Mass Will Evolve

GRADUALLY: Eliminate prayers at the foot of the Altar, prayers after Mass, and all references to the Saints. Eliminate Latin through several stages, the CANON being last. English versions to be changed gradually until final and complete elimination of the unchangeable, fixed CANON. The first change will be objectionable to no one by adding St. Joseph's name. The fixity of the CANON will be nullified by using printed cards which will be changed periodically. Priests will be gradually eliminated through priests marrying, part-time worker priests being replaced by laity (i.e., extend deaconate, etc.). Lay participation will lead to gradual taking over of all the phases of concelebrated services by singing, reading parts, serving, preaching, playing drums., then finally move to homes around the table, not unlike Jewish Passover. Traditional Catholic music will be replaced by Protestant hymns, then jazz, and pop, related to culture of the community. Youth must be won over first.

Break-Dancing Sanctioned at the Vatican
Break-Dancing is 100% Sanctioned at the "Vatican", but not the (Pius V Missal) Latin Mass?

Replacement for the Catechism will consist of a multitude of authors and editions constantly changing to prevent a buildup of objection. The books will be the latest style, art, and methodology.

Montini a.k.a. Antipope Paul VI at the 

Masonic United Nations
Montini (a.k.a Antipope Paul VI): a key "architect" and the non-authority bearing "promulgator" of the Apostate Vatican II Council, pictured giving a speech on October 4, 1965 at the Masonic United Nations. Montini in his address to the United Nations, called that godless monstrosity [The UN] "the last, best hope of mankind..." not surprisingly he received a standing ovation from the Wilsonian Democracy Pushers/Atheistic Communist packed house.

People will be introduced to secular problems to organize them. Promotion of labor unions for everyone, social welfare, free insurance, free schools, etc., for a socio-economic revolution (development) will be encouraged. The freed hierarchy will converge with political movements of the State, National and world Councils of Churches for fusion with governments for One World, One Religion and Government and One People. Refer to previous seminar "Future Socialism". The bishops to be called "executives" will direct political and social activities of the diocese. They will head information bureaus to coordinate the breakthrough merger, financed by pledges and monies formerly collected for schools.

Destroy Communism "This modern revolution, it may be said, has actually broken out or threatens everywhere, and it exceeds in amplitude and violence anything yet experienced in the preceding persecutions launched against the Church. Entire peoples find themselves in danger of falling back into a barbarism worse than that which oppressed the greater part of the world at the coming of the Redeemer."
(On Atheistic Communism - Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, promulgated on March 19, 1937 A.D.)

Vatican City will be phased out by the bishops and held up as an example of imperialism. Future World Ecumenical Sessions will be held in Jerusalem.

"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse..."
(Words spoken by Our Lady of La Salette to Melanie Calvat in 1846 A.D., a fully approved Church Apparition)

"To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome [a false "pope"] is to be out of communion with the Church." -St. Cyprian

"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse..."
(Words spoken by Our Lady of La Salette to Melanie Calvat in 1846 A.D., a fully approved Church Apparition)

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