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"Uncompromising Catholic Militancy"

[In response to someone who begged him (Saint Pius X) to "go soft" on the Modernists, He retorted]: "Kindness is for fools! They want them to be treated with oil, soap, and caresses but they ought to be beaten with fists! In a duel you don't count or measure the blows, you strike as you can! War is not made with charity, it is a struggle a duel. If Our Lord were not terrible he would not have given an example in this too. See how he treated the Philistines, the sowers of error, the wolves in sheep's clothing, the traitors in the temple. He scourged them with whips!"

From the Sacred Liturgy: Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

Sacred Heart
June is the Month the Church Dedicates to the
Sacred Heart and the Most Blessed Sacrament

Update: 18 (Online) Volumes of St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica were added to TCW's June 22 post. -ED

Ecclesiastical Approbation

In Today's Catholic World carries the approbation in writing of the (True) Petrine Hierarchy in exile i.e., connected with Pope Gregory XVII. It faithfully adheres to the rules for Catholic Journals mandated by Leo XIII in the Apostolic Constitution Officiorum ac Munerum, January 25, 1897 - so heavily re-stressed by Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907.

St. Ignatius of Antioch - "Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop or by one whom he ordains [i.e., a presbyter]. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church." (Letter to the Smyrneans 8:2 - 110 A.D.)

(June 22, Octave Day of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus- Greater Double)

(Commemoration of St Paulinus, BC)

Doctrine of St. Thomas
The Doctrine of Saint Thomas Confounds the Heretics

"The doctrine of this Doctor, beyond all others, has fitness of words, manner of expression, and truth of opinions; so that
he who holds it will never swerve from the path of truth; and, on the contrary, he who attacks it must always be suspected."

-Pope Innocent V

"As also in all his [St. Paul's] epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood,
which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction."
(II Peter iii:xvi)

"Against scholastic philosophy and theology they use the weapons of ridicule and contempt. Whether it is ignorance or fear, or both, that inspires this conduct in them, certain it is that the passion for novelty is always united in them with hatred of scholasticism, and there is no surer sign that a man is tending to Modernism than when he begins to show his dislike for the scholastic method." -Pope St. Pius X Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On the Doctrine of the Modernists)

"The manifold honours paid by the Holy See to St. Thomas Aquinas exclude for ever any doubt from the mind of Catholics
with regard to his being raised up by God as the Master of Doctrine to be followed by the Church through all ages."

-Pope *Benedict XV (15th)

*(From His Papal Brief Appoving the: Catechism Of The"Summa Theologica"of Saint Thomas Aquinas For the Use of the Faithful, Feb, 5th 1919)

In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
June 22, 2007 A.D.

The enemy never sleeps...

In Today's Catholic World was informed that The Zirconia Brothers (A.K.A. The Dimond "Brothers") recently attempted a verbal assault against the Editor of TCW, Mr. David Hobson, on their corrosive website -accusing TCW's Editor of "sophistry"- for posting a quote [verbatim] from the Imprimatured book: The Lives of the Primitive Fathers, Martyrs, and other Principal Saints, by Rev. Alban Butler Vol. III Edinburgh, 1799 A.D., p. 176 (a) - regarding the proper Catholic understanding [Mind of the Church] on an aspect of Holy Baptism. (Scroll down to see June 11th's post.)

The Dimonds material must be cast in flames
St. Dominic as Inquisitor, Burning the Evil Books of Heretics

"We are horrified to see what monstrous doctrines and prodigious errors are disseminated far and wide in countless books, pamphlets, and other writings which, though small in weight, are very great in malice. ...'We must fight valiantly,' Clement XIII says in an encyclical letter about the banning of bad books, 'as much as the matter itself demands and must exterminate the deadly poison of so many [bad] books; for never will the material for error be withdrawn, unless the criminal sources of depravity perish in flames.'" (Mirari Vos, Encyclical of Pope Gregory XVI, 1832 A.D.)

For those (gullible) "folk" who think they are doing God's Will by reading or [shudder] donating to these (bishopless), soul-snatching-hacks (*Michael & Peter Dimond who with criminal Pride, brazenly attempt to dissolve the teachings of the precious Faith and attack the good names of erudite priests and educated laymen: by their dissemination of Mountains of novel refuse) -do some research about their last "so called monastery", and the AfTErMaTh of the place after they **left town .... Something also perhaps to consider, before providing coal and/or jumping aboard their rancid-runaway-train: How many people grounded in holy humility and in truth, repeatedly SOUND their own praises before ALL [which are penned by themselves, or by one of their deluded dupes] and post their rodomontades ("in-house") almost daily on their own website?

*(Veteran [True] Catholics may recall the "former"debunked charlatan- Brother Elias... ?)


His Holiness, Venerable Pope Pius IX
Ven. Pope Pius IX
His Holiness, Pope Pius IX, Quartus Supra, January 6, 1873: “4. It has always been the custom of heretics and schismatics
to call themselves Catholics and to proclaim their many excellences in order to lead peoples and princes into error.”

Who dare imagine the sinful words these blind fools would have for the most Brilliant Theologian [Saint Thomas Aquinas] ever: whose systematic method of reasoning [Scholasticism] and sacred writings have been lauded by Holy Mother Church and every Pope for the last 800 years.

"Never was it lawful to discuss again any matter which had once been decided by the Apostolic See." -Pope St. Boniface, 419 A.D.

De Fide

Council of Trent
APERUIT ET CLAUSIT (opened and closed):

Says the inscription on this painting (above an altar) referring to the session of the sacred Council of Trent presided over by Pope Pius IV. In like manner, once a Dogmatic Teaching is decreed by the Church it is irreformable - it can never be
re-examined [opened-up for *"debate"]; but must be fully embraced by every Catholic under pain of anathema ... it is a (Forever) "case-closed" matter.

*Exsurge Domine (Condemning the Errors of Martin Luther) Prop. 29, condemned by Leo X., Bull, May 16, 1520 A.D:
'It is permissible to us to invalidate the authority of Councils, freely to gainsay their acts, to judge of their decrees, and confidently to assert whatever seems to us to be true, whether it has been approved or reprobated by any Council whatsoever.'

Feeling no special horror in treading in the footsteps of Luther; the self-promoter and self-taught, Michael Dimond, joyously rejects Trent's authoritative teaching (provided below) on the eternally defined Catholic Dogma regarding Baptism: to the loud cheers of a group of "equally educated" laymen who "want to be like Mike" (i.e. and have incurred anthema from God).

"In the Council of Trent a table was placed in the middle of the hall in which the Fathers met; upon it was the holy Scriptures, the Decrees of the Popes, and the Summa (Theologica) of St. Thomas. This honor was repeated in the recent Council of the Vatican (1869-1870).

The voice of heresy has also lent its unwilling testimony to the excellence of the doctrine of
St. Thomas
. "Take away Thomas," was the shamefaced boast of the apostate Bucer, "and I will dissolve the Church;" and the foul-mouthed *Luther, not being able to answer arguments drawn from the works of the angelic Doctor, honored him with a torrent of abuse." (Extracted from: "The Life Of The Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas Of The Order of Friar Preachers" -Imprimatur, 1881)

*"... he [Luther] was so vain of himself, that he despised the most learned writers of the Church, and he especially attacked the doctrines of St. Thomas, so much esteemed by the Council of Trent -St. Alphonsus Liguori, The History of Heresies, And Their Refutation; Or, The Triumph Of The Church, Vol I, p. 294

Aquinas (Summa) - The Council of Trent
The Council of Trent's (1545-1563) defined Dogmatic Teaching on (One) Baptism is understood by the Mind of the Church to encompass Holy Scripture's, Papal Decrees and
St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa's: timeless teaching of baptism by desire

Canons on the Sacraments in General: - (Canon 4): "If anyone shall say that the sacraments of the New Law are not necessary for salvation, but are superfluous, and that although all are not necessary for every individual, without them or without the desire of them (sine eis aut eorum voto), through faith alone men obtain from God the grace of justification; let him be anathema."

Decree on Justification - (Session 6, Chapter 4): "In these words a description of the justification of a sinner is given as being a translation from that state in which man is born a child of the first Adam to the state of grace and of the 'adoption of the Sons' (Rom. 8:15) of God through the second Adam, Jesus Christ, our Savior and this translation after the promulgation of the Gospel cannot be effected except through the laver of regeneration or a desire for it, (sine lavacro regenerationis aut eius voto) as it is written: "Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit, he cannot enter in the kingdom of God" (John 3:5).

*"I would not believe the Gospel unless moved thereto by the authority of the Catholic Church."
-St. Augustine (Contra Epis. Manich, Fund., n. 6)

"...the rule for the right understanding of the prophets and apostles should be framed in accordance with the standard of ecclesiastical and Catholic interpretation." -St. Vincent of Lerins (The Notebooks II:i)

"...this sacrament [Baptism] consisteth of an external element of water, and internal virtue of the Holy Spirit. ....Though in this case, God which hath not bound his grace, in respect of his own freedom, to any Sacrament, may and doth accept them as baptized, which either are martyred before they could be baptized, or else depart this life with vow and desire to have that Sacrament, but by some remediless necessity could not obtain it."
(Excerpts from the Annotations [*Official Commentary] on John 3:5, from the Roman Catholic Bible [Douay Rheims 1582 A.D. version] promulgated in the pontificate of His Lordship, Gregory XIII)

Note: click here to view the cover of the Official Douay Rheims 1582 A.D., Catholic Bible which (with its Annotations) carries Full Ecclesiastical Approbation.

The Vatican Council [1869-1870 A.D.] states: "That must be considered as the true sense of Sacred Scripture which Holy Mother Church has held and holds, whose office it is to judge concerning the true understanding and interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures; and for that reason, no one is permitted to interpret Sacred Scripture itself contrary to this sense…Further, by Divine and Catholic faith, all those things must be believed which are contained in the written word of God and in tradition, and those which are proposed by the Church, either in a solemn pronouncement or in Her ordinary and universal teaching power, to be believed as divinely revealed," (DZ 1788 and DZ 1792).

"I also admit the Holy Scripture according to that sense which our holy mother the Church hath held, and doth hold, to whom it belongeth to judge of the true sense and interpretations of the Scriptures... I likewise undoubtedly receive and profess all other things delivered, defined, and declared by the sacred Canons, and general Councils, and particularly by the holy Council of Trent... This true Catholic faith, outside of which
no one can be saved...I do so profess and swear to maintain with the help of God."
(From the Professio fidei Tridentinae [Tridentine Creed])

St. Alphonsus Liguori (1691-1787) Moral Theology - (Bk. 6): "But baptism of desire is perfect conversion to God by contrition or love of God above all things accompanied by an explicit or implicit desire for true Baptism of water, the place of which it takes as to the remission of guilt, but not as to the impression of the [baptismal] character or as to the removal of all debt of punishment. It is called 'of wind' ['flaminis'] because it takes place by the impulse of the Holy Ghost Who is called a wind ['flamen']. Now it is de fide [of the faith] that men are also saved by Baptism of desire, by virtue of the Canon 'Apostolicam De Presbytero Non Baptizato' and the Council of Trent, Session 6, Chapter 4, where it is said that no one can be saved 'without the laver of regeneration or the desire for it.'"

"Luther principally attacked the scholastic Theologians, especially St. Thomas, whose works he said were filled with heresies. We should not wonder he called the works of St. Thomas heretical, who centuries before had confuted his own pestilential errors (3)." -St. Alphonsus Liguori, The History of Heresies, And Their Refutation; Or, The Triumph Of The Church, Vol I, p. 302 (3) Hermant, c. 230, 231; Van Eanst, loc. cit.

“Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine,
the same hath both the Father and the Son. If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house
nor say to him, God speed you. For he that saith unto him, God speed you, communicateth with his wicked works.”
-II St. John i:ix-xi

Doctor Angelicus

"We command you to follow the doctrine of St. Thomas as the Catholic doctrine, and study
to embrace it with all your power."
Pope Urban V, letter to the Academy of Toulouse

Prince of Theologians
St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274 A.D.)

Official Catholic Teaching from the: Catechism Of The"Summa Theologica", of
Saint Thomas Aquinas For the Use of the Faithful
, - Of Baptism, A, p. 249. Imprimatur 1922

Note: see the Papal Brief regarding this holy Catechism (Of The Summa) below -TCW



What is the sacrament of Baptism?

It consists in an ablution, made with natural water, during which are pronounced over the person being baptized, by the person administering the sacrament, these words: "I baptize thee, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (LXVI. 1-5).

Can the same person receive the sacrament of Baptism more than once?

No; this sacrament can be received only once, by reason of the indelible character impressed on the soul (LXVI. 9).

Can the Baptism of blood, or the Baptism of desire, take the place of the Baptism of water?

Yes, the Baptism of blood, which is martyrdom and figures the Passion of our Blessed Lord, and the Baptism of desire, which consists in an act of the love of God through the action of the Holy Ghost, can both take the place of the Baptism of water; but in this sense, that the grace of Baptism can be obtained without the reception of the sacrament itself when this reception is impossible; but not in the sense that the character of the sacrament can be received apart from the sacrament itself (LXVI. n).



Censor Deputatus.



Vicarius Generalis.


Die 8 Junii, 1922.

"His (St. Thomas Aquinas') writings are without error, and he himself is the most glorious champion of the Catholic faith." -Pope Leo XIII

1917 Code of Canon Law

Code of Canon Law

The Angelic Doctor's Summa Theologica carries special authority in the Church,
who ordains that all who teach in her name should be imbued with its teaching
(*Code, Canons 589, 1366).

*Can. 589. § 1. Religiosi in inferioribus disciplinis rite instructi, in philosophiae studia saltem per biennium et sacrae theologiae saltem per quadriennium, doctrinae D. Thomae inhaerentes ad normam can. 1366, § 2, diligenter incumbant, secundum instructiones Apostolicae Sedis.

On Ecclesiastical Burial - (*Code, Canon 1239. 2) "Catechumens who, through no fault of their own, die WITHOUT Baptism, are to be treated as baptized."

*Can 1239§ 2. Catechumeni qui nulla sua culpa sine baptismo moriantur, baptizatis accensendi sunt.

"Let us hate those who are worthy of hatred. Let us withdraw from those from whom God withdraws. Let us say to
God with all boldness concerning all heretics: "Do I not hate them, O Lord, who hate Thee?"
-St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Apostate Monk Martin Luther
Apostate Monk (Martin Luther)
"In the same year, he [Luther] published his German translation of the New Testament, in which learned Catholics discover a thousand errors; he rejects altogether the Epistle of St. Paul to the Hebrews, the Epistles of St. James... In the words of St. Paul, chap, iii, v. 3, "For we account a man to be justified by Faith without the works of the law" he adds the word alone, 'by Faith alone.' In the Diet of Augsburg, some one said to him, that the Catholics spoke very loudly of this interpretation, when he made that arrogant answer: 'If your Papist prattles any more about this word alone, tell him that Doctor Martin Luther wishes it to be so; sic volo, sic jubeo, sit pro ratione voluntas (I wish so, I order so, let my will be sufficient reason for it.') -St. Alphonsus Liguori, The History of Heresies, And Their Refutation; Or, The Triumph Of The Church, v. i

"...the audacity..."

The filthy Feeneyite heretic Michael Dimond (like his "obedient" idol Fr. Leonard) has vainly tried all-in-his-power to minimize/obscure the Holy Catholic Faith's Dogmatic teaching on the Sacrament of Baptism- so clearly and concisely defined at the sacred *Council of Trent.

...a most wicked and unoriginal trick - as St. Alphonsus warned Catholics in his day to beware of - when the Holy Doctor and Child of Mary wrote:

"It is the interest of all heretics to weaken the authority of *Councils, that there may be no power to condemn them, and expose their errors to the world."
-St. Alphonsus Liguori, The History of Heresies, And Their Refutation; Or, The Triumph Of The Church, v. i

Anti-Trent (Anti-Christ?) Michael Dimond wants all to say that Baptism by (True) Desire and (Heroic) Blood is a mere "opinion" or at best "just a discipline" from a (mere?) Pope (that MUST NOT be obeyed, he howls, under pain of eternal damnation! ?????)

Again, there can be NO debate on the perfect Council of Trent's defined Dogmatic teachings of De Fide concerning Holy Baptism: Rome Has Spoken.

Yet merely to further expose the (self-appointed *"Superior" of the absolute antithesis of a Catholic monastery- the *layman Mike Dimond's) most-wholly-anarchist "reasoning" that he and his followers not only could... but MUST "pick and choose" which Ecclesiastical rule(s) are to their fancy or not -- see *Christ's Vicar's "opinion"...

*"Nor can we pass over in silence the audacity of those who, not enduring sound doctrine, contend that 'without sin and without any sacrifice of the Catholic profession assent and obedience may be refused to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to concern the Church's general good and her rights and discipline, so only it does not touch the dogmata of faith and morals.' But no one can be found not clearly and distinctly to see and understand how grievously this is opposed to the Catholic dogma of the full power given from God by Christ our Lord Himself to the Roman Pontiff of feeding, ruling and guiding the Universal Church." -His Holiness, Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura (Encyclical Condemning Current Errors), December 8, 1864

Q. Do not, at least, the, Church's condemnations make them [the Modernists] pause?

A. 'Nor does the fact that the Church has formally condemned these portentous errors exercise the slightest restraint upon them.' (Catechism On Modernism According To The Encyclical 'Pascendi Dominici Gregis' Of His Holiness Pius X, p. 8., Benzinger, N.Y., 1908 Imprimatur)

"Heresies are only embraced by those who had they persevered in the faith, would be lost by the irregularity of their lives." -St. Augustine

Holy Catholic Saints Baptised in their own blood
The Baptism of Desire of the Philosophers [Martyrs] of Alexandria

*St. Catherine made over them the sign of the Cross, and said to them: "Let not this thought disturb you, since you so earnestly
desire to receive that Sacrament [Baptism]; soon also by your martyrdom you will be baptized by your own blood."

*Click: to learn how St. Catherine converted the pagan Philosophers of Alexandria to the Catholic Faith and how they heroically shed their blood for it!


To our well-beloved son Thomas Pegues of the Order of Friars Preachers.


Greeting and Apostolic Benediction.

The manifold honours paid by the Holy See to St. Thomas Aquinas exclude for ever any doubt from the mind of Catholics with regard to his being raised up by God as the Master of Doctrine to be followed by the Church through all ages. It was therefore fitting that the singular wisdom of the Holy Doctor should be made accessible not only to the clergy but to the faithful in general, and to whomsoever desired to make a deeper study of the things of religion; for in very truth, the nearer one approaches to the light, so much the more is one enlightened.

Much praise is therefore due to you first of all because you have undertaken to write a commentary in your mother tongue* upon the greatest work of the Angelic Doctor, viz., the Summa Theologica (the volumes already published of this work show what success has attended your labours); and, secondly, because you have recently published the Summa Theologica in the form of a catechism. Therein you have aptly accommodated the riches of the great genius to the understanding of the less instructed


as well as of the learned ; briefly and succinctly you have expounded the doctrine, and in the same luminous order as that of the Angelic Doctor whose treatise is more lengthy and more detailed.

We congratulate you sincerely on this fruit of your labours which shows your masterly knowledge of St. Thomas doctrine. We hope, therefore, through your love of Holy Church that this work will bring many souls to a sound knowledge of Christian doctrine.

As a mark of the divine largess and in testimony of our own special good will we impart in all affection to you and to your pupils the Apostolic Benediction.

Given at Rome at St. Peter s the fifth day of February, 1919, in the fifth year of our Pontificate,


"For Those (Now) Tossed and Shattered Aboard Mike Dimond's (Eternal) Shipwreck Express..."

"St. Vincent of Lerins observes that souls which have lost the anchorage of the catholic faith are 'tossed and shattered with inward storms of clashing thoughts, that by this restless posture of mind they may be made sensible of their danger; and taking down the sails of pride and vanity which they have unhappily spread before every gust of heresy, they may make all the sail they can into the safe and peaceful harbour of their holy mother the Catholic Church...'" (Life of St. Vincent Lerins, "Butler's Lives", vol ii, 1926 Imprimatur)


I adhere to the Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the
Faith of the Council of Trent. In this Faith I wish to live, in this Faith I wish to die.

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Featured Books:

Catechism of the "Summa Theologica" of St. Thomas Aquinas For the Use of the Faithful by R.P. Thomas Pegues O.P., Benzinger Brothers, New York, Printers to the Holy See, 1922, Imprimatur (Note: text begins on page 9)

The Summa Theologica Of St. Thomas Aquinas Literally Translated By Fathers Of The English Dominican Province, London Burns Gates & Washbourne LTD, Publishers To The Holy See, 1921-1922, Imprimatur (Note: 18 of 20 Volumes are listed: minus Vols VIII & XII at this time.)

Vol I  Vol II   Vol III   Vol IV  Vol V   Vol VI  Vol VII   Vol IX   Vol X   Vol XI  

Vol XIII   Vol XIV   Vol XV   Vol XVI   Vol XVII   Vol XVIII   Vol XIX   Vol XX  

The Life Of The Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas, Of The Order of Friar Preachers by a Father of the Same Order, P. J. Kenedy And Sons N. Y., 1881 Imprimatur (Please Note: The Table of Contents begin on page 9)

The Summa Contra Gentiles of St. Thomas Aquinas Literally Translated By The English Dominican Fathers From The Leonine Edition, London Burns Gates & Washbourne LTD, 1923 Imprimatur (Note: Books One, Two & Four are listed at this time.)

Book One  Book Two   Book Four  

St. Thomas Manual: (Or, Devotion of the Six Sundays in Honor of the Angel of the Schools, St. Thomas of Aquin) By Fr. Henry Joseph Pflugbeil, O. Pr., Fr. Pustet & Co. New York and Cincinnati. 1887, Imprimatur

Cardinal Cajetan, who wrote of St. Thomas: "Because he had the deepest veneration for the sacred Doctors of old, he acquired, in a measure, the intelligence of them all." (Doctores sacrps, quia summe veneratus est, ideo intellectum omnium quodammodo sortitus est.)

Additional content from TCW's (July 27, 2009) Bullet Point Briefs:

Mr. Fred Dimond of Allegany County
Mr. Fred Dimond
N.Y. Man (Fred Dimond) Named In Million Dollar Federal Racketeering Case

  • Large Donor Eric E. Hoyle Finally Realized Fred ("Michael") Dimond Was A Heretic/Counterfeit Monk

    TCW's Comment: Mr. Eric E. Hoyle, (a soul who was duped hook-line-and-sinker by Mr. Fred ("Michael") Dimond's deceptive and wicked propaganda) finally realized that the New York state resident Dimond was a fraud- by Dimond's "ordering" the attendence of his subjects/donors (like Holye) to Novus Ordo sect "masses" una cum the Judeo-Masonic Antipope Ben 16. Hoyle then promptly left. Two others at this Feeneyite Den of Depravity "MHFM" in Fillmore, NY, also left the same day as Hoyle.

    Hoyle has taken *court action against the self-appointed "head" of "MHFM" (Fred Dimond) to recover damages and restitution citing (under US law) constructive fraud, unjust enrichment, monies had and received, violation of the federal civil RICO statute (Racketeering) deceptive trade practice and false advertising. See: US Court Document on the Case.

    *Note: The court case went on for some years. The Western District of New York court ruled in late 2012, that it "would not become involved in adjudicating beliefs" per the First Amendment (a masonic doctrine of the US government -ED).

  • © In Today's Catholic World (TCW) 2005-Present All rights reserved.

    (June 13, Wednesday in the Octave of Corpus Christi Semidouble)

    (Commemoration of St Anthony of Padua, C)

    Basilica di Sant’Antonio
    Basilica di Sant’Antonio (Padua, Italy)

    "He, Pope Gregory XVII, admitted in front of me that 'He was Pope Gregory XVII'. His (this) confirmation took place in Rome on June 14, 1988.

    "In the Passion of Christ nobody stand up to say one word to protect Our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Passion of the Church, who stand up to protect
    the true pope Gregory XVII in Exile? Nobody."
    (Written statement of
    Fr. Khoat, who met with the Hostage Pope, His Holiness, Gregory XVII)

    In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
    June 13, 2007 A.D.


    The Siri Family - Genoa St. Malachy Pius XII and His Future Successor
    (L/R) Giuseppi Siri as a boy with his family; St. Malachy; An ailing Pius XII (in 1958) shown with his hand-picked successor Cardinal Siri
    Giuseppi Siri was born 400 years to the date after Christopher Columbus died (May 20, 1506) on May 20, 1906. As a boy he felt irresistibly drawn to the priesthood and entered into the seminary at 12 years of age. Pius XII named him Archbishop of Genoa at age 40, and made him his youngest Cardinal at only age 53. In Italy, so strongly felt was the inevitability of Cardinal Siri's election in 1958 that the prophecy of Saint Malachy, describing Pius XII's successor as "Shepherd and Sailor" (Pastor et Nauta), was commonly attributed to the illustrious Archbishop of Genoa. The maritime city had been his life- long home, where he was born the son of a dockworker. It was the most important seaport in the country, and birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

    Pacelli and Siri
    From the Italian TEMPO Magazine May 12, 1955: pictures of Euginio Pacelli, (Pope Pius XII) and Giuseppi Siri (Cardinal) as children
    The story's (translated) title, "These Children are Celebrities": talks about very well-know Italian personalities (in the mid 1950s) and provides a picture and bio about their childhood and current achievements. Among other things, TEMPO notes Giuseppi Siri was named the Archbishop of Genoa at just 40 years of age and states: "Cardinal Siri is today considered one of the 'papabiles'." (i.e. one who is likely to be the next Pope)

    It was certain in Roman circles: Pius' close friend (Siri) would be next Pope

    Death of Papa Pio XII 1958 Cardinale Giuseppe Siri - Genova, Italia
    "CHI SARA IL SUCCESSORE DI PIO XII?" (Who will be the Successor of Pius XII?)
    Front cover of Italian OGGI magazine Oct 1958 (a few days after the death of Pius XII) with story on papabiles- as Cardinal Siri of Genoa

    Official Vatican Radio: "A pope is elected!"

    Pope Gregory XVII Elected at the 1958 Conclave
    Pope Gregorius XVII is Elected
    Monsignor Carlo Taramasso (who met with Pope Gregory XVII in secret in June of 1988) related that His Holiness told him that he was elected on the fourth ballot of the first day of the conclave (on October 26, 1958) and that he accepted the office (as Pope) and announced he would take the name Gregorius XVII. (These facts were also documented in recently released (de-classified) FBI documents: stating that Cardinal Siri was elected and chose the name Gregory XVII.-ED)

    *Then the (Fifth Column) Enemies Struck from within the Conclave Itself

    Judeo-Masonry's evil agenda was to force Pope Gregory XVII, by any and all means possible, to relinquish the public exercise of His Office.

    Nuclear Terrorism

    Pope Gregory XVII, affirmed the real threats thrust upon him at the 1958 Conclave

    In the various clandestine meetings in the late 1980's with trusted clergyman, the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII affirmed the **unlawful - real threats thrust upon him at the 1958 conclave.

    Imperative to Understand (re-read if necessary)

    Yet Christ's perfect Church has a "built in safeguard" [Law] in place, to protect Her against these type of illegal aggressors - which providently even provides remedy against the possible human frailness of one of Her threatened Lawful Office Holders: Thus, in the state of grave fear that was unjustly inflicted upon Pope Gregory XVII (which lasted his entire pontificacy), he could NOT (by law) resign His Office as Pope - even if he desired to - as Canon Law decrees:

    **"Resignation is INVALID by law if it was made out of grave fear unjustly inflicted, fraud, substantial error, or simony" (1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 185).

    "Never, never will a storm have been so strong against any other Pontiff. He is already a martyr before undergoing martyrdom. He is suffering before the hour has come. But he offers his own person and the blood of his veins for all his torturers and for those who are making terrible attempts upon his life. How many exiles to be suffered!" (Revelation of Marie-Julie Jahenny, d. 1941)

    *"creating unprecedented confusion"

    Traditional Smoke Signals System At Vatican Fouled
    (Humboldt Standard Newspaper)
    Monday, Oct. 27, 1958, Page 12

    "The tradition-honored system of using smoke signals to inform the world that a pope
    has been elected collapsed completely Sunday, creating unprecedented confusion."

    Note: View this original (archived) newspaper story (which includes a UPI photo) by clicking here. This is just one of the multitude of national and international news media reports at the time: detailing the unmistakable official white smoke seen billowing forth from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on October 26, 1958 A.D. -ED)

    The Historic Mission of 1988 A.D.

    "Now I remember the words spoken by Our Lord to Thomas: 'Blessed those who do not see it but believe it', applied in our time. Blessed to you because you accept the historical fact that the White smoke from the chapel Sistine at 5:00 p.m on October 26, 1958, announced the "Habemus Papam" who was Cardinal Giuseppe Siri elected Pope Gregory XVII but the power of Darkness stopped him to run his papacy for 30 years, 6 months and 6 days in the public, except 10 months and 16 days he actually ran the papacy from the secrecy. Why 10 months and 16 days? This was the days counting from day I met him on June 14, 1988 to the day he passed away on May 2, 1989. Gradually, the people of the world realize that Pope Gregory XVII (Siri) and his successors are true popes of the Roman Catholic Church and John XXII (Roncalli) and his successors are Anti-pope of the Roman Catholic Church. ... From the day I met Pope Gregory XVII, I loved him. Therefore, I wish even we are handful of his follower, we love him, pray for him, and pray for the Roman Catholic Church."-Reverend Father Khoat Tran (hand-typed statement, May 20, 2006 A.D.)

    Fr. Khoat 

Historic Journey in 1988 On Italian 

Streets pilgrimage
    Fr. Khoat's pilgrimage to find "Cardinal Siri" took three months of hard work, prayer and penance:
    during which God revealed to him many insights and crowned his labor with success

    (L/R) Fr. Khoat traveling (via train in Italy) to hopefully find Cardinal Siri April 30th, 1988; Ever with a cheerful countenance, Fr. Khoat pictured on the streets of Italy during his quest [note -while on his trip, Father asked many of the Italians that he met about Cardinal Siri -numerous people said they had heard that Cardinal Siri had been elected Pope]; Fr. Khoat flying within Italian airspace during his strategic mission to find Cardinal Siri - May 13th 1988.

    St. Anthony of Padua
    Wonder Worker

    On June 13, 1988, the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua, Fr. Khoat offered the Tridentine Mass in the Basilica of St. Anthony (in Padua, Italy) with the Mass intention of asking St. Anthony for a miracle- to help him find, and speak with Cardinal Siri. After Mass the same morning, at breakfast, a priest from Genoa told Fr. Khoat that: "Cardinal Siri left Genoa this morning, if you want to see him, go to the Istituto Ravasco Convent at Via Pio VIII, 28. 00165 in Rome."

    Istituto Ravasco Convent at Via Pio VIII, 28. 00165 in Rome
    Istituto Ravasco Convent (Rome, Italy)

    Fr. Khoat promptly travelled from Venice to Genoa via railway on June 13th, to this convent [the Istituto Ravasco] in Rome to verify that Cardinal Siri would say Mass there the next morning. To further his chance/hope of seeing and speaking with the rumored [for years] Hidden Pope, Fr. Khoat took a taxi to the convent one hour before the Mass began. He proceeded to walk around the Istituto Ravasco Convent grounds while reciting the Holy Rosary. Fr. Khoat entered to the chapel just as Cardinal Siri began Mass.

    Afterward, he asked a supposed attendant of Cardinal Siri, if he could have a moment alone with the Cardinal, but was promptly refused. Fr. Khoat persisted, stating that he merely wanted to get an autograph from the Cardinal on a book that he had with him. The "attendant" (as another person in the room said let him [Fr. Khoat] have five minutes) very reluctantly permitted Fr. Khoat to approach Cardinal Siri and added: but for a brief time only.

    Fr. Khoat now behind closed doors, briskly asked "Siri" in French if he was the Pope, and "Cardinal Siri" not knowing who Fr. Khoat was, denied it. Fr. Khoat then, as he related to the Editor of TCW in January of 2006, said: "At that point it was not from me, I was not even thinking these words at all; I say to him: "if you had done the consecration of Russia, as Our Lady requested, then my Bishop would not have been killed, and my country would not have fallen to the Communists." He looked at me with tear in his eye and say: "you know". Fr. Khoat added: "I don't know where this came from, it was not my words, it was Holy Ghost."

    (There is more to the exchange- which Fr. Khoat related (on video tape) during a sermon on 05/20/06 in Corpus Christi, TX. -ED)

    Through the intercession of St. Anthony of Padua (within scarcely 24 hours), Fr. Khoat was able to locate, and have an audience with the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII- on June 14th, 1988. The following picture (taken moments after Fr. Khoat privately met with, and honored His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII) records this Historical event (see time stamp in lower right corner 88-6-14):

    Pope Gregory XVII and Fr. Khoat 06/14/88 - Rome
    (L/R) Picture of Fr. Khoat Tran, His Holiness Pope Gregory XVII, and one of the Hostage Pope's wicked
    captors, Mgsr. Grone
    (June 14th, 1988 A.D., Istituto Ravasco Convent- Roma, Italia)

    Fr. Khoat had several audiences with Pope Gregory XVII, after this initial one. As he emerged from the meeting with Pope Gregory XVII (where His Holiness confided to Fr. Khoat that his captors could kill him at anytime) Fr. Khoat handed his camera to a person who was standing in the room, and asked him to take some quick pictures. Again, this was right in the heart of enemy territory (i.e. notice the picture of Antipope John Paul II in the upper right corner). This Monsignor Grone- who posed to the world as one of the Cardinal's household (in fact his official Secretary) - was just the opposite. Fr. Khoat related later that he (Mgsr. Grone) was an enemy of de fide, whose duty it was to control Pope Gregory XVII. Grone adamantly tried to stop the picture from being taken. Note the look on his (Grone's) face, and the gestures he is making with his hands! It is fitting that Our Pope presented himself with dignity: he holds his hands to his cassock and stands firm. Also, look at his eyes, closely. In Fr. Khoat's own words:

    "From the day I met Pope Gregory XVII, on June 14th 1988, I saw in his eye- and I never forget- the eye of suffering, the eye of sorrow, the eye of humility, the eye of love. His eye always follow me. Daytime, nighttime, whenever I wake up... I know he suffered too much. He suffered so much..."

    Pope Gregory XVII instructed Father Khoat to return later to the convent saying, "Come back here at eight o'clock tonight my secretary will be gone then."

    Fr. Khoat - April 1989 The Hostage Pope - Gregory XVII Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello
    (L/R) Providential priest Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran, April 4, 1989 in the US; The Hostage Pope (Gregory XVII) shortly before His Holiness' unexpected death; His Excellency, Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello (who was called in by Fr. Khoat Van Tran's group in 1988 to help Pope Gregory XVII operate the underground Vatican, and most generously responded): Fr. Khoat and a select group of clerics were working closely with the hidden Pope-Gregory XVII (who was constantly monitored and under duress, during his forced exile in Genoa, Italy). His Holiness "expired" on May 2nd, 1989, yet formulated and implemented a strategy to "save" the True Petrine Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Fr. Khoat obeyed, and brought a trusted contact, *Monsignor Carlo Taramasso, with him from nearby Santa Marinella (and eventually two more trusted witnesses were summoned: which included the well-known Italian Prelate, His Excellency, Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello).

    *Who was made a Cardinal by Pope Gregory XVII in 1988

    "...the gates of Hell shall not prevail"

    Catholic Radio Podcast Online

    Click to listen to a recent radio interview *[May 16th] on the the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII

    *The Editor of TCW was interviewed live on Canada's largest talk-radio station CFRB on (05/16/07) about The Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII.
    Included: the 1958 Conclave and election of Pope Gregory XVII; the Masonic takeover of the structures (buildings) of the Catholic Church by the Vatican II sect; a heroic priest's meeting with the Hostage Pope in 1988; information of an Italian Cardinal made by Pope Gregory XVII in 1988;
    question "is there a Pope (in exile) now?" Note: The interview includes live call-ins from CFRB listeners. (48:41 min.)

    "You see Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go... If [people] do not stop offending God, He is going to punish the world
    for its crimes by means of war, of hunger, and of persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father."
    -Our Lady of Fatima 1917

    Location of Exiled Pope in Red (Gregory XVII): Genova Italia Map 1988
    "Siri's" Prison
    (See Photo & Map) by clicking here

    "Following the 1978 Conclave, Cardinal Siri was escorted back to his familiar exile in Genoa where he resumed his long, agonizing captivity. Siri's episcopal quarters had become an impenetrable prison where his every move was controlled by his captors who posed to the outside world as trusted members of the Cardinal's household. The hidden pope-elect, languishing in a helpless and lonely confinement, would live to witness the savage demolition of his Church for over a quarter of a century. Only toward the end of Siri's lengthy ordeal would the facts begin to be uncovered concerning the illegal intervention from outside the conclave which had been directed against the pope-elect in 1978 as it had been done to him before in the earlier and more significant 1963 papal election." (and the only one that truly mattered, October 1958 -TCW)

    (Extracted from, Pope Gregory XVII Pope in Exile 1958 -1989, published by Sangre De Cristo Newsnotes 08/15/90)

    No Speculation Here (Historical Record)

    The well-known prelate, Cardinal Ottaviani, who read the actual text of the Third Secret of Fatima which was given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Children of Fatima: said that it (The Third Secret) tells "that the Great Apostasy will begin at the top".

    PLEASE NOTE: nowhere was this phrase [the Great Apostasy will begin at the top] stated or alluded to AT ALL in the "Official Revealing to the World of the Third Secret of Fatima", handled by the Judeo-Masonic-V2-sect criminal usurpers (whose committee's head was the beast "Cardinal" Ratzinger) on May 13, 2000. -ED

    Venerable Anne-Catherine Emmerick Spoke about the Persecution of the True Pope in Exile
    The Victim Soul (Venerable Anne-Catherine Emmerich) Prophetically Spoke of the True Pope in Exile
    "I see the Holy Father in great distress. He lives in another palace and receives only a few in his presence. If the wicked party know their own great strength, they would even now have made an attack. I fear the Holy Father will suffer many tribulations before his death, for I see the black counterfeit church gaining ground, I see its fatal influence on the public. The distress of the Holy Father and of the Church is really so great that one ought to pray to God day and night. I have been told to pray much for the Church and the Pope...The people must pray earnestly for the extirpation (Rooting out, destruction) of the dark church." (Prophetic Vision of Anne Catherine Emmerich d. 1824 A.D., Augustinian Nun, Stigmatist - from the book, The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich, by Very Rev. Carl E. Schmoger, C.SS.R, Vol. ii, pages [Ibid, pages 292-293])

    "One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world." (The Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Dominic)

    St. Alphonus Liguori, Doctor of the Church
    St. Alphonsus Liguori: "The devil has always attempted, by means of the heretics, to deprive the world of the Mass, making them precursors of the Anti-Christ, who, before anything else, will try to abolish and will actually abolish the Holy Sacrament of the altar, as a punishment for the sins of men, according to the prediction of Daniel: ‘And strength was given him against the continual sacrifice' (Dan. 8:12)."

    The Holy Face of Jesus

    Act of Reparation for Blasphemy

    May the most holy, most sacred most adorable, most mysterious and unutterable Name of God, be praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified in heaven, and on earth by the Sacred Heart our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in the most Holy Sacrament of the altar, and by all God's creatures. Amen. (Imprimatur: L.C. Epus Salford; 18 February, 1917.)

    Pray Unceasingly for the Liberty [Freedom] and Exultation of Holy Mother Church!

    © In Today's Catholic World (TCW) 2005-Present All rights reserved.

    (June 11, Monday in the Octave of Corpus Christi - Semidouble)

    Fatima Vision of Hell
    Photograph of the Three Children of Fatima shortly after being given a Vision of Hell (1917 A.D. Fatima, Portugal)

    In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
    June 11, 2007 A.D.

    The Mind of the (Catholic) Church


    Michael Dimond's (own) "mind"

    Infant Martyr St. Simon of Trent
    Canonized Infant Martyr, Saint Simon of Trent, was slain out of hatred to the
    name of Christ- by a pack of perfidious Jews on March 21st, 1475 A.D., in Trent, Italy

    "Martyrs only, or infants, whether baptized or *no [*NOT BAPTIZED], which were slain out of hatred
    to the name of Christ, are to be accepted
    [eligible to be canonized as official Saints in Heaven]..."

    (a) Pope Benedict XIV. 1. i. de Canon. c.14. p.103 shews that children who die after baptism before the use of reason, though saints ought not to be canonized, because they never practised any heroic degree of virtue; and because this was never authorized by tradition in the church. Martyrs only, or infants, whether baptized or no, which were slain out of hatred to the name of Christ, are to be accepted; as is clear from the example of the Holy Innocents, who are stiled martyrs by St. Irenaeas, Origen, and other fathers; and the most ancient missals and homilies of fathers on their festival, prove them to have been honored as such from the primitive ages.

    The Holy Innocents
    The Holy Innocents (who were Baptized in their own Blood) Feast Day is celebrated on Dec 28th

    Hence infants, murdered by Jews out of hatred to Christ, have been ranked among the martyrs; as St. Simon of Trent, by the authority of the bishop of that city, afterward confirmed by the decrees of the popes Sixtus V. and Gregory XIII. also St. William of Norwich in England, (though this child, having attained to the use of reason, is rather to be called an adult martyr.) And St. Richard of Pontoise, also about twelve years old, murdered in 1182, by certain Jews in the reign of Philip Augustus, who for this and other crimes banished the Jews out of France in April, that same year. The body of St. Richard was translated to Paris, and enshrined in the parish church of the Holy Innocents, where his feast is kept on the 30th of March, but at Pontoise on the 25th.

    (Extracted from: Life of St. William of Norwich Martyr, The Lives of the Primitive Fathers, Martyrs,
    and other Principal Saints by Rev. Alban Butler Vol. III Edinburgh, 1799 A.D., p. 176 (a) Imprimatur)

    *"To effect a confusion of ideas is an old scheme of the Devil. Not to understand clearly and precisely is generally the source of intellectual error. In time of schism and heresy, to cloud and distort the proper sense of words is a fruitful artifice of Satan, and it is as easy to lay snares for the intellectually proud as for the innocent. Every heresy in the Church bears testimony to Satan's success in deceiving the human intellect by obscuring and perverting the meaning of words. Arianism was a battle of words and owed its long continued success to its verbal chicanery. Pelagianism and Jansenism showed the same characteristic, and today Liberalism is as cunning and obscure as any of its heretical predecessors." Liberalism Is A Sin, (Ch XII) by Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany 1899.

    Important Warning! Against False Prophets: "The Zirconia Brothers" (A.K.A. The *Dimond "Brothers") VIEW HERE

    Virgin Mother, Destroyer of all heresies, Ora Pro Nobis!

    "There is nothing more profitable [to live in the doctrine of the Summa Theologica], for one is sure to live in the full light of reason and faith."
    (Catechism Of The"Summa Theologica", of Saint Thomas Aquinas For the Use of the Faithful, Of Faith, iv section B, p. 108. Imprimatur 1922)

    (The Immaculate Conception and Aquinas): It is a common misconception being spread about that St. Thomas denied the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. In fact, St. Thomas Aquinas upheld the doctrine (apart from a philosophical minor debate at the time on the simultaneity of the grace with the conception).

    St. Thomas Aquinas St. Thomas Aquinas: "And such was the purity of the Blessed Virgin, who was exempt from original and actual sin."
    (Sentences, Distinct. 44, Q. I, Art. 3)

    "[Mary was] most pure in regard to every fault because she never incurred the guilt of either original or actual sin."
    (Opusculum 4 on the Angelical Salutation)

    Pope *St. Pius V by his bulla in 1570, forbade either the opinion which affirmed, or that which denied it [the Immaculate Conception], to be censured.
    Pope Paul V in 1616, reiterrated the same prohibition. Pope Alexander VII in 1671 declared that the devotion of honouring the immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary was pious; yet prohibited the censuring of those who did not believe her Conception immaculate.

    Again, St. Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274 A.D.) upheld the doctrine, yet still said that whatever the Church eventually pronounced in the dogmatic formulation of the doctrine, (note: which was officially proclaimed [a Dogma] in 1854 by Pope Pius IX) he would believe with his whole heart and intellect.

    *St. Thomas was solemnly declared Doctor of the Universal Church by St. Pius V in the year 1567.

    St. Thomas Aquinas scholarly writings were literally placed right alongside the Catholic Bible at the Council of Trent. His theological method of reasoning (thinking) known as Scholasticism, has been lauded by the greatest minds in the Church for close to 800 years. The holy Saint once said there was never a page of any book he ever read which he did not grasp in it's entirety in his first reading of it. Our Lord Himself spoke to him from a crucifix, saying: "Thou hast written well of Me, Thomas."

    Prince of Theolgians
    Saint Thomas Aquinas:
    Universal Doctor of the Church

    Yet, near the end of his life, after receiving a heavenly revelation, St. Thomas put down his pen forever, stating: "All that I have written appears to me as so much straw, after the things that have been revealed to me."

    Doctor Angelicus, Ora Pro Nobis!

    Pope St. Gregory the Great
    "It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed." -St. Gregory The Great

    "Moreover, we determine to subject to excommunication *believers who receive, defend, or support heretics. ... If anyone
    refuses to avoid such *accomplices after they have been ostracized by the Church, let them also be excommunicated."
    -Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215 A.D.

    "It is a blessing when such men break away from the Church: it prevents them preying upon the doves and sheep of Christ with their savage and poisonous influence. It is impossible to join and combine the bitter with the sweet, darkness with light, rain with fair weather, war with peace; nor sterility with fertility, aridity with springs of water, or a storm with a calm." -St. Cyprian

    Perfidious Profiteers

    Freemason Jew Bea Antichrist Souls in Hell
    Fatima warned of persecution of the Church: The Masonic V-2 Council's goal was to emasculate [DESTROY] the Church Militant (L/R) 5th Column Freemason, Augustin "Cardinal" Bea, a key ring-leader of the plotted attack on Pope Gregory XVII and the successful usurpation of the structures of the Catholic Church (right) shakes hands with fellow Christ Killer- Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, at a meeting [cabal] arranged in 1963 by the American Jewish Committee and endorsed by Antipope Paul VI; Same Story Different Faces: the Talmudic usurpation (The Great Apostasy) 40+ years later; Eternal Hell Fire

    Pecuniae obedium omnia (All things obey money)

    "I refer to Jim (Condit Jr.) as my alter-ego." -Gary Giuffre (words of his before an audience- video tape)

    "Silvio (Mattacchione) is as straight as a plumb line." -Hutton Gibson (from his "Sedevacantist" [false thesis] Newsletter Spring 07)

    "Simply put, these men (the exposed wolves) have lost all fear of Hell." -Mr. David Hobson (Editor of TCW, 6/11/07)

    Stay Alert
    On the Loose

    "Put away the evil one from among you." (I Cor v:xiii)

    *Originally posted Feb 2006 on TCW's site - Note: see update on certain wolves [*Jim Condit Jr. & his brother Dave-- and also Silvio Mattacchione] exposed treachery of "making hay" whilst Christ's Sanctuaries are desecrated by the worst of enemies and countless souls are being Damned.

    "Furthermore, we are informed... that the great harm done to the Christians persists, and it continues because of the conversations and communications that they have with the Jews, such Jews trying by whatever manner to subvert our holy Catholic faith and trying to draw faithful Christians away from their beliefs." (From the Alhambra Decree of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, 1492 A.D.)

    *Truly the sinful acts of certain individuals who profess to be members of the True Fold is unconscionable. TCW will address this issue in depth in the following weeks, with the goal of chasing these well, and not-so-well-known wolves out; whether they prowl in Canada (Silvio Mattacchione- who in the Spring of 2007 admitted to the Editor of TCW that his company, which bears his name, adverti$es in the Robber Church's: Inside The "Phony" Vatican magazine), Texas (Gary Giuffre), West Virginia (Hutton Gibson), Cincinnati, OH (Sienna Jim Condit Jr., & his fellow "phone-y" bro Sienna Dave Condit- who both [for years] as part of their marketing "pitch" -to first hook-in "Catholics" to sign up for their phone company's [Sienna Communications Group] long-distance service plan, and then once snagged, to have them use MORE minutes on that "plan"- purpo$ely encourage their customers to donate [i.e. *FINANCE] a percent of their monthly phone bill TO the Soul-Killing Judeo-Masonic V-2 Sect [the TCW investigative team learned this includes antichrist entities such as the Talmudic Opus Dei [cells] in Houston, TX, Chicago, IL and New Rochelle, NY] as a supposed act of "Charity"!!!

    paid in full by aiding and abeting the jews
    Paid for by Jim Condit Jr.'s own choice ("discretion") to aid and abet the Maranno Enemy
    who tortured Pope Gregory XVII and has usurped God's sacred Sanctuaries worldwide

    *Jim Condit Jr., (who boasts of owning a pool in the suburbs) and his bro operate this wicked $cam with both full control and knowledge, as their own website confirms, when as it states: "The Sienna Group, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any particular beneficiary or charity." [Emphasis added by TCW]

    "Most, however, to be feared is not he who openly boasts his Liberalism, but who eschews the name and, vehemently denying it, is yet steeped to the lips in it and continually speaks and acts under its inspiration. And if such a man be a Catholic by profession all the more dangerous is he to the faith of others, for he is the hidden enemy sowing tares amidst the wheat." -Fr. Felix Salvany, Liberalism is a Sin, Ch. 13, p. 75

    Note: Click their *website (which uses the classic masonic politician posing with/pics of babies gimick to deceive/fleece) *sienna-group.com - and type in, for example, the word "church" or words "opus dei" to see the Condit's treasonous ipso facto *excommunicable [live] act), Mineola, NY (Laura Yantsos), Chicago, IL (Marc Shea), or possibly even in the Editor's "own backyard" (i.e. no bias will be shown).

    *Canon 2200§2: Given the external violation of a law, the evil will is presumed in the external forum until the contrary is proved. (Posita externa legis violatione, dolus in foro externo praesumitur, donec contrarium probetur.)

    "Those who make a practice of spreading dissension among Catholics assume a terrible responsibility before God and the Church."
    (Divini Redemptoris - On Atheistic Communism - Encyclical of Pope Pius XI)

    Last Judgement
    "To hold as certain that God sees us everywhere."
    (Holy Rule of St. Benedict #49)

    As the Church and justice demands, The Flock must be protected from these enemies and this deadly scourge of egotistical laicism with its resultant damnable disorderliness; which is a usurpation and heresy... and most certainly punishable in a Traditional Ecclesiastical Court ("Quid est quod contra vim sine vi fieri possit?" stay tuned...) Full Text of 02/06 Article

    The Catholic Church Teaches the Jews are the Body of Antichrist
    Victory over the Synagogue

    Relevant Links:

    The Church Approved, La Civilta Cattolica's: On The Jewish Question In Europe: The Causes, The Effects, The Remedies (1890 A.D.)

    Death Blows to Vatican II

    St. John Bosco's Dream (Vision) of Hell

    (Disclaimer: the following section is not intenteded for younger readers. -TCW)

    Additional content added (07/16/07 and 04/04/08) regarding the excommunicated Jim Condit Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio

    Note: first hearing [in May 2004] about a Vietnamese priest's 1988 clandestine meeting with Pope Gregory XVII - the Editor of TCW was in touch with a number of different people (one of which was the above mentioned Jim Condit Jr., who contacted TCW in the Spring of 2005) about this historical event. In Today's Catholic World- gathering thus from several sources [i.e. individuals and open-source-data] broke the story to the public (of this Vietnamese priest's historic meeting with the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII in 1988) on September 3rd, 2005. This Jim Condit Jr., had submitted an (unedited) narrative -as part of the TCW 9/03/05 news release.

    A few months later [Feb 2006] TCW was contacted by a concerned individual [True Catholic] who (wishing to remain anonymous) claimed to have evidenced proof that Jim Condit Jr., was partaking in some (not known to many) very heinous activities.

    "The animal man perceiveth not these things that are of the spirit of God. But the spiritual man judgeth all things." (I Cor 2:14)

    jim condit jr cincinnati kkk
    aryan nation
    Jim Condit Jr. (A.K.A. James Joseph Condit Jr.) of Cincinnati, Ohio
    (Public Adulterer, promoter of the anti-Catholic [Masonic] KKK & Vigilante Violence)

    Public Record Ohio: Jim Condit Jr.'s own wife Kathleen, in an attempt to protect herself from his rage, filed a restraining order against him with the Cincinnati Police Department, years ago (she filed a 2ND harassment restraining order against him in 2013 -ED). By her choice, she has been separated (which the canons of the Council of Trent permit in grave circumstances) from him for more than 8 years. (Note: which Jim Condit Jr., has attempted to cover-up via every conceivable artifice, and when unsuccessful -outright lies about to others (donor$...).

    Background to this I-Team Report: TCW was contacted in February 2006, by a concerned individual (True Catholic) who wishing to remain anonymous, claimed to have evidenced proof that Jim Condit Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio, was partaking in some (not known to many) very heinous activities.

    The TCW investigative team spent several months researching the accuracy of these specified claims regarding Jim Condit Jr., and after much study/research verified beyond a shadow of a doubt that he (Jim Condit Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio) indeed was (and is) intimately involved with several sinfully racist White Power/Aryan Nation organized groups -which proclaim anarchist/masonic slogans such as [verbatim]"Violence Solves Everything!" ... and at least one called "Stormfront" a total (literally) KKK (Klu Klux Klan) group- in which, one of the key "leaders" a Joe Fields is a convicted pedophile -which Jim Condit Jr., is fully *aware of and remains a close friend with!

    View pictures: from Joe Field's (family) Website: (1.) A duped neo-nazi next to portrait of Adolf Hitler. (2.) Other of Condit Jr.'s long-time close friend (Joe Field's) "wholesome" supporters at an Aryan Nation event/rally called "Folk Fest", March 23, 2002.

    Note: the consistent? Jim Condit Jr. (who has experienced documented business type (1.) bankruptcy/complete cessations - according to the state of Ohio public record) sells a worse than amateurish (edited?) "one-take" video (citing seemingly exclusively other's research) on Hitler's connection/collaboration with the avaricious Jews ? ("Pecuniae obedium omnia") (1.) What specific statute(s) of Ohio business bankruptcy/dissolvement law Condit Jr. utilized was not delved into (not part of scope) by the I-Team. We had first published Condit Jr. "filed more than once", however, it is possible there were no filings - for instance, with his failed (brief) newspaper "All T.T", (which ended with quite angry subscribers) it may have been "lights-out type" repeat occurrences that the state of Ohio officially recorded on their government website.

    The Demonic Duo (Jim Condit Jr. & Joe Fields) Threaten Two News Investigative Journalists

    The I-Team sent key extracts of the accessible (over the internet) official public L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) police record (pertaining to this *convicted child molester (Fields) - a white supremacist who preyed on young Mexican girls from his seedy car in L.A., by attempting to lure the children with money, so he could video tape them in sexual acts, for his own child pornography movie use) to Jim Condit Jr. via email. And he [Condit Jr.] angrily replied back to TCW's staff (via email) with an attempted "defense" of both the "white power cause" and a show of support for this perverted (deserving-of-the-death-penalty) "Aryan leader"- his (Condit Jr.'s) long-time friend. Jim Condit Jr., sent an additional email on (Friday, July 13 2007 11:54 PM) with a physical threat that he [Jim Condit Jr.] and Fields were going "visit" the Editor of TCW (i.e. for exposing their crimes).

    Note: A correspondent of TCW named Dan Kelly, in Boston, had also received a similar threat from the Demonic Duo (Condit Jr. & Fields) a few weeks prior to this documented incident. Mr. Kelly had been asking Jim Condit Jr. about his connections with the KKK/Nazi Joe Fields and also about Condit Jr.'s background with the "phony opposition", freemasonic JBS (John Birch Society). Mr. Kelly reported that Condit Jr. started getting agitated and then quickly became quite angry. Condit Jr. then resorted to his base M.O. of intimidation/thuggery to stop any further questioning. He threatened (not too original ...) the True Catholic, Mr. Kelly, that he and the Klansman Fields, would very possibly "make an (unexpected) visit" to Massachusetts ... (if he didn't shut up!)

    *In 1996, this sicko, Fields, pled “nolo contendre” [no contest] to four counts of violating California’s Penal Code Section 647.6. People pleading “nolo” get marked down as “guilty” and are sentenced accordingly. Although he (as recently as 2007) denied [LIED] about his conviction the entity that Jim Condit Jr., defends [Joe Fields] did hard time in prison. [Source: L.A.P.D Public Court File].

    "...one can positively affirm that Judeo-Masonry is the unique enemy of the Church. It can be detected in all anti-Catholic attacks against clergy or laity led either by Freemasons or by even Catholics whose faith has decreased due to either fear, passion or self-interest." (Msgr. Jouin, from his famous speech - Papacy and [vs.] Freemasonry Dec 8, 1930)

    Cincinnati Police & US District Court Confirm Jim Condit Jr. made Repeated Threats of sending an Unknown Assailaint to Attack

    Jim Condit Jr., beginning on May 5, 2006, repeatedly threatened sending an unknown (to the Editor of TCW) assailant across state-lines (from Ohio to Minnesota) to assault the Editor of TCW and his wife as they went to Holy Mass. These documented emails (sent from Jim Condit Jr.) were submitted to an Officer Rackley of the C.P.D. (Cincinnati Police Department) Communications Department. Officer Rackley after carefully reviewing the material - instructed the Editor of TCW to contact his local police to organize a "sting operation". The C.P.D.'s Officer Rackley then filed an official police report against Jim Condit Jr. These numerous [threatening] emails of Jim Condit Jr. - were presented (and accepted as fully verified evidence in a State of Minnesota District Court of Law) by the noted Minneapolis law firm Bruno & Associates (on behalf of TCW's Editor) - in regards/ pertaining to Jim Condit Jr., and one of his evil agents named *R. Dimare. A young drifter (originally from Florida) reported by several sources to have an obsession with (especially hand) guns and a history of heavy narcotics usage (that) he reportedly would "boast" of to others.

    Jim Condit Jr's Dunce Puppet - Dimare
    Condit Jr.'s 'Willing Puppet"

    *Dimare told others he left Florida largely due to his family being from Sicily and their current involvement with the Italian/US mafia. In front of three individuals (which included his wife who nodded in affirmation) Dimare said people in his family would literally, quote "break people's legs and then stuff them into barrels" (i.e. murder them) to get their way. And cited that these actual (Dimare family) Mafiosa incidents, were usually "money related". R. Dimare, himself known for fierce outbursts of anger, [according to a 77 page MN Court Document] acknowledged under oath to keeping rounds of live ammunition around small children, and admitted, (the official court record states) under repeated direct questioning, to have encouraged at least one child to "play with" exposed high-powered (live) ammunition (which he [Dimare] thought "amusing").

    Jim Condit Jr.'s Use of a "Druggy Dupe" Backfires!

    Note: Dimare on his own volition in 2006 told a group of others (he had just met) how completely dumbfounded he was, that he ever graduated from high school - because he never thought it could be allowed that, quote "the last in the whole class (GPA wise) ... a person with a D- average (himself) could get handed a diploma!" Dimare fought in the Gulf War (and loved it). He claimed he really wanted to go back, and bragged (?) about the bloody fist-fights he had with his own fellow soldiers! Once most disgustingly, in the presence of a young lady, he began to talk about the gory details of the Gulf War he so loved and [Caution, explicit text follows -ED] with glowing eyes, animated gestures and sound effects, started to get into what a head (& brain) impacted by a live bullet looked like ... before he was loudly told to stop!

    TCW was informed that Jim Condit Jr.'s Druggy Dupe, Dimare (a documented self-confessed liar - and 7 time Perjurer), has since fled Minnesota to Ohio with a $4,000 outstanding debt (of cash and merchandise) owed to the owner, Jonathon (last name not published), of a company he did servile work for, called MN Treasure Chest.

    Note: there is solid evidence that Jim Condit Jr., has used/enlisted "racist skin-head punks" [with hopes] - to intimidate individuals who oppose (or expose) his [Jim Condit Jr.'s] wicked works of iniquity. Concerned individuals [all names will be held in the strictest of confidence] may contact TCW, who is working with the Cincinnati Police to help serve justice on this menace of good and order: Jim Condit Jr.

    Exterminating Wolves "I realize, however, that, since the truth does not please everyone, there are many who will become my enemies for thus having borne witness to the truth. And I have been reminded of this... by the warnings of those who have had experience of the actions which Jews take against those who make known things which are not favorable to them." -Fr. I. B. Pranaitis, Epilogue to his Imprimatured book, The Talmud Unmasked

    Why would Condit Jr. make first contact to the Editor of TCW and act out as Criminal?

    "If it wasn't for M.G. [Mel Gibson] my family and I would be on skid row!" -Gary Giuffre December 2005

    "Finally, amongst the transgressors of this (Eighth) commandment are to be numbered those wheedlers and sycophants, who insinuate their blandishments and hollow praises into the ears, and gain upon the hearts of those, after whose interest, money, and honours they hanker; as the prophet says, 'calling good evil, and evil good.' Such characters David admonishes us to repel and banish from our society This class of persons...inflict on him (his neighbor) the deepest wounds, causing him, by praising his vices, to continue enslaved to them to the end of his life." (The Catechism of the Council of Trent, Published by Command of Pope Pius The Fifth, pp. 304-305 - Lucas Brothers, Baltimore 1829 A.D.)

    Immodesty Before the Masses Greed
    Who can count the souls damned by Hollywood's vicious Jew manipulated -vice-ridden "Entertainment" industry?

    Jim Condit Jr., began his assault against the Editor of TCW on behalf of a Gary "The Wolf" Giuffre of Houston, Texas - who the Editor of TCW (first privately) attempted fraternal correction with - concerning Gary Giuffre's ten years of [immorally] accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars [at least 1 Million TCW has learned] from the well-known Hollywood (DARK) star Mel Gibson- i.e. from Gibson's (*anti-Fatima message) vile/licentious soul-damning movie "career".

    Jim Condit Jr.'s own words: regarding his best friend Giuffre's impotency in failing to even ATTEMPT to correct his (Giuffre's) "friend" Mel Gibson's, DECADE long of corrupting, of souls by his mortally sinful films [yet taking all the blood money...] was, quote, "Gary chickened out". He (Condit Jr.) the consummate "yes man" and coward then added he himself [i.e Condit Jr.] never did anything to remedy the situation. ?

    Our Lady of Fatima
    Our Lady of Fatima

    *"More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason."
    (Our Lady of Fatima's grave words to Jacinta Marto shortly before the little seer died)

    In the midst of all this (much of which was reported on TCW's uncompromising Catholic Militant website in early 2006: Click to see - the Editor of TCW even spoke with Mel Gibson's own 88 year-old father on the phone, in humility, to tell him to help his lost *son from damning his soul and others. Hutton Gibson listened closely (feigning concern) and then would later attempt to calumniate the Editor of TCW.

    Holy Saint Dominic Savio
    "Death before Sin!"
    Motto of St. Dominic Savio (shown next to a statue of the Immaculate Virgin) who always entreated Our Blessed Lord to take him
    from this life before (rather) - than if by some terrible misstep he were to ever commit the slightest venial sin against so Good a God.

    *As documented on November 29, 2006, in a 4 ½ hour interview that Mel Gibson gave to a female reporter, Allison Weiner, for the secular publication Entertainment Weekly [EW] (note: an interview that was strewn throughout with the worst of sinful obscenities from Gibson's own mouth - at least a dozen) when the EW reporter asked Gibson what he thought about the (libertine) MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) giving Gibson's truly, pagan "Apocalypto," a resounding R rating: The "Catholic Actor" replied:"That's what it is — it's an R-rated film. For good reason."

    ??? Please wake-up, fellow Catholics - if the Ecclesiastical Penal system was visibly functioning this unrepentant bum, Mel Gibson, would be swiftly locked-up in prison for 15 years... 30 years... a life sentence... only if he was lucky. [De Facto]

    His Holiness Pope Pius XI
    Christ's Vicar, His Holiness, Pope Pius XI
    "All men know how much harm is done by bad films; they sing the praises of lust and desire, and at the same time provide occasions of sin; they seduce the young from the right path; they present life in a false light; they obscure and weaken the wise counsels of attaining perfection; they destroy pure love, the sanctity of matrimony and the intimate needs of family life." -Pope Pius XI VIGILANTI CURA (On Motion Pictures) Encyclical promulgated on 29 June 1936

    *Added June 04, 2009: Mel Gibson a father of 7, (in what the Church defines as a *Sin of Infamy which can only be absolved by the Successors of Pope Gregory XVII [The Holy See]) -went on TV, cracking "jokes" about his current public mortally sinful adulterous affair with a prostitute-looking-woman 13 years younger than he, whom he confirmed (before 10's of millions) is pregnant with his bastard.

    *Adultery. "Persons openly living in adultery are excluded from all ecclesiastical benefits until they have sincerely repented (2357, 2)."
    (Text: "A Dictionary Of Canon Law", Second, Revised Edition, 1919 Imprimatur)

    (Adversus hostem aeterna auctoritas esto. Translation: To the enemy no quarter.)

    "Those who have riches, trust in them, and those who have none, greedily haste after them; some procure them by very reprehensible ways and means; some confide in influential persons, praising and flattering them....This deceitful error has filled the earth with lovers of the world; has filled it with avarice and concupiscence against the law of the Creator; has made men insane in their desires..." -The Blessed Virgin Mary to Ven. Mary of Agreda, from the Imprimatured book, The Mystical City of God, Vol. III, pp. 546-547 sections 638-639

    As sadly noted above, these "men" are 100% obstinate in sin - repeat 100%: having lost all fear of Hell decades ago. True Catholics must (by Catholic law) avoid these corrupt mockers of our Holy Religion or they will be condemned with them.

    "But because you would not stay away from that wicked excommunicated person, you yourself shall die!" -St. Cedd of London

    Have no pity whatsoever, stay alert!

    Note: TCW and St. Gemma.com Web Productions (which has the full-backing of the True Hierarchy in Eclipse) has 100% removed any mention of this reprobate enemy of the Church (Jim Condit Jr.) from any and all of its websites (except to WARN the faithful) - it has absolutely no association with this individual whatsoever.

    "Let no one think that virtuous men and good Christians ever leave the bosom of the Church; it is not the wheat that the wind lifts, but the chaff; trees deeply rooted are not blown down by the breeze, but those which have no roots. It is rotten fruits that fall off the trees, not sound ones; bad Catholics become heretics, as sickness is engendered by bad humors. At first, faith languishes in them, because of their vices; then it becomes sick; next it dies, because, since sin is essentially a blindness of spirit, the more a man sins, the more he is blinded; his faith grows weaker and weaker; the light of this divine torch decreases, and soon the least wind of temptation or doubt suffices to extinguish it." -St. Cyprian

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    (June 3, The Feast of the Most Holy Trinity - Double of I Class)

    St. Andrew of Avellino
    St. Andrew Avellino gave up his soul to God while saying Mass

    "Such should be our submission to the Church, that if we knew visibly anything to be white, which
    she had declared black, we should acknowledge it black with her."
    -St. Ignatius, Spiritual Exercises


    In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
    June, 3rd 2007 A.D.

    In Today's Catholic World is honored to present a wonderful piece by the Catholic mystic, Bl. John Ruysbroeck (1293–1381 A.D.) on lowliness.

    Relic of St. Gemma Galgani
    Actual Discipline [lash] used by St. Gemma Galgani, under the guidance of her Spiritual Director- now a Holy Relic (Lucca, Italy) In order to practice mortification of the senses, St. Gemma Galgani had recourse to the lash and the hair shirt, and the knotted cord and sharp points, with which she tightly girt herself. Very often the pain of those sharp points penetrating her flesh caused her to faint! St. Gemma practiced heroic mortification. As to her sense of taste, nothing could induce her to gratify it. No one knew which foods she liked. When eating with others, to hide her mortification, she used many tactics such as feigning to take food while her hands moved but nothing entered her mouth. She went so far as to carry into effect the thought of making a small hole in her spoon, so that broth might leak through before she brought it to her lips. Gemma did this because she well knew the saying that if you do not control your passions, they will control you.

    Catholic Mystic Blessed John Ruysbroeck "...indeed, they have no peace in themselves, since they think only of spying upon
    and passing judgment on everyone except themselves."
    -Blessed John Ruysbroeck

    That many think they are holy and are deceived.


    Extracted from Love's Gradatory, by Blessed John Ruysbroeck

    R. & T. Washbourne, Ltd., 1914.

    Nihil Obstat: F. Thomas Bergh, O.S.B., Censor Deputatis

    Imprimatur: Edm. Can. Surmont, Vicarius Generalis



    ONE meets many persons full of self-complacency, imagining they lead a holy life and are great before God, yet who deceive themselves in many ways; for those who are neither detached from self-will, nor mortified in their natural life, can have no experience in the life of Grace, nor be tested before the Divine Majesty. They may be endowed with intelligence and of a subtile reason, but self-complacency and seeking to please men are a turning away from God, and at the same time the principle root of all sin. Such men strive to be above others, above everyone, if possible. They will never submit sincerely to another, but desire, on the contrary, that all give way before what appears to them to be right. They are disagreeable, full of self, and will always prove their case against those who disagree with them. They are easily put out, discontented, irascible, susceptible, bad, hard and haughty, in word, act, and manner; it is impossible to live in peace with them--indeed, they have no peace in themselves, since they think only of spying upon and passing judgment on everyone except themselves.

    "All who disturb the peace of the Church, do this, either blinded by pride, distracted with envy, or seduced by wordly covetousness, or by soft passions and lust." -St. Augustine

    Always full of suspicions and malicious thoughts, with nothing but displeasure, interior spite and rancour for those who do not please them, they are ceaselessly tortured and restless, believing they know and do better than all the world. Full of zeal to instruct others, to teach, correct, reprove, they will not endure to be taught or reproved by anyone, since they believe they are the wisest of all. Tyrannical and contemptuous towards inferiors and equals when they do not receive what they consider their due, they are, besides, quarrelsome and imperious, often scoffing with bitter harshness, for they are without the unction of the Spirit. They willingly put themselves forward among honest folk, believing they are authorized to speak before any, so wise are they in their own eyes. Beneath a humble exterior they hide Pride and cover Hate by the appearance of Justice; they show great affability and respect to those who flatter and give way to them; they cannot show too much solicitude, attention, and care for their own concerns, rejoicing or mourning, as is the way of the world, according as good or ill overtakes their temporal interests. Praise or blame them to the face, and you soon see of what sort they are, having neither care nor anxiety but for what touches them: sickness, death, hell, purgatory, the judgments of God and His justice; entirely preoccupied with themselves, with the fear and dread of all that can happen to them, loving self as they do in such an inordinate way, instead of for God and in God. Consequently they are restless and constrained, confused before the Face of God, full of solicitude and fear for worldly interests, under the feet of unbelievers for fear that life and riches be taken from them, that their goods be stolen or confiscated, or that they are not paid. They dread to become poor, miserable, despised, old and ill, without consolation, comforts, and friends; such inordinate and foolish cares nourish a state of avarice, and lead sometimes to actual madness.

    Even in the sacerdotal Orders and the Religious state persons of this kind are to be met with, still full of self-will and absolutely immortified; always dreading that a Superior or Prelate should interfere with their way of living, or disturb them without sufficient consideration, as they know well that they could not endure such a thing. All sorts of imaginations run in their heads about those whom they believe to be hostile; such as: "If such a one became my Superior, how could I ever submit to and obey him? He dislikes me, he would oppress and despise me in every way, and all his friends would take his part against me." These sort of anxieties sour the blood, cause irritation and murmuring: "It is quite impossible—I should lose my senses, or have to leave the Cloister."

    Such are the silly fears, immoderate prudence and foresight, coming from a depth of Pride. Should they become Superior, they would surely oppress and despise all who opposed their opinion, or did not yield to their good pleasure, for they fancy they govern and order things far better and more wisely than any other. Frequently they criticize interiorly their Superiors and others set over them, and do the same in word to any disposed to listen. Praise of others is painful to them, for they imagine they are therefore less esteemed, nor will they admit of superiority in others who know and profess less than they do. Such, in fact, are those who esteem themselves wiser and more prudent than any about them, while they are really inapt and incapable of attaining true Holiness.

    Let each prove himself, examining his mind and natural inclinations, to see if there is nothing found in him that should be eliminated and overcome in order to acquire true Holiness. To die to sin is to live to God, to be emptied of self and detached from all that pleases or displeases, leads to the Kingdom of God; heart and desire must close to things of earth to open to God and things eternal, if we desire to taste and see that the Lord is sweet.

    The Daughter's of Charity were started in France by St. Vincent De Paul

    If we would God discern,
    The world we must despise,

    His love and hate must learn,
    See all things with His eyes.

    And we must self forgo
    If God we would attain,

    His grace must in us grow
    And ease us from all pain.

    So shall we sing His praise
    And be at one with Him,

    In peace our voices raise
    In the celestial hymn,

    That with quadruple harmony
    And all mellifluous melody,

    In Heaven resounds eternally.


    St. Teresa of Avila's Bookmark
    Seven Momentos of St. Teresa of Avila

    Pray Unceasingly for the Liberty [Freedom] and Exultation of Holy Mother Church!

    "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse..."
    (Words spoken by Our Lady of La Salette to Melanie Calvat in 1846 A.D., a fully approved Church Apparition)

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