"The Phenomenon Of Jewish Infiltration Into The Clergy"

Excerpts from the book: The Plot Against The Church, by Maurice Pinay, 1962

Disclaimer: This book is cited for specific historical research purposes, and is not in any way, an endorsement for the text in whole. -TCW

"The phenomenon of Jewish infiltration into the clergy has existed as proven since the beginnings of Christianity and was constantly one of the main dangers which Holy Church, not only in the one or other land, but in the entire Christian world, saw facing it." ...

"Through this Christianity was to be destroyed, and simultaneously in secret other sects were founded, which wished to master all Europe, abolish the existing order and destroy Holy Church. Jewry thus restricted itself not only to organising one sect, one revolutionary movement, but caused secretly several, differing from one another, to arise. The ideologies and principles were different and suited to satisfy the taste of all. If one did not agree with the programme, the dogmas or the confessions of faith of one sect, then perhaps the others would convince him. And if one sect failed, another would triumph.

At all events they supported each other mutually in secret, even if also following apparently opposing and. incompatible programmes. Thus Jewry began to apply another of its tactics: not to trust to the victory of one single organisation, but to found many organisations with different and even contrasting ideologies, which did justice to the most diverse wishes and opinions. The Jews do the same today. They found Christian-democratic parties, extreme Right parties — without the name playing a role —, Centre parties, socialist, anarchistic and Communist parties, as well as Freemasonic, Theosophical and Spiritualist organisations, Rotary Clubs, Boy Scouts Organizations and many others. It would require too much space to mention all those which — as well-known writers have proved — are controlled by international Jewry. Thus the Synagogue can control men of the most different tendencies and ideologies, watch over Christian and gentile peoples and drive onward their plans for world rule.

...The Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia mentions the attitude of the Church to the mediaeval heresies and confirms the assertions of priests and writers of most different epochs, who made the assurance that “the Jews were the fathers of the heresies.” Then it is stated expressly:

“In the same way as the Inquisition, it accused the Jews of having instigated the mediaeval heresies, and all heterodox movements were for the Church the result of a Jewish conspiracy, and the instigators and leaders Jews.”274 It is clear that neither Holy Church nor the Inquisition lied. In addition they had sufficient proofs to base their assertions upon."

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