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by Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, PhD. (Doctor of Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law) FATHER SAENZ: PRIEST and DEFENDER OF THE FAITH

Antipope Paul VI
Antipope Paul VI shown wearing the Jewish Ephod The twelve stones represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Not only is this the breast-plate of a Jewish High-Priest, but according to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by Mackey, the ephod is also "worn in the (Masonic) American Chapters of the Royal Arch, by the High-Priest as an official part of his official ornaments." The ephod was the vestment that was worn by Caiphas, the High-Priest of the Jewish religion, who ordered Our Lord Jesus Christ to be put to death by Crucifixion.

"...Paul VI is not a legitimate Pope, but an anti-Pope ... a trained Jew, employed by the Mafia to use diabolical but undiscerned methods, employing time, money and the unquestionable ability of those who have always dreamed of dominating the World." -Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriga, PhD


Father Joaquin Saenz y Arriaga of Mexico, Doctor of Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law, international author and lecturer, was ordained a Jesuit priest of the Roman Catholic Church, April 30, 1930: he celebrated his first Mass in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco on May 2nd. An untiring defender of the orthodox Catholic Church, he traveled the world in his battle to preserve Catholic tradition and the St. Pius V Mass. One of 3 spiritual leaders at both Marches-On-Rome in the early 70's, Fr. Saenz ranks among the world's top Catholic traditionalists. Withdrawing from the Jesuit Order when it became corrupted, he settled in Mexico City, running a Catholic residence for students. To many of his countrymen, he symbolized their fight against spreading Communism in Mexico. He is the learned writer of more than 60 books, devoted to exposure of the moral and theological corruption that quietly infiltrated the post-conciliar Church resulting from Vatican II, including: "For Christ and Against Christ," "Apostolate," "The New Mass Is Not the One Catholic Mass" and "Vacant See." Fr. Saenz's 648 page book "THE NEW MONTINIAN CHURCH" was published August 15, 1971 in Mexico and became the cause of this militantly loyal, orthodox priest's excommunication in 1972. Eventually, the book was fully published in Spanish and Italian ... but not *English (note: until c. 1985 -ED) Prior to the early 60's, the Catholic Church flourished ... parish schools were well-staffed and attended; seminaries and convents had their choice of applicants; church attendance and reception of the sacraments broke records; converts by the thousands helped swell the census of the faithful. The Church's future literally glittered. Then Vatican II and its subsequent renewal descended upon the Church ... and the Church's marks of progress were reversed. The NOVUS ORDO developed over the ensuing years and thousands of the faithful refused to accept it, searching for their Holy Mass. [...] But nothing was said about the centuries-old plot that led to Vatican II and this explosive situation. These chapters, from Fr. Saenz's 1971 book, document some of the background to today's crisis in the Church, wherein he reveals his convictions about Pope Paul: he outlines the plot against the Church; he exposes Paul's programs to bring about an alliance between the Vatican and Communist countries; and he interprets and examines the message that grew out of the 1971 World Conference on Religion and Peace. Fr. Joaquin Saenz passed to his eternal reward in April, 1976. May his soul rest in peace. *-----*-----* MY CONVICTION ABOUT POPE MONTINI In these troubled times, the conscience of sincere Catholics is heavily burdened ... perhaps more so than at any other time in the Church's history. WITHIN OUR CONFLICT, WE HAVE A BURNING DESIRE TO REMAIN TRUE CATHOLICS TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE WORD, just as our parents did. We realize that our day of judgment and of Divine Justice will come; we must justify our protection of the Faith. At the same time, we recognize that the direction of the Pastoral Council is to gradually change our acceptance of the traditional, apostolic doctrine of the Church ... and we rebel at this change of mentality. Those who firmly support the orthodox faith scandalize those who accept the changing doctrine of the Church. The orthodox Catholics are told: "IT IS THE POPE WHO COMMANDS IT. ABOVE ALL, WE MUST OBEY THE POPE." To those who profess strong obedience to the Papacy, I say: St. Pius V, his predecessors Paul III, Julius III, Pius IV, were also Popes ... it was within their Papacies that the Ecumenical Council of Trent was celebrated; also Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, and Pius XII were Popes who solemnly and infallibly ratified the results of Vatican I. But there is obvious contradiction between teachings of the Pre-conciliar Church and what is today called the Post-conciliar Church and what they call a change in mentality, I, in good conscience, call a CHANGE IN FAITH. In order to understand the reasons behind THIS CHANGE IN FAITH and the disconcerting silence of the Catholic Hierarchy, it is necessary to focus our attention on Pope MONTINI, THE MAN ... for it is only through knowledge of his background that anyone can understand his seemingly unexplainable activity; address themselves to his dialectics and realize why the MONTINIAN Church is totally distinct from the Church that emerged from the Council of Trent and Vatican I. For these Councils faithfully guarded apostolic tradition and we must never forget it! Because we believe in God ... in Jesus Christ, true God and true Man; because we believe in the Holy Catholic Church (in Divine Revelation, traditional catechetics, dogmatic theology and the Church Councils as the basis of our divine Faith), we also believe in the powers of the Papacy and the ecclesiastical authority of our bishops. It is precisely because I (and many staunch Catholics) have the faith, that doubt swelled up within my soul, as discrepancies from traditional teaching became apparent. Suddenly I am faced with a monumental decision ... what to follow? Is Paul VI a legitimate Pope or not? Some say that Paul VI is a captive; that he is forced to act against his conscience in order to save his life; that he has fallen into personal heresy; that drugs are intermittently administered to him (by his conspirator-captors). This hypothesis appears indefensible and unsatisfactory to us, as Paul VI continues in the Papacy with all his superauthority. In all of these instances, the "rock," THE SOLID FOUNDATION OF THE CHURCH, does not possess the immovable stability that guarantees the permanence of the Church. In a second hypothesis, some believe that John B. Montini was validly elected Pope, but after the election he fell into personal heresy. For this reason, Paul automatically ceased being Pope and lost all of his powers and prerogatives. But his heresies are still manifest. Paul VI did sign the mistaken documents of Vatican II: he approved and imposed the Novus Ordo Missal ... and, for whatever reasons, he has not used his authority to correct substantial error, to save the essential parts of the Mass. Still others maintain that the election of John B. Montini was invalid because false credentials and information was used to establish his qualifications. Some claim he was outside the Church and for a variety of reasons was unworthy of consideration for the Papacy. Thus, he was incapable of being validly elected. Is Paul VI a legitimate Pope, or not? Failure to exercise sound judgement, based on solid information, would be reckless, scandalous and with dire consequences. BUT TO DENY THE EXISTENCE OF THE QUESTION IS APRIORISTIC, considering the relationship of the world and the Church today. We can not ignore the need to investigate and seek the truth. We have sufficient evidence of Paul VI's dialectic actions to demand an exhaustive investigation into his doctrines, both before and after his election. We should learn more about his personal life, his personal relationships with other people and organizations ... before, during and after the Council. Someday, when death will have ended his influence and power and our REVERENT FEAR fades into history, I have no doubt that an impartial and objective judgement will be made ... as has always been done concerning pontiffs of past centuries. Though we desire to grow by the judgement of history, we find ourselves in a crisis today ... a circumstance whose implications urgently demand explanation and resolution in order to save our Catholic faith. We must end the terrible enigma of Pope Montini. Let us examine pictures which have appeared in communications media of Paul VI with the Pectoral of Judaism and the Ephod of the great Levite priest of Judaism ... therein, may be a decisive key. Notice the unorthodox ritual sign above the chest of the Pope and keep in mind the current subversion of the Church, the confessed infiltration of the Jews, Masons, and Communists into the clergy. Though we do not know the total extent of Pope Montini's secret and public relations with the worst enemies of the Church, we can study the steps he has taken to reform the Church, destroy its structure and, little by little, eliminate the Marks of Catholicism, blending the Church into other religions. I exhort you to remember Montini's visits and discussions at the United Nations and the Geneva World Council of Churches; his ecumenical surrender, his humanistic dialog lacking spiritual quality. I believe we have the right ... even the obligation ... to ask this question: Is John B. Montini a true Catholic ... or, is he an infiltrator, a Jewish director for the Mafia? I have been suspicious for some time. Now, I have near-certain evidence that Paul VI is not a legitimate Pope, but an anti-Pope ... a trained Jew, employed by the Mafia to use diabolical but undiscerned methods, employing time, money and the unquestionable ability of those who have always dreamed of dominating the World. For centuries, the Church has preached and fought against secularization, militant atheism, anticlericalisms. Recall such bloody, religious persecution as followed Calvary ... remember Spain and Mexico. Who would have thought the SILENT CHURCH today, would be the center of convergence for national and international statesmen, especially those from the Communist world; those dominated by Masonry or international directors of Judaism? Who would have believed that the hard line against Communism (taken by previous Popes) would change itself into friendly "dialog" with the comings and goings of Cardinals Bea, Willebrands, Suenens and Koening? The persecution of the Church in Yugoslavia, Hungary and Cuba has terminated ... has been replaced with cordial diplomatic relations, in what appears to be a compromise between the Vatican and these atheistic states. Though their dictatorial governments and attending laws persist, the Vatican collaborates in a true and progressive integration (according to the words of the Papal Nuncio of Cuba), implanting Communism as the indispensable preparation of a climate ready for world domination by Judaism. The glorious martyrdom of Cardinals Mindszenty and Stepinac was the price with which Paul VI purchased coexistence and collaboration between these two rivals. In their Messianic materialism, the directors of Judaism dream of an implementation of world government wherein they are the masters and we are their slaves. They recognize that the insurmountable wall that lies in the path of this program of conquest is the religious wall ... in particular, the wall of the Catholic Church. By experience, they know that slander, prisons, even death, does not crush the faith ... it only enlivens it. They know very well that in order to destroy the Church of Christ they have only one road left ... INFILTRATION. Thus, THE CASE OF ANACLETUS II IS REPEATING ITSELF, the infiltrators, denounced by Pius X, have invaded the hierarchy and have even captured the Chair of Peter. To have a world government, it is imperative to establish a one world religion; the religion of universal brotherhood, of "ecumenism," of "dialog" ... a kind of syncretized religion, which eliminates and silences the dogmas, turns the rites towards worldly things, compromises customs and suppresses discipline. Thus, all religions melt into only one religion, supported and complimented by a world government. And what would be the perfect coverup for this intelligent program? Why, the Council of the Catholic Church, wherein prelates are skillfully guided by Pope Montini, decreeing (himself) the "ECUMENISM, " the "AGGIORNAMENTO," the "RELIGIOUS LIBERTY," the "REFORM" of liturgy, morals, discipline, rites and dogmas. All to be accomplished with skill, dialectics and cunningness using two fronts ... the epistles and the promised spring of the Church, the new Pentecost. With the movement of the masses, the false laws, the watered-down celebration, the multiplication of national and international organizations (like Cursillos of Christianity; the Christian Family Movement, etc.), constant conferences of clergy and laity to indoctrinate the neophytes into the new religion; the "acts of living together;" the "experiments;" the post-conciliar terminology (authenticity, compromise, conscientiousness, relativism, desacralization, etc.) ... the most apt means were employed to engender the necessary confusion. They were designed to eliminate ancient prejudices and beliefs of those with scruples of conscience, that they might be logically led to the new religion ... the religion of universal brotherhood. All this would be possible by placing the absolute power of the Church in the hands of the "Mafia." JUDAISM, PLAYING ITS CARDS DECISIVELY TO GAIN ITS AMBITION, PUSHED (as I indicated before) ALL THEIR RESOURCES INTO THE GAME. IT WAS NECESSARY TO INFILTRATE THE VATICAN! Many who observed the weaknesses of Pope Montini (his vacillations; his ambiguities ... wherein his words were contradicted by his deeds; his double standards, evidenced by his friendly relations with sworn enemies of the Church), still recognize him as the legitimate Pope in spite of his heresy and unfulfilled obligations of his office. These people readily acknowledge that a future pope could be a false pope (an anti-pope), but they persist in maintaining the legitimacy of the present Pontiff. Frightened by the possibility that they are living through the reign of a false pope, they ignore all that history and theology has soundly taught us. But I cannot ignore the evidence, the habitual adornment of the "EPHOD" in photograph after photograph of Paul VI, and the subsequent denouncement made by the Abbe de Nantes in his paper "Contra Reforma." My suspicions appear confirmed ... John Battista Montini was invalidly elected to the Papacy and, thus, is not a true Pope. Because of this ritualistic symbol of Judaism and Masonry, I suspect that Paul VI was not only the most efficient instrument of the "Jewish Mafia," but an integral part of the "Mafia." Thus, he wears on his breast these contradictory symbols ... the pectoral cross of Catholicism and the "Ephod, Breastplate of Judgement;" he wears the ring of the fisherman and displays the insignia of descendants of Caiphas, the great Levite priest. Interesting information about the Breastplate of Judgement, the Pectoral of Jewry (its background, description and use in Masonic lodges) is given in the Encyclopedia of FREE MASONRY, published in San Antonio, Texas, by Albert Gallatin Mackey, M.D. 33 degree Mason (author of Dictionary of Free Masonry and a textbook about Masonic laws). "Called in Hebrew, SYMBOL OF THE ELECT, THE CHOSEN, THE PREFERRED, the breastplate of judgement, because through it the High Priest received divine responses, and uttered his decisions on all matters relating to the good of the commonwealth. It was a piece of embroidered cloth of gold, purple, scarlet, and fine white, twined linen. It was a span, of about nine inches square, when doubled, and thus made strong to hold the precious stones that were set in it. It had a gold ring at each corner, to the uppermost of which were attached golden chains, by which it was fastened to the shoulder-pieces of the ephod - the vestment worn by the High Priest over his tunic; while from the lowermost went two ribbons of blue. by which it was attached to the girdle of the ephod, and thus held secure in its place. "In the breastplate were set twelve precious jewels, on each of which was engraved the name of one of the twelve tribes. The stones were arranged in four rows, three stones in each row. As to the order of arrangement and the names of the stones, there has been difference among the authorities ... but perhaps the Vulgate translation is to be preferred as an authority, because it was made in the fifth century, at a time when the old Hebrew names of the precious stones were better understood than now. The order given in that version is as follows: emerald, topaz, sardius-jasper, sapphire, carbuncle-amethyst, agate, ligure-beryl, onyx, chrysolite ... The order in which they were placed, according to the Jewish Targums- is as follows, referring itself to the respective ages of the twelve sons of Jacob: Levi, Simeon, Reuben-Zebulun, Issachar, Judah-Gad, Naphtali, Dan- Benjamin, Joseph, Asher. These twelve original names (of the stones) are detailed in Exodus XXVIII ... "The Breastplate which was used in the first Temple does not appear to have been returned after the Captivity, for it is not mentioned in the list of articles sent back by Cyrus. The stones, on account of their great beauty and value, were most probably removed from their original arrangement and reset in various ornaments by their captors. A new one was made for the services of the second Temple, which according to Josephus, when worn by the High Priest, shot forth brilliant rays of fire that manifest the immediate presence of Jehovah. But Josephus adds that two hundred years before his time this miraculous power had become extinct in consequence of the impiety of the nation. It was subsequently carried to Rome together with the other spoils of the Temple. "Of the subsequent fate of the these treasures, and among them the breastplate, there are two accounts: one, that they were conveyed to Carthage by Genseric after his sack of Rome, and that the ship containing them was lost on the voyage; the other, and, as King thinks, in "Antique Gems" (page 137), the more probable one, that they had been transferred long before that time to Byzantium, and deposited by Justinian in the treasury of Saint Sophia. "The breastplate is worn in American Chapters of the Royal Arch by the High Priest as an essential part of his official vestments. The symbolic reference of it, as given by Webb, is that it is to teach him always to bear in mind his responsibility to the laws and ordinances of the Institution, and that the honor and interests of his Chapter should be always near his heart. This does not materially differ from the ancient symbolism, for one of the names given to the Jewish breastplate was the memorial, because it was designed to remind the High Priest how dear the tribes whose names it bore should be to his heart." Knowing what the Freemasonry Encyclopedia tells us, and seeing this strange "amulet" actually worn on the breast of a Pope, I believe (without fear) that we may suspect the Jewish influence, the Masonic influence, or the combination of the two, on Pope Montini. Since this insignia has only been used by the most High Levite Priest or the Most High Masonic Priest ... and because no previous Pope has ever before carried this jewel over his breast ... our suspicions are with foundation and believable. Paul VI knows very well what this "Breastplate of Judgement," the Ephod, signifies; he knows its origin is in the ritualistic dress of the Ancient Covenant; he is not ignorant of the fact that Masons, today, use it as a distinctive mark of their High Priest. Are we to naively believe that he ingeniously wears this "amulet" to humor those who gave it to him, not knowing the responsibility it implies? Since the Vatican II Council proclaimed the end of "the most triumphant and unalterable Church" and the beginning of "the Church of the Poor," Paul VI removed the Pontiff's Tiara and sold it to the highest bidder at the New York World's Fair. Today, this same person has no scruples in wearing so valuable an "amulet" before those receiving first orders, NOT presenting himself like a Pope of the Catholic Church, the successor of Peter, The Vicar of Christ ... but like the Levite High Priest, the successor and representative of Caiphas. It is incompatible that the pectoral Cross of the Pope be worn with this strange "amulet" of the Old Covenant ... an "amulet" used in the religion of promise and preparation, a symbolic ritual of the High Priest signifying divine preference. Wearing this "amulet" in the New Covenant, on the breast of the Vicar of Christ, could signify a denial of Christ, of His religion that is no longer promised but is the splendid Truth. It would seem that Paul VI uses this ritualistic symbol of the Most High Levite Priest to tell us that he does not accept the Truth, supporting the symbolic figure of the promise made by God. When the pectoral of Jewry, the Ephod, is united with the Cross of Christ, Pope Montini gives us the impression of someone desiring to join the Christ to the anti-Christ. "This is the characteristic of a bad Angel," says St. Ignatius, "that he transforms himself into a `good' Angel (appearing as the Angel of Light) in order to enter a devoted soul and steal it away." Going back to my earlier quotation from the Encyclopedia of Free Masonry, we find the agreement which ties the Jewish Mafia to the Masonic Lodges. It is clearly demonstrated that Judaism begot the Masonic movement as a major instrument in its satanic effort to destroy Christ and His Church. Pope Montini, displaying the Pectoral of Jewry (the Ephod), proclaims himself as the obedient servant, the sympathizer and friend of Judaism and Masonry. This is more than coincidence ... it strongly suggests that John Battisti Montini, Jewish by family ancestry, is the agent of the "Mafia" trained to infiltrate and dominate the Church. Cure de Ars has written: "It is impossible to be aware of Hebrew conduct, without becoming full of fear." It is incredible that these people, historically chosen and predestined by God, have (through their iniquities) transformed themselves into lasting enemies of God and persecutors of Christ. In order to examine the motives of Paul VI, we must investigate the actions, statements and personal background of John Battisti Montini: Who are the ancestors of the Montini family? The "Gold Book" of Italian nobility, published as the 1965-1968 edition, does not mention the MONTINI name. However, the "Gold Book" of 1962-1964, on page 946, mentions MONTI OF CORTE; on page 947, MONTI GUARNIERE, MONTICELLI GHIZZI is named as MONZA; on page 994, we find for the first time MONTINI ... a namesake designation related to the familiar Brescia family of nobility, native of Val Sabbia, from which Montini derives his nobility and original lineage of Hebrew origin (this Brescia family is an outgrowth of the original Bartoleme (Bartolino) of Benedictis of Hebrew background). Montini's ancestral line traces itself through Lumezzano, Sarezzo, Nave and Concesio of Brescia. The name repeatedly appears as noted in the register of "Country Noblemen" between 1946 and 1948. In the gallery of the House of MONTINI from Sarezzo, a great genealogical tree compiled by Angelo Basio (born 1795 and councilman of the community) is preserved. This document records noteworthy activities of members of the Montini family in such professions as notary publics, doctors, lawyers, religious and ecclesiasticals ... some achieved fame in their chosen occupations. According to the Apostolic Constitution "Urbem Romanum," published January 4, 1746, the family was accepted into the Roman Nobility ... its coat of arms consisted of 3 mountains with 3 fleur-de-lis superimposed; and, at times, surrounded by 3 heads of birds. Components of this same heraldic symbol decorate, in different arrangement, the front of silver plates displaying a profile of Paul VI facing a mountain of 6 peaks, his head encircled by 3 fleur-de-lis. The parents of Paul VI were George Montini and Judith Alghisi. George (the father) was born in 1861 and died in 1943. Ludovocio, brother of Paul and Senator of the Republic, was born on May 8, 1896. John Battisti, the man known as Paul VI, was born in Concesio (Brescia) on September 26, 1897. On December 14, 1969, Martin Descalzo (a Spanish journalist and progressive parish priest) published an article in the "ABC" of Madrid, headlined in bold letters, attributed to the Vatican Secretary for Unity ... but later it was acknowledged by the North American Secretary of Relations between Catholics and Jews ... a position filled by a Cardinal. Here is what it said: 1. That Judaism is the deposit of liberty, dignity and other human values which the Church must consider in its attitudes and aspirations for mankind. 2. That, after 2000 years, the Church has recognized its errors, asks forgiveness of the Jews and desires to establish a dialog with them. 3. That Jews are the only elected and preferred people with whom God has established and maintained a permanent, indestructible bond. 4. That this religious bond (here's the purpose of the article) confers the right to possess the Promised Land and CALLS FOR ALL CHRISTIANS TO RECOGNIZE the establishment of the State of Israel. 5. THAT THE CHURCH OWES ITS BELIEFS, DOCTRINE, INSTITUTIONS, CULTURE AND LITURGY TO JUDAISM. 6. That the Old Testament is automatically and independently valid in its own right ... it does not require the New Testament for understanding or explanation of its meaning. 7. That the Church should avoid Bible readings that are disfavorable to the Jewish people, especially the one concerning the death of Jesus. 8. That Jesus, Himself, is a descendant of the Jewish people: He identified Himself with His people in nearly everything. When He opposed His people, He did it internally, as the prophets before Him ... within the law of his people. This article, denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the divine institution of the Church, previously attributed to the Vatican Secretary for Unity, was published in a Spanish daily newspaper ("ABC") having monarchical tendencies, with the consent of a Cardinal representing the American Secretary of Judeo-Christian Relations. For a person who objectively studies the present situation of the Church, this article is very symptomatic. In earlier times, this monstrous article would never have been published in Spain ... official and ecclesiastical censorship would have prevented it. Now, no one objected; no one said anything. The article appeared without protest. Yet it was Spain whose Catholic Kings published the Decree of Jewish Expulsion, banishing them from their land. This new, updated Spain magnifies the change in law, denying its history and traditions. *-----*-----* THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH God, in His infinite mercy, continuously offers us the inexhaustible help of His divine grace that we may attain eternal salvation. He gives us sufficient spiritual strength and knowledge that we will not be deceived by our enemies nor mislead from the path of salvation by the cunningness of Satan. Inspired by the Holy Ghost, a long line of past Popes has warned us of the painful prelude to the indescribable tragedy we are witnessing today ... a course of events whose background stretches across centuries. Pius VI , in his speech on the martyrdom of Louis XVI: Gregory XVI, in his frequent and grave warnings; Pius IX, in his Encyclical "Quanta Cura" and his Syllabus; Leo XIII, in his learned encyclicals, especially "Humanum Genus;" St. Pius X, in his "Pascendi," in his new Syllabus and in his condemnation of The Sillon (founded by Mark Sannier); Pius XII, in his Encyclical "Humani Generis" and his lucid instructions of May 31 and Nov. 2, 1954 to the Bishops around the world, alerting them and clearly explaining the means by which they were to defend themselves against OCCULT POWERS. According to the pontifical teaching of such eminent prelates as Msgr. Delassus and Msgr. Jouin as well as the brave writers Leo Poincins, Peter Virion and Maurice Pinay, a dreadful truth was foretold of A SATANICAL PLOT FOR WORLD DOMINATION by the Counter-church; a plan wherein the agents of Satan already considering themselves victorious - do not hesitate to publish these declarations. Not only do we recall Stanistas Guaita, the economist Roca of St. Yves d'Alveydre, etc. and Sinarquia, but this plot is amply confirmed by the "Judicial Records of Learned Scholars from Sion," discovered at the end of the last century, due to an error (the OCCULT POWER would never have permitted these documents to be published voluntarily, since their very nature was one of ultra-secrecy). It is a shame that these warnings, condemnations and revealing records were not heeded by our ecclesiastics or faithful Catholics. Most everyone showed little interest in their reliability, though they did not deny the incredible possibility. And today, while suffering through the collapse of the organized Church, we still doubt the existence of THIS INFERNAL JUDEO-MASONIC CONSPIRACY, while it clearly celebrates its early stages of victory. Why do people ignore the pontifical teachings ... the theologians and historians who have been telling us of this deceitful danger, this grave crisis that exists in the Church's history? To discover the cause of this crisis, we must acknowledge the existence of the Luciferian Occult Power and accept the sincerity of the secret plot ... a plot that the Holy See possessed and was published by Cretineau Joly in his writings: "The Roman Church before the Revolution" and "The Judeo-Masonic Plot Against the Church." In the 18th Century, the Jew, Adam Weishaupt (leader of the Order of Illuminati), wrote: "The Free Masons should control all men of every class, nation, and religion; dominating them without obvious compulsion; uniting them through a strong bond; inspiring them with enthusiasm to spread common ideas; and with utmost secrecy and energy, direct them toward this singular objective throughout the world. IT IS THROUGH THE INTIMACY OF SECRET SOCIETIES THAT THESE OPINIONS WILL BE FORMED." (From the original writings of the Order of the Illuminati - 1765, Munich, as cited by Barruel in his "Memoirs Explaining the History of Jacobinism"). The important idea is to control "public opinion." In his leaflet, "How To Form Public Opinion," Maurice Talmeyer describes this strategy and its dreadful effect: "After men have declared themselves and become dedicated to a single school of thought, they are capable of convincing others. Thus, `public opinion' unfolds and solidifies without people being aware of the controls. A `consensus' is formed among people who do not consciously identify with each other, but learn to think and judge the same way, performing as planned. Though this `consensus' was artificially contrived, it publicly appears and quickly influences our society." And Weishaupt issued the order: "Train Christians to believe that Jesus Christ was the great inventor of the Masonic trinomial, `liberty, equality, and fraternity'; that this is the doctrine taught by Him, but should be understood according to the interpretation of the Order." "Our doctrine is the same divine doctrine that Jesus Christ taught to His disciples, the evolution of His intimate and true feelings having been confided to the secret discourses of the Orders. And here's the plot: This doctrine (taught and explained) offers all humanity the way to achieve complete liberty ... no one has so adequately explained the road to liberty as our Eminent Jesus of Nazareth." From Florence, on August 5, 1806, Simonini exposed the plan of the Occult Power to Abbe Barruel; a plan that one of the most-high dignitaries had told him in confidence. Immediately, the Abbe communicated this to Pope Pius VII, who assured us of the authenticity and cited these essential passages: 4. In Italy, they already count among their members more than 800 clergymen, including as many secular priests as those from an order, among which are many parish priests, professors, and prelates as well as some bishops and cardinals who, for this reason, have not lost hope of having a pope of their party. 5. That they also have many men of their party among the clergy in Spain. 6. They are considering the destruction of the Borbones family (their greatest enemy) within the next few years. A short while later, high ranking leaders resumed their drive towards identical ends, instructing Christians that "Christianity is essentially a democratic doctrine that teaches equality and brotherhood." One secret instruction, dated 1819, said precisely: "An idea has eternally inspired the minds of men to aspire towards universal renewal: the audacious day when Italy shall be liberated; then THE LIBERATION OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, establishing a Federal Republic, the peace of brotherhood. But there is one tremendous obstacle, THE CHURCH. Our goal is the same as Voltaire's in the French Revolution; TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF CATHOLICISM AND THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTIANITY ... the Pope, whomever he shall be, has not yet seen fit to join the Secret Societies; therefore, the Secret Societies must take the first step toward conquering the Church. With the establishment of acceptable standards, we must show them the dangers of fanaticism; they must consider the happiness they will have by extending the great principles of social equality and religious liberty, turning against intolerance and persecution. And they will conclude: `The law of social progress is here and only here; do not bother attaining it any other way.'" "This above all we should earnestly seek (and acquire) with the same desire with which the Jews hope for their Messiah ... A POPE THAT MEETS OUR REQUIREMENTS ... ; and for this reason, TO DESTROY THE ROCK UPON WHICH GOD HAS BUILT HIS CHURCH. When we have the small finger of Peter's successor compromised into the plot, it will serve to organize this Crusade against all the Urbanos II and all those San Bernardos of Christianity ..." "It is necessary that our forces achieve this goal. But, how? The unknown is not yet known. Nevertheless, nothing shall dissuade us from this course; on the contrary, everything pushes us toward it ... we ardently seek the best counsel of the Supreme Court ... " These counsels are truly Luciferian. "Smash the enemy, whoever he shall be; smash his power or strength with slander and malicious accusation; but, above all, smash it while it is still new. It is the Youth we must reach; without their realization, we must entice the youngsters and prepare them under the banner of Secret Societies. To accomplish this, we must be as pure as doves, but as cunning as a serpent," ... it is a normal practice to rearrange these directions and expose them as standard under the veil of "keeping absolutely secret" all that relates to the HIGH PLACE, "because (it is understood that) anyone who reveals the secrets, voluntarily or involuntarily, automatically signs his own death sentence." "Therefore, in order to secure a Pope that meets our requirements, we must prepare a generation worthy of his kingdom. Forget the older, more mature peoples; go to the youth and, if possible, even the infants ... ; immediately, earn a sound reputation for yourself in schools, colleges and universities ... also, in seminaries. Then, after gaining the confidence of the professors and students, influence those preparing to become priests and who seek your favor. Thus, our doctrines will be planted in the hearts of younger clergy and be accepted throughout the convents. Within a few years, these young clergy, through the success of these events, will have invaded all operations; these young clergymen will eventually become those that govern, administer, advise and make up the counsel for the Supreme Court; they will be the ones called upon to elect the next Pontiff ... a Pontiff, who, like his contemporaries, has been imbued with those Italian and humanitarian principles which we have begun to place in circulation." "Having earned the loyalty of the Pope, whose position we have given him ... ; the clergy will march under your banner because they will believe the Pope marches under the banner of the Apostolic keys ... thus, your trap is extended into the innermost corners of sacristy, seminaries and convents ... conquering friends to the right of the Apostolic Chair. WHEN THIS IS ACCOMPLISHED, YOU WILL HAVE ESTABLISHED A REVOLUTION LEAD BY THE TIARA (emblematic of papal authority) and the pluvial cape ... A REVOLUTION BROUGHT ABOUT WITH LITTLE FORCE, BUT WILL STRIKE A FLAME IN THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE WORLD." And in other instructions, they said: "Flatter all the passions, even the most wicked, making them appear virtuous ... it is necessary that the teaching of the Church appear to violate public morality ... in order that a Papal revolution can triumph ... giving the torch to all who aspire to carry it ... subtly slipping the seed of our dogmas into their spiritual lifestyle ... so that clergymen and laymen convince themselves that Christianity is essentially a democratic doctrine." (Published writings of 1765 in Munich, cited by Barruel in his "Memoirs Explaining the History of Jacobinism.") On August 9, 1839, Vindice wrote to tell Nubius that he condemns those individual assassinations blamed, with hateful cynicism, on the Carbonarios: "We will not individualize crime simply to propagate it in proportions to love of country and hatred of the Church. Catholicism does not fear the sharp dagger as much as the Monarchy; but these (two) foundations of social order will destroy themselves through moral corruption. We will never relinquish our efforts to corrupt ... We will not make martyrs unless we can make it a popular vice among many peoples. That everyone accepts the vice as part of life; that they completely absorb it ... making vicious hearts that cast Catholicism into oblivion. It is this corruption that we must spread far and wide; corrupting the people and the clergy; in the end, this corruption will carry the Church to its grave." And what were the results obtained by the Occult Powers? On April 3, 1824, two months after issuing the high command of the Supreme Court, Nubius wrote: "there are certain members of the clergy, especially in Rome, who have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker." And on April 3, 1843, still on the same subject, he wrote: "We must carry on, by whatever means possible, even though poorly planned, to win our REVOLUTION FOR A POPE." In 1845, another chief of the Supreme Court made a proposal concerning the clergyman Gioberti: "The priest Gioberti talks to the clergymen in their own language and I am pleased to tell you that we are introducing the doctrines of liberty and Italian independence everywhere, with the Pope taking the lead. And we have won over many members of the clergy, both secular and of orders; they have literally convinced themselves that Catholicism is essentially a doctrine of democracy. Each day the party enlists more and more experts within the clergy. Gioberti's new book, written especially for priests, is awaited with impatience." On one hand, Chiefs of the anti-Christian conspiracy congratulate themselves on the success of their detestable activities; on the other hand, the Secretary of State at the Vatican discloses his agonizing fears in a letter dated August 8, 1845: "Our young clergy are already imbued with liberal doctrines ... they have abandoned their serious studies. Most of the clergy who will follow us into positions of responsibility are a thousand times more infected with the liberal vice ... ; the majority do not recognize the character or the nature of things that are happening, yet they allow themselves to be convinced by mere suggestions, wherein the great crisis of the Church was born. Among ecclesiasticals everywhere there appears an identical spirit of discord ... they break away from traditions, converting themselves to the philosophy of Modernism, substituting love of neighbor, the spirit of the heresy ... the prideful individual dwelling in darkness." The result of Lucifer's plan, (under the names of "aggiornamente," ecumenism, religious liberty, the conciliar spirit, the reform of the Church) is occurring everywhere. Stanislas de Guaita endeavors "to use Christian theology with its esoteric splendour to transform and enrich church policy without anyone suspecting it." (Essaid de Sciences Mandites, 1, Page 159). Roca, an ex-canonist, responded: "My beloved brother in Jesus Christ, I do not argue with any of your judgements. We are in agreement on all points of the secret doctrine" (i.e., according to the writings of Papus), "introducing our concepts into the teachings that Christ gave to the twelve and later to the seventy two." "We have no problems with the Protestant churches; our existing relationship is the same as that existing between Free Masonry and the Synagogue; the only problem we have is the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church" (F. Marsoudon: "Le Temple," Sept. Oct. 1946, pg. 34). As we have seen before, Roca foretold liturgical anarchy under the pretext of restoring the original concepts: "I believe the divine rites and regulations of the liturgy, the ceremonies, the rituals and the precepts of the Roman Church can undergo immediate change, through an Ecumenical Council ... a transformation, restoring the simplicity of the golden Apostolic Age, wherein we will adapt it to our state of conscience and modern worldliness." "Make preparations for the sacrifice, a properly executed termination ... THE SURRENDER OF THE PAPACY: to be lost under the sacred rules of the last Council. The Papal Caesar will be crowned a victim for the sacrifice." "THE THEOLOGY OF SCIENCE, which the adult population is eagerly demanding, HAS REPLACED THE MYSTICAL THEOLOGY." "They are hastening the destruction of the `Summa Theologica' and substituting the `Scientific Summa'." "A SUBLIMELY NEW CHRISTIANITY, PROFOUNDLY TOLERANT, TRULY UNIVERSAL, DOGMATICALLY DEFINED IN ENCYCLOPEDIAL FASHION ... A UNIVERSAL ORDER WHEREIN ALL RELIGIONS CAN IDENTIFY GOD WITH HUMANITY, which, before my very eyes transforms Christ into the entire universe." And Pignatelli, in his "Batailles Maconniques," Pg. 29, wrote: "Only in a theocratic society, having the universal character of FREEMASONRY, will it be possible someday to unite Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Europe and Asia under the same ideals and within a common faith." And the Grand Orient confirms: "FREE MASONRY WILL BECOME THE SUPERCHURCH; THE CHURCH THAT WILL REUNITE ALL RELIGIONS." (Bulletin of the Grand Orient no. 37, `Politique et Maconnerie'). THE RELIGION THAT WILL BE SUBSTITUTED FOR CHRISTIANITY SHOULD BE AN ORDER WITHIN WHICH ALL RELIGIONS ARE UNITED." We aspire to have no intermediary between God and ourselves. Therefore, it is probable that the future religion will have priests of every faith ... thus, introduction would be through widespread schools of religion and the symbolism will help thinking people to discover those truths hidden deeply within the human soul." "After assimilating Christianity and other current forms of spirituality, the world of the future will be established and, if allowed, principles analogous to the phenomenon of total collectivism will be systematically taught and a form of pantheism will be born, wherein all the modes of present day thinking will be blended; united into a new, inconceivable dynamism to achieve their objectives." But Roca combined the formative elements of this new Christianity: "You must have new dogmas; a new religion; a new ministry, and new rituals that very closely resemble those of the surrendered Church in the same way that the Catholic Church adapted from the Mosaic Church, its dead Mother." "Using logic and knowledge, everyone will become enlightened and the faith will disappear ... science will rule the world; because it will be accepted as the same God as humanity." "In this hour, each of us has a duty to encourage the evolution that will transform the Papacy, enabling us to put on the armor of new worldly spirit and scientific rational." "From the one Universal church, various religions derive their dogmatic beliefs; they unite their convictions relative to the existence of a Supreme Being ... a life after death, the immortality of the soul in the same way that love of neighbor is proclaimed by all religions as being first among all the commandments." (World Spiritual Congress, Brussels, 1946). "THE UNIVERSAL, GOD-LIKE REIGN OF LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY AS IDEALS OF THE SOCIO-ECONOMICS OF BROTHERHOOD; THIS IS THE SACRED TRINOMIAL ZEALOUSLY PREACHED UNDER THE BANNER OF SINARCHISM" (a 1937 Fascist movement formed in Mexico to establish a totalitarian, clerical state). We would say, this is the rule of Lucifer. Roca proclaimed the "conversion" of the Pope to the new spirit of the world ... after which he (the Pope) directed the Ecumenical Council to restore the simplicity of the Golden Apostolic Age of the Church:" The old Pope (John), having broken the silence, and started the transition of this great religious controversy, goes to his grave. He did his duty as the oracle of Christ ... having confirmed those of similar religious philosophy: that is to say, those new voices who will tell the entire Christian community that their Redeemer has fully accepted it. Science - the sacred one who enlightens - reigns supreme in the world as modern civilization ... the proclaimed daughter of the church, heir to the promises of God, our Lord, and the true meaning of the parables. "Pronouncing his own deposition, the Roman Pope, in a papal bull, voluntarily disengaged himself from traditional forms of papal control, declaring fulfillment of his mission as the originator ... giving broader scope to the predominate business of the new Pontiff, the new Church and the new ministry he installed prior to his death ..." "It should be readily seen by everyone that the new order grew logically out of the old order ... traditional roles will be consequently transformed into the new worldly organization by the light of the Gospel." "This new Church, even though it does not preserve the scholastic discipline and rudimentary form of the old Church, will (nevertheless) receive canonical ordination and jurisdiction from Rome." "It is essential that the liberation advance itself by the law of Evolution, openingly following the holy Gospel's divine direction towards development of the new humanity." Roca pointed out that the Pope, as head of the Ecumenical Council, would reform the entire Church. "He's a Pope of Faith and Piety; also a Pope of Gnosis (philosophic insight) and confidential knowledge." "He must precede someone who earns the world's admiration and should be a person to whom the world will pay homage in place of their Redeemer. This is a matter of demonstrating PERFECT ACCORD BETWEEN THE IDEOLOGY OF MODERN CIVILIZATION AND THE IDEOLOGY OF CHRIST AND HIS GOSPEL. IT WILL BE THE CONSECRATION OF THE NEW SOCIAL ORDER AND THE SOLEMN BAPTISM OF MODERN CIVILIZATION." In light of these revelations, we are obligated to study the outcome of Vatican II Council and the Post-conciliar Church; we are obligated to see and recognize the existence of a prefabricated plan, emanating from the Mafia den, partially realized and expanding to complete fulfillment. Pope Montini's position appears clear to us ... total accommodation for this program of the anti-Church. We have ample reason to suspect that Paul VI could be the Pope of the REVOLUTION. *-----*-----* PAUL VI'S PROGRAMS EARN ALLIANCE WITH COMMUNIST COUNTRIES Before pursuing the actions of Paul VI at Bogota, Columbia, it is appropriate to examine the diplomatic operations of the Vatican with Communist countries. The developments that we exposed before are being realized with accelerated speed. We must meet Communism without fear or doubt; since our encounter with Communism is inevitable, we must establish a proper posture before it dominates and enslaves us. Consciously or unconsciously, Pope Montini's historic mission appears to be that of directing the secret forces of world revolution. Recalling our earlier comments about Montinian activities in Columbia, I believe I have sufficient information to properly appreciate what we saw and heard in the Post-conciliar Eucharistic Congress following Paul VI's arrival in Columbia. After many years, Msgr. Agostino Casaroli, Archbishop of Cartagine and Secretary of the Church Council of Public Affairs, offered forgiveness and established an open communication and active working relationship between the Vatican and Communist countries of Eastern Europe. Msgr. Casaroli was preceded by Msgr. Cardinal Koening, Archbishop of Vienna, in this pastoral activity. Taking the allegiance of Catholic states (e.g., Spain, Portugal and South American countries) for granted, the Vatican feigned an "agreeable" posture while pursuing a policy of disregard in an effort to break or loosen the concordant bond maintained between these countries. Meanwhile, with considerable help from the Judeo-Masonic UNO (United Nations), the Vatican anxiously cultivated the establishment and extension of diplomatic relations with countries publicly or secretly dominated by the "Star of David." Since 1967, through the meeting of minds, Msgr. Casaroli maintained the relationship between the Vatican and the government of Poland. Traveling to Belgrade in the summer of 1970, he spoke with Tito, inviting him to an audience with Paul VI on his next trip to Rome. Then, accompanied by Msgr. Silvestrino (Church Council of Public Affairs) and John Kwaku Nimo (Church Council of the Laity), Msgr. Casaroli flew to Moscow in a Russian Airlines plane to continue the thawing process. According to Vatican sources, Msgr. Casaroli had previously visited Russia and certain satellite countries on private matters at various times. On this occasion, however, his visit to the Kremlin was official ... a high honor for His Excellency and Pope Paul VI, whom he represented. At the conclusion of this unexplainable visit (one that neither Pius XI nor Pius XII would have tolerated), on Thursday, February 25, 1971, the "Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Arms Treaty" was signed ... a treaty very similar to those signed in Washington and London by the Apostolic Delegates, Msgrs. Raimundi and Enrici. The Vatican, anxious for world peace and hoping to halt the manufacture of nuclear bombs, threw the moral weight of its example at other governments (displaying a war-like posture that endangered world peace) in an effort to compromise them. The Holy See proposed, as always, a desire of peace and concord among all men on earth. Msgr. Casaroli expressed a desire to ease the living conditions of Catholic citizens within these Communist countries. Diplomatic experts from the Vatican conversed with high officials of the Soviet government. On Friday (2/26/71), they met with Valdimur Kuroyedov, president of the Soviet Union's Council on Religious Matters (and accessory to the softening up process), to review the official authorization of the Russian Orthodox Church in Soviet territories and obtain certain guarantees with respect to Catholics (always with a basis of control). Msgr. Casaroli also spoke with Kosures about the necessary and careful preparation for the Conference of European Security, conditions in the Middle East and Indochina, and the disarmament proposal. The Vatican Secretary of Public Affairs also had an impromptu meeting with Archbishop Pimen (patriarch of Moscow after Archbishop Alexis' death) and other authorities of the Orthodox Church. Thus, thanks to the help of their Jewish and Masonic allies, the Vatican established diplomatic relations (with visions of sharing - oh, enlightened dreamer!) with the number one enemy of the Church, of civilization and humanity and - why not say God, Himself. A Catholic Archbishop, a Secretary of one of the many new offices that carry out daily business at the Vatican (replacing the antiquated Roman Curia), essentially a Papal Delegate, travels to Moscow ... not in an Italian plane, but a Russian plane ... and is received by the Kremlin in the identical manner that Communist leaders have been officially received at the Vatican. He met and dealt with supreme heads of the Communist Party; extended the softening process through controlled circumstances, not only for the few Catholics still in Russia, but for the many living in satellite countries. The pretext of signing the Treaty of "Non Proliferation of Nuclear Arms" was well contrived and what they spoke about in those secret conferences, God only knows. Meanwhile, the Communists gained their share. For now, they escape the penitential sackcloth of Papal condemnation. The Communists can boast of open-minded Catholics; that the Church (their Church) is united with Rome who accepts and respects us in the name of the Gospels; that the Church is freed from the yoke of slavery, the fearful tyranny of the Sino-Soviets. Pope Montini continues his program inch by inch. He knows exactly where he's going and what he wants. He has the international support of his powerful allies, who already perceive themselves as masters of the world. But do not forget: the Communists are intrinsically bad and everyone who cooperates with them is collaborating with the anti-church and the unpatriotic (those working against the public good). Also, the pretext of humanitarian treaties are not even worth the paper they are written on. PRESENTLY, THE CHURCH IS DISMANTLING ITSELF WHILE EXPANDING ITS DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH THE COMMUNISTS. *-----*-----* THE WORLD CONFERENCE ... A MESSAGE ON RELIGION AND PEACE In spite of the liberal reputation the Catholic Church has acquired under the pastoral control of Paul VI, as new evidence of ecumenical flexibility we are duplicating the message of 22 principal world-wide religions, dispatched from Kyoto (Japan) after the World Conference on Religion and Peace. Attended by more than 1600 delegates and observers (including Dr. Carson Blake and Msgr. Helder Camara), the president of this unique and unusual conference was Msgr. Fernandez, Catholic Archbishop of Delhi (India): 1) This world-wide Conference on religion and peace represents an effort of all great religions on behalf of all men and women to establish dialog on the urgent problem of peace. 2) We are in a crucial period of time. At this very moment, we are faced with cruel and inhuman wars, racial, social and economic violence. Man's survival on this planet is being threatened by nuclear destruction. Man has already recognized this intolerable condition. 3) Because of our deep convictions as religions of the world, united in Kyoto from all parts of the globe, we should he able to render an invaluable service towards the cause of peace. Bahaists, Buddhists, Confucianists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Mussulmans, Shintoists, Shiites, Zorastrians and others; all are reunited in peace through an identical concern for peace. 4) Through common and concerted dialogue in an effort to make progress on the problems of peace, we have discovered that that which unites us is more important than that which separates us. THE COMMON HERITAGE OF ALL RELIGIONS. 5) Let us compare that which we have in common: - Our belief in the fundamental unity of the human race; the equality and dignity of all human beings. - Our noble conviction concerning the sacred character of the person and his conscience. - Our belief that force is no substitute for right; that the power of man is neither sufficient nor supreme (free from limitation by other authority); that love, charity, self-abnegation and the power of prayer is distinctly superior to the power of hatred, enmity and self-interest. - Our deep feeling of obligation to defend the poor and oppressed against the rich and tyrannical. - That our innermost hopes will prevail and end successfully. 6) Regarding these common convictions, we believe that the singular, most important mission entrusted to all religious men and women is that they concern themselves, with all their heart and soul, with peace and pacification, becoming the servants of peace. 7) As religious men and women, for the sake of our conscience, we confess (in humility and penitence) that too often we have betrayed our religious ideals and obligations towards peace. It is not religion that has failed the cause of peace, but the religious. This betrayal of religion must be corrected. 8) Accepting these urgent challenges, we set in operation the peace movement for the second half of the twentieth (XX) century. We will study the problems of disarmament and the development of man's rights. There is ample evidence that peace is endangered each time the arms race is increased, by the widening gulf between the rich and the poor (within nations and among nations), and by the tragic violation of man's rights throughout the entire world. 9) After studying the problems of disarmament, we conclude (and believe) that peace cannot be secured by the accumulation of arms. Consequently, we are demanding that immediate measures be taken towards disarmament, affecting all arms of destruction: conventional, nuclear, chemical and bacteriological. THE SCANDAL OF THE DISARMAMENT RACE. 10) We are discovering that the problems of disarmament are in danger of growing greater due to the large numbers of employees involved in the research and fabrication (of arms), and the extremely large accumulation of arms, representing an outlandish and scandalous proportion of our human resources. Though we are completely convinced of this, these resources are urgently needed to combat the injustice of those that wage war and other forms of social violence ... all society, dying like little children, is in a state of war. If this development, by itself, is not able to attain peace, we will not have an enduring peace. That is why we compromised in the use of the United Nations' forces, in an effort to make the 60's a decade of improvement for all countries. 11) Social disturbances, so prevalent in the world today, show that peace depends upon recognition, promotion and protection of man's rights. Racial discrimination, repression of ethnic and religious minorities, torture of political and other prisoners, legalized denial of the right of political liberty and equal opportunity, different forms of colonial oppression ... all these violations of man's rights are responsible for increasing violence and the degradation of human civilization. 12) Although we speak at this conference in our own name, as people representing many religions, reunited by our profound concern for peace, we strive to raise our voice in favor of the immense majority of the human race that are deprived of power, whose voice is rarely heard - the poor, the exploited, the refugees, all who do not have homes, whose life, properties and liberty have been devastated by war. 13) We address ourselves to our religions, the Ecumenical Councils, and all non-sectarian organizations who fight in favor of peace; to nations (beginning with our own), the United Nations, the men and women who are outside the mentioned religions, but occupy themselves with the well-being of mankind. 14) To each and everyone, beginning with ourselves, we declare that the start of all serious effort in this human undertaking - on the educational, cultural, scientific, social and religious levels - is the solemn acceptance of the reality that men and all their activities are forever united into an identical destiny; we live and die together; we continue towards a common destruction or, together, we compromise ourselves for the purpose of peace. We cannot honestly denounce war and everyone who befriends or aids those at war, if our own personal lives are not totally dedicated to peace and we are not disposed to make the required sacrifices towards this end. We should do everything within our power to influence and alert the public conscience, until people willingly align themselves against war and the fraudulent hope of peace obtained by military victory. ALL RELIGIONS SHOULD UNITE IN THE INTEREST OF PEACE. We are convinced that all religions despite differences derived from their history, should make an effort to unite au men in plans to protect the true peace. We believe we have an obligation, in spite of sectarian boundaries, to collaborate with those outside of the historical religions who share our desire for peace. We are advising friendly nations to pledge themselves to the principle that establishment and maintenance of military power leads to disaster. Forceful expressions renew a climate of fear and distrust; needing the wherewithal to attend the necessities of health, lodging and happiness, they aggravate the differences between nations, establishing military and economic blockades; they consider peace as an armed truce ... a counterbalance of fear, upsetting the utopian, universal hope of well being shared by all humanity. To this we say: "NO." We urge the United Nations to participate in our cause of peace. Peace, and maintaining peace, not only demands that the United Nations exist, but that it be recognized and given credit and total support in the application of its decisions. We earnestly appeal to the United Nations to become a universal representative, more justly using their power and exercising greater responsibility in their actions. We call upon the member nations that under their direction, they will accept and resolve problems in a manner able to avoid direct conflicts. As men and women of religion, we hope that this Conference will help us see and accept the responsibility that suits us in the attainment of a true and lasting peace. (The Catholic Documentation, February 7, 1971). Here we have the reply, a worldly and ecumenical accommodation called "POPULORUM PROGRESSIO" ... the document that Pope Montini considers the greatest work of his Papacy ... that we regard as a cunning and well-documented exposition of the demagogic utopia of Communism sprinkled with holy water. By participating in this Conference of all religions, the Catholic Church signified approval and acceptance, leveling all religions to equality. I consider this as an implicit and inferred act to cripple our Catholic faith, an acknowledgement that all religions represent the same thing. The temporal objective of peace, appearing very attractive to many, can not become the common denominator that itself collates all beliefs. The fundamental and essential religion should orient itself to dutifully recognize obligations toward God and attainment, after this life, of the true and only happiness for which we were created. Peace, says St. Augustine, is "an order of tranquility:" it is not a devotion to order, and cannot be given to someone by an inversion of the values of life. This document characterizes the mentality and eagerness of Pope Montini to balance those elements of patrimony (traditional values) common to all religions. Not once did he mention God ... as though God does not count ... he made man the center, the common denominator of all religions. As though it's a basic postulate of all religions, he proclaims the obligation we have of placing ourselves on the side of the poor and oppressed, and against the rich. Isn't this a declaration of war against everyone who owns private property? Isn't this a pretense that goes against the natural and eternal law, identifying religions with the degrading slavery of atheistic Communism? The disarmament, with which Paul VI appears to be preoccupied, is the literal surrender of world liberty, because, without resistance and identification, equality in slavery of the people will be realized, under a one-world government controlled by Communism and international Judaism. Once again the RIGHTS OF MAN, epitomized in those famous words of the French Revolution, "LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND BROTHERHOOD," appear to guarantee mankind a peaceful co-existence under the impartial rule of the United Nations. The law and commandments of God no longer count ... they are discounted: their impracticality has been demonstrated. Now man (as Paul VI said in his visit to the United Nations) must turn his hopeful eyes to the paternal and just government of the international organization, directed and controlled by the Jewish Mafia. He said the thrust of his Official Communication was: "to one and all, beginning with ourselves, we declare that all forces should participate to the highest degree in all forms of human undertaking - educational, cultural, scientific, social and religious (religion, last but not least, in the unchangeable hierarchy of life's values). It is in solemn acceptance of reality that men and all their activities are now united into one destiny," under one government with only one religion (added to complete the Montinian thought). "We are convinced that religions, in spite of exacting historical differences (these should not be metaphysical antagonisms between truth and error), should encourage the union of all men whose plans favor true peace." We will remove the dogmas, silence the beliefs, weaken the commandments of Catholic morality and discipline: we will establish a rite acceptable to everyone so that we can surrender ourselves in devout reverence before the Montinian idol of peace. Nevertheless, do not forget: "Peace and the maintenance of peace not only demands that we recognize the United Nations, but more importantly, all our support is offered to them in the application of their decisions." That is why Cardinal Villot, Paul VI's Secretary of State, sent a telegram to the Pontiff urging his attendance at the Manila Meeting, calling it, "A pilgrimage and message of peace and universal love." As Abbe George de Nantes explained in his CONTRE REFORME, January, 1971: "In past months, the Pope, in spoken and written articles, has delivered a series of very important and influential messages which is so voluminous that the Christian people are unable to find time to read the pontifical texts, comment on them, or even retain them in their memory. All these texts have the identical purpose: to repeatedly expose in a persistent manner those terms and articles relating to today's world and the terrestrial destiny of humanity as expressed in the CREED OF PAUL VI. Without doubt, this historical and planetary vision is the Pope's personal dream ... his own thoughts and opinions expressed in the language of theology. Yet it is presented in the customary manner of a solemn and infallible act with sovereign authority; an unprecedented use of influence, because it does not express defined doctrine, that is doctrine representing the eternal and universal teachings of the Church (semper et ubique docuit Ecclesia). But, this is not simply a political or economic theory of Paul VI; it is a specific religious viewpoint that he wants to impose as a moral obligation. This idealistic view is totally interposed in the dominion of faith and morals, whereon the Pope invokes the Gospel and Christian faith in order to bring his thinking to the full attention and acceptance of the faithful. Thus, a serious and undisturbed study of this theology is advised." It is impractical to repeat Abbe's excellent analysis, however, I will at least cite the main principles that his work unfolded: I. The Ultimate End of History is the complete evolution and solidarity of the Human Race. II. The Foundation is: The Declaration of Man's Rights ... LIBERTY, EQUALITY and BROTHERHOOD. III. A Prior Condition is: radical change: a complete alteration of humankind. IV. The Providential Instrument of Salvation is: the United Nations and their appointed delegates. V. The Modern Christ is: Service to those who rebel against hypocrisy and injustice. THE END

"We wish it to be your rule first of all to tear away the mask from Freemasonry, and to let it be seen as it really is, and by sermons and pastoral letters to instruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind in seducing men and enticing them into their ranks...."
(Pope Leo XIII, Humanum Genus - Encyclical against Freemasonry)

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