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News for The Church in Eclipse

"Uncompromising Catholic Militancy"

[In response to someone who begged him (Saint Pius X) to "go soft" on the Modernists, He retorted]: "Kindness is for fools! They want them to be treated with oil, soap, and caresses but they ought to be beaten with fists! In a duel you don't count or measure the blows, you strike as you can! War is not made with charity, it is a struggle a duel. If Our Lord were not terrible he would not have given an example in this too. See how he treated the Philistines, the sowers of error, the wolves in sheep's clothing, the traitors in the temple. He scourged them with whips!"

From the Sacred Liturgy: Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

October is the month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary
October is the Month the Church Dedicates
to the Most Holy Rosary of the B.V.M.

Blessed be the Holy and Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (300 days.)


Ecclesiastical Approbation

In Today's Catholic World carries the approbation in writing of the (True) Petrine Hierarchy in exile i.e., connected with Pope Gregory XVII. It faithfully adheres to the rules for Catholic Journals mandated by Leo XIII in the Apostolic Constitution Officiorum ac Munerum, January 25, 1897 - so heavily re-stressed by Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907.

St. Ignatius of Antioch - "Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop or by one whom he ordains [i.e., a presbyter]. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church." (Letter to the Smyrneans 8:2 - 110 A.D.)

October 29th is the Feast Day of St. Colman Mac Duagh of Gort, Ireland

St. Colman Mac Duagh, Irish Catholic Saint

Saint Colman Mac Duagh (560-632 A.D.), is one of Ireland's most beloved saints.
View the illustrated life story of this holy Irish bishop and monk by clicking here.

   Related Link: Ireland's Holy Mountain (Croagh Patrick)

Sanctus Colomanus Ora Pro Nobis!

(October 11, The Divine Maternity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary)

Our Lady of La Salette
Our Lady of La Salette's Motherly Tears

"Fight, children of light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times, the end of all ends." -Our Lady of La Salette

"We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff."
-Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctum Nov. 18, 1302 ex cathedra (Infallible)

"Consider the general disregard of men for their last end. ... He has patience with the sinner for a time, but not forever. When the measure
of iniquity is filled up, his mercy ceases, and he punishes the impenitent sinner either by death, or by abandoning him to a reprobate sense, in which state he goes on from sin to sin without remorse, and at length is precipitated into hell." -St. Alphonsus Liguori, Daily Meditations


In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
October 11th, 2009 A.D.
(Minneapolis, MN)

TCW is posting short daily meditations by the renowned Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, for each day of the week. This originally was posted on a pioneer (ahead of the pack) website called, "The End of Man" (a reference to every man's last end: Heaven or Hell) some years ago. In addition TCW has added several links of classic works of holy St. Alphonsus for the betterment of its readers souls.

Brief Update on the Papal Restoration Campaign (Every Catholic's Duty)

papal crown

"Remember and understand well that where Peter is, there is the Church; that those who refuse to associate in communion with the Chair of Peter belong to Antichrist, not to Christ. He who would separate himself from the Roman Pontiff has no further bond with Christ." -Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical: Satis Cognitum, 1896 A.D.

  • Many thanks to those who have contributed to the Papal Restoration campaign. The Hierarchy in exile is most grateful and has been offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for your various intentions.

    Approbated Tridentine Mass -Pius V Missal
    Approbated (Catholic) Mass
    Una Cum Pope Gregory XVII & His Successors

  • TCW has been contacted regarding approved Mass opportunities (Pius V Missal of course) for the faithful in three new states.

    "We remember that severe word spoken against the corrupters of youth by Jesus Christ: "But who so shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea" (Matth. xviii. 6-7)." -Pope Pius XI, VIGILANTI CURA

  • The recent shakeup at St. Gertrude the Great's (SGG) "church" (the perverse scandal of Mr. Cekada and Mr. Dolan) in Ohio,
    in which multiple witnesses to date have given testimony (Documented) - has brought many so called *"sedevacantists"
    a dark Error) to send inquiries regarding the papal restoration campaign and the status of the exiled Hierarchy [Holy See].

    *A cancerous mutation of non-priest Lefebvre-ism "headed" by an accursed layman named *Donald Sanborn which demands attendance (and tithe giving) of "zero jurisdiction masses", with absolutely no regard for the divinely instituted office of a pope (true Catholic Order as infallibly decreed [required] for salvation in Boniface VIII's Unam Sanctum).

    *Note: who runs a sham "seminary" in Spring Lake, Florida

    Note: In Today's Catholic World due to the gravity of the matter and that the victims can have anonymity, has been advised to post the following contact information for the Cincinnati Police Departments (PCU) Personal Crimes Unit, which is responsible for investigating crimes against children. (C.P.D. Website Phone: 1-513-352-3542)

    true catholics in africa

  • A religious order in Africa has recently petitioned to officially place itself under the authority the Apostolic See (The True Petrine Hierarchy). Deo Gratias!

  • Rare Chance: For those Catholics who would consider flying a priest (who is approbated by Pope Gregory XVII and His Successors) in, to receive the holy sacraments, please contact the Editor of TCW by clicking here.

    In union with (True) Rome
    S. Elisabetha of Hungary

  • A group of True Catholic woman (single and married), with the Hierarchy's permission, have formed an informal chat group to support and encourage each other- and to foster holy Catholic works (primarily Papal Restoration). Please contact TCW for the moderator's email address.

  • Saint Alphonsus
    St. Alphonsus Liguori

    Meditation for Sunday
    by St. Alphonsus Liguori

    The End of Man


    Consider, O my soul! That the being which you enjoy was given to you by God: he created you to his own image, without any merit on your part; he adopted you for his child by baptism; he loved you more than the most affectionate parent could have loved you; he has made you all that you are, that you might know him, love him, and serve him in this life, and thereby arrive at the eternal possession of him in heaven. Hence you did not come into this world for the sake of enjoyment to grow rich and powerful, to eat, drink, and sleep like irrational animals, but solely to love your God and to work out your eternal salvation. And is this the object that I have hitherto had in view? Oh! How unfortunate have I been, in having thought of everything else rather than of my last end. O God! I beg of thee, in the name and for the love of Jesus, to grant that I may begin a new life of perfect holiness and conformity to thy divine will.


    Consider what deep remorse and bitter regret you will feel at the hour of your death, if, during life, you have not devoted yourself to the service of God. How great will be your disappointment when, at the close of your days, you will perceive that nothing remains at that sorrowful moment of all your goods, of all your pleasures, and of all your earthly glory, but a shadow that flies before you, and a bitter remembrance which pursues you! What will be your consternation when you will discover that, for the sake of miserable vanities, you have lost your God, your soul, and your salvation, without the possibility of being able to repair your misfortune? O despair! O cruel torment! You will then see the value of the time you are losing; but it will be too late. Gladly would you then purchase time at the price of all you have; but you will not be able to do so. Oh! How full of bitterness and sorrow will that day be for every soul that has not loved and served the Lord!


    Consider the general disregard of men for their last end. Their ordinary thoughts are upon the accumulation of wealth, the gratification of their senses, parties of pleasure, amusement, and festivity. They think nothing of God or of his service; they do nothing for the salvation of their souls: they regard the affair of salvation as a trifle not worthy of notice. Thus, O deplorable misfortune! The greater part of Christians, by indulging in foolish pleasures and criminal gratifications, precipitate themselves into hell. O man! You take much pains to damn yourself, and you will do nothing for your salvation? Listen to the dying sentiments of a Secretary of State of one of the kings of England: "How great," said he, "is my misfortune: I have used many sheets of paper in writing letters for my sovereign, and, alas! I have not used one to help me in the recollection of my sins, that I might make a good confession!" Listen to the death bed sentiments of the king of Spain: "Oh that I had spent my life in a desert, occupied in serving God, and had never been a king!" But to what do these sighs and lamentations then serve, but to augment the horrors of despair? Learn, then, this day, at the expense of others to devote yourself to the salvation of your soul: remember well that all your actions, all your words, and all your thoughts, that are not directed to God, are entirely lost. Oh! It is time then to amend your life. Do not wait, therefore, to be convinced of this till you arrive at the gates of eternity, and the jaws of hell: it will then be to late. O my God! Pardon me all the errors of my life: I love thee above all things. I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart, for all my sins. O Mary! My hope, intercede with Jesus in my behalf.

    Daily Meditations


    St. Alphonsus Maria De Liguori

    Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday  Friday   Saturday 

    Relevant Links:

    The Supreme Crisis

    True Papal Restoration

    St. Cyprian: "There is one God, and one Christ, and there is one Church, and one Chair founded by the voice of the Lord upon a Rock. Another altar cannot be constituted or a new priesthood be made, beside the one altar and the one priesthood. Whosoever gathereth elswhere, scattereth. Whatsoever by human madness is instituted, so that the divine disposition is violated, is adulterous, is impious, is sacrilegious" (Epist. ad Pleb. xl. n. 5).

    Approbated (Approved) Holy *Masses

    *Note: A Catholic is obliged to attend Holy Mass each Sunday and Holyday of Obligation. This is not possible for the majority of true Catholics during this prophesied (by Our Lady of La Salette) "Eclipse of the Church". See imperative information on how to fulfill your Mass obligation and about valid Confessions here.

    Catholic Prayer (The Necessity of an Ordered Prayer Life)

    The Official Announcement of the Papal Conclave (June 3, 1990) from Pope Gregory XVII's Cardinal *Camerlengo

    *On the death of the Pontiff the Cardinal Camerlengo, as representative of the Sacred College, assumes the charge of the papal household, notifying to all the Cardinals of the Church the death of the late Pope and the impending election. Every Cardinal has the right to vote in the Conclave, but he must be present in person to do so.

    Catholic Radio Podcast Online
    TCW Radio

    Listen to special radio and podcast interviews on True Papal Restoration by clicking here

    "Hold on by the sure and firm anchor of the Catholic Church..."
    (St. Alphonsus Liguori from his Exhortation To Catholics)

    Featured Books:

    The Glories Of Mary, Translated From The Italian Of St. Alphonsus Liguori Founder Of The Congregation Of The Holy Redeemer, P.J. Kenedy & Sons, New York 1852 Imprimatur

    The Incarnation, Birth And Infancy Of Jesus Christ; Or, The Mysteries Of The Faith. By St. Alphonsus De Liguori, Doctor of the Church. R. Washbourne M. H. Gill & Son, New York, Printers to the Holy Apostolic See. 1887

    The Way Of Salvation And Of Perfection. Meditations Pious Reflections- Spiritual Treatises. By St. Alphonsus De Liguori, Doctor of the Church. R. Washbourne M. H. Gill & Son, New York, Printers to the Holy Apostolic See. 1887

    Victories Of The Martyrs; Or, The Lives Of The Most Celebrated Martyrs Of The Church. By St. Alphonsus De Liguori, Doctor of the Church. R. Washbourne M. H. Gill & Son, New York, Printers to the Holy Apostolic See. 1887

    The Holy Eucharist. The Sacrifice, The Sacrament, And The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Christ. Practice Of Love Of Jesus Christ. Novena To The Holy Ghost. R. Washbourne M. H. Gill & Son, New York, Printers to the Holy Apostolic See. 1887

    Christ And Antichrist

    A Sermon At The Mass Of Requiem For Those Who Fell In Defence Of Rome


    Cardinal Henry Edward Manning

    Pope Pius IX Blessing Catholic Defenders of His Domain
    Vicar of Christ and Ruler of the World, Pope Pius IX, shown
    giving His Benediction to Catholic Military Defenders of His Domains

    "In that little band were men of noble blood, of time-honoured memory, of high culture, fighting side by side with simple, hard-handed, broad-hearted peasants, who, full of devotion, left their hamlets and their homes to defend the Vicar of our Lord, and with striplings of seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen years of age, mature in faith, and the manhood of Christian chivalry. These were the men who, forsaking home and all that life holds best and dearest, went to bear arms as private soldiers, without hire and without hope, except that of defending the person and authority of the Vicar of Christ, and of shedding their blood, if need be, in the
    justest warfare and for the holiest cause."
    -Cardinal Henry Edward Manning (Read full text here)

    "You must fight energetically, since you know very well what great wounds the undefiled Spouse of Christ Jesus has suffered, and how vigorous is the destructive attack of Her enemies." (St. Peter's 251st Perpetual Successor, Pius IX)

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