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~ Today's Catholic World ~

To Take Back Our Buildings From The Modernist Enemies!

St. Louis Embarks on the Crusade
St. Louis Embarks on the Crusade

True Catholic News Source to Provide Information for The Church in Eclipse
Aims to Encourage and Unify the True Catholic Faithful to Take Back Usurped
Catholic Churches World-Wide from the Modernist Enemies

"[Hobson]... consulted with a Traditional Bishop (who opposes the Vatican II sect) who approved of his initiative to help
True Catholics, who rarely or never, are heard by the jewish controlled media or by the mainstream 'Catholic' press."

"Place on thy heart one drop of the Precious Blood of Jesus and fear nothing." -Pius IX

August 25th, 2005 A.D.
(Press Release)

Minneapolis Aug. 25 - On August 25th, 2005 A.D., the Feast of St. Louis King of France. Mr. Hobson, owner of StGemma.com Web Productions, launched the Catholic News Service Outlet: In Today's Catholic World (News for The Church in Eclipse) abbreviation (TCW). Mr. Hobson stated, "the ominous reality of Our Lady of LaSalette's words that: 'Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.... The Church will be in eclipse...,' is now sadly right before our very eyes."

He indicated he has consulted with a Traditional Bishop (who opposes the Vatican II sect) who approved of his initiative to help True Catholics... "who rarely or never, are heard by the jewish controlled media or the mainstream 'Catholic' press".

True Catholic News
Mr. Hobson
Owner & Editor of In Today's Catholic World

Hobson's, In Today's Catholic World (TCW), will present important news stories with commentary, articles, quotes from the Saints and Catholic Devotions to encourage The True Faithful, "who are being persecuted as in no other previous time in Church History," Hobson noted.

When asked his view on the situation in the Church, Mr. Hobson walked us through a brief "lesson" in Catholic Church History, which included startling, as of yet, not released to the public, information concerning the "Siri Fact", as he confidently called it. (Note: The Siri Fact is a reference to the not widely known, as of yet, historical fact, that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was canonically elected pope after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 A.D., and then the newly-elected Pope Gregorius XVII (formerly Cardinal Siri) was threatened (i.e. put under grave duress at the conclave), and immediately overthrown by the Churches enemies from within. He ("Siri") was then intimidated into keeping silent (through various means) about His status (as were His [legitimate] cardinals) for 31 years - yet, by a near miraculous occurrence shortly before His "unforeseen" death on May 2, 1989 A.D., His Holiness did perform the proper actions to carry on the True Hierarchy (Petrine Mission) of the True Church. (See: www.thepopeinred.com)

When asked in more detail about today's tragic situation, Hobson with equally passionate fervor said:

"With the True Pope on the sideline, Roncalli (a.k.a Antipope John XXIII) a Socialist (which the Church condemns) and who more than likely was also a practicing Freemason (which membership in this secret society incurs automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church) wasted no time with his plan to subvert the entire Catholic Church with a 'new gospel' which was inaugurated at his Apostate Vatican II Council; whose false teachings have thrown the 'Church' and the temporal sphere into an unprecedented chaos. The Apostate Vatican II Council was a heretical pseudo-council that anyone who calls themselves a Catholic, must reject!"

TCW's [editor & owner] Hobson, was next asked to share his thoughts on "pope" Benedict XVI... for which he was equally as militant:

"The Apostate Ratzinger (a.k.a Antipope Benedict XVI), was ineligible to be a Pope in the eyes of the Church (this ineligibility also applied to the other Vatican II 'popes') as he [Ratzinger] was a well documented manifest heretic before his 'pseudo election' which placed him under the condemnation of Pope Paul IV's Infallible, Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio. For any Catholic to deny this fact, that Ratzinger held and publically taught numerous heresies before his pseudo election is impossible... to then conclude he (Ratzinger) could be elected Pope, after one has read and understood the infallible teaching of Pope Paul IV's *Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, would put the one who claimed such an absurdity ipso facto (by the very fact) outside of the Catholic Church."

*Note: some phony "traditionalists" seeing their entire existence is worse than vain - have recently falsely attempted to claim that Pope Paul IV's infallible Cum EX Apostolatus Officio (which was confirmed in every detail by Pope St. Pius V) is, "not dogmatic". See how easily this shallow sophism is smashed to smithereens by clicking here. -ED

For God And For The King!

Hobson concluded with this statement of purpose:

"I entrust the future of this News Outlet (TCW), to the Catholic Monarch St. Louis, King of France, and humbly ask his powerful intercession for its success in possibly, hopefully, hastening the coming of the prophesied future Catholic Monarch who with the predicted future, lawful Great Pope, will usher in the Triumphal Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary." [End]

We Will Take Back Our Buildings From The Modernist Enemies!

We Will Take Back Our Buildings From The Modernist Enemies!

The Great Catholic Monarch will be instrumental in bringing back the rightful glory and grandeur due the Papacy

(From left to right the coronation ceremonies of Christ's Vicars on Earth, Popes: Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, Pius XII)

catholic monarch
"The Holy Pope, the Great Monarch and the other Princes of the Lilies ... will reign over the world..."
-The Marquis de la Franquerie, Marie-Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist, p. 58

Wear the Brown *Scapular

Pray the Rosary Daily for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

*"Whosoever dies clothed in this (Scapular) shall not suffer eternal fire."
(Our Lady's Promise made July 16, 1251 A.D. to Saint Simon Stock)

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