Three Stanza's from Nova Roma 1608 A.D.

(Prophecies on New Rome and its Assured Defeat by the Successors of Pope Gregory XVII)


Nec Petrus oliva                                    neither is Petrus an olive

Quae nuclei priva                                   that is robbed of its stone

Nec Petri Olivi                                       nor will Petrus anointed with olive

Hi moduli vivi                                         continue to live this way

Sed Petrus olivam                                  but Petrus will

Avellet nocivam                                     tear away the harmful olive



OLIVAE GLORIA VERAE                  the true victory of the olive

Post obitum bestiae ferae                       after the fall of the wild beast (anti pope)

Quae sedem usurpat et nomen               that seizured the See and the name (like a mutiny)

Quod Apostolus rettulit omen                which sign predicted the Apostle (Revelations of St. John)

Inauditum et plane invisum                     not heard and totally unknown

Probabit, quando excisum                     will beyond all doubt PROVE, once cut off

Ex arbore denuo iunctum                       the tree, again grafted

Recipient surculum inctum                      receive the anointed graft

Semilacera atque semusta                      half devastated and half burned

Gaude, Iudaea vetusta                           Enjoy they, old Judea (the "old" Traditional [True] Catholic Church)



Lux Petri Secundi                                  Light of Peter the Second

De luce lux mundi                                  light to the light of the world

Flamma candelabro                               Flame placed on the candle

Imposita a fabro                                    by the craftsman (specialist)

Est faber divinus                                    the craftsman is Divine,

Sed fax non est Linus                             but the torch is not Linus (second pope, (or) lignus of wood)

Crux fulget rubore                                 cross glitters by blood,

Candela candore                                   glittering candlestick

Candela est crux                                    the candlestick is a cross

Et piscis est lux                                      the fisherman is the light  (the true Pope is the light)



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